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  1. GhostOrchid

    Thank you, exactly what I was looking for I actually found that the True Blue single states on the back (for Ain't No Big Deal): "Available on Warner Bros album Killer B's.." So that's why they waited for so long for it to be released on a Madonna single - Warner was pushing for the Compilation sales, so they waited for nearly 2 years then, until the Killer B's run its course. Killer B's wasn't released in other countries outside US so I guess that's why we got it sooner on Dress You Up and Papa Don't Preach outside US.
  2. GhostOrchid

    I thought it was released on Killer B’s first, but it didn’t make sense to have it released on a B-sides compilation album without it being released as a B-side first Anyway, thank you all for confirming
  3. Which came first: 1. Revenge of the Killer B's (US compilation) (I can't find anywhere if it was released in 1984 or 1985, info on the internet varies) OR 2. Dress You Up (Japanese single) And why didn't she release it on American/International Dress You Up as well, since she obviously acquired the rights by then? I mean why wait until a year later and release it only when True Blue single came out. Even Europe got it sooner on Papa Don't Preach. Anyone has any info please?
  4. GhostOrchid

    wow this is actually perfect. i would change literally nothing on discs 1 and 2. Disc 3 i would probably take out: burning up, jump, nothing really matters, broken, drowned world and include: hanky panky, rescue me, i’ll remember, this used to be my playground and don’t cry for me argentina
  5. GhostOrchid

    Had she put radio edits of those songs she could have squeezed in one more song on each disc
  6. GhostOrchid

    Brilliant. Your Honesty at the end cracked me up
  7. GhostOrchid

    hmm.. no. But somehow I knew you wouldn't join the game, that's all. No hard feelings
  8. GhostOrchid

    I absolutely knew this was going to be the answer without even having to look. You are becoming predictable my friend.
  9. ..that you would cut out (you don’t think it belonged there), and add one that you think was left out. But stick to the theme - songs that overall marked her career (not necessarily chart toppers) Regardless of your own feelings towards the songs My choice: OUT: Burning Up IN: Deeper and Deeper
  10. GhostOrchid

    My favourite Madonna remix ever! (well, this and Paul Oakenfold's Hollywood) The radio version of Nevins Mix is just a bit more radio friendly with additional beats and sounds, officially titled Radio Mix. Such a shame it never got the place it deserved. But Remixed & Revisited was a bit of a mess really, I know they had limited time to come up with something and fix things, but this didn't really help.
  11. Read that one before, great article! I love when they do those retrospective anniversary things, I wish they would make a proper documentary on every album she did. Although I found from multiple sources that she was contracted for two 12'', perhaps Seymore meant 3 songs, not 3 singles (Everybody, Burning Up, Physical Attraction released on 2 singles). But like someone mentioned in this thread earlier, it was long time ago and everybody remembers it differently. One one other interesting thing I found, although everybody knows that Reggie Lucas brought Physical Attraction to the table, Stephen Bray says he clearly remembers Madonna writing it on her own. And he thinks that probably must be some sort of deal between them, like the 2 of them had a deal for Everybody and Ain't No Big Deal (officially, Madonna wrote Everybody and Bray wrote Ain't No Big Deal, but in reality they co-wrote both tracks). I guess they used to do those kind of trades back in the day.
  12. She didn't allow the first one either, but he didn't care, he had the rights. It was his revenge for her re-mixing all of his songs with Shep Pettibone and releasing those versions as singles. Apparently Keep It Together was the last drop and they never spoke since.
  13. GhostOrchid

    The last one to do that
  14. GhostOrchid

    Spot on. "What I appreciate is that she dared to play album tracks during the Tears of a Clown gigs. That was awesome and led me to believe it was the music she wanted to make at the time" She is obviously proud of all her songs, but she will publicly do whatever is necessary to maintain her career, that's why she lasts for so long. I thinks she loves the AL album. I hope one day she will release a compilation of her favourite songs from her career, like some artists do.
  15. GhostOrchid

    Can't remember if she released it for like a day and then pulled it, or she never released it, but it was heavily teased and advertised. I clearly remember seeing parts of it on TV before it was supposed to be released. But that was enough to cause the damage. Because everybody's seen those parts and everybody knew what it was about. And everybody knew there was a nasty scene with George Bush in it (the high commander in the ongoing war), I remember seeing that scene in a TV show, there was a whole talk about it. And it was just a nasty time to hit on American patriotism like that. You can provoke with sex and whatnot, and you will just gain controversy and people will talk about you, which is what she wants anyway. But if you talk about issues like war at a time like that, you will just be shut down, nobody will mention you anymore. And that's what happened to her for the first time in her career. And I think that's when she panicked and we got a whole new Madonna which is still around today lol