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  1. EmmaBasquiat

    I’m actually a teenager. I’ve never liked a Quavo’s song before the release of the song. The only reason I like it it’s because of Madonna. Yes it’s not M at her finest but I don’t think she tried to, she probably did that just to experiment and have fun. I don’t think it shows the direction of the next album.
  2. EmmaBasquiat

    It is not impossible. Maybe Mirwhais did a bunch of songs with her. I think she did something like that while working Music. Mirwhais was not the only producer.
  3. EmmaBasquiat

    I saw this on The Sun. Maybe she’s actually in London with Nakhane in order to finalize the album.
  4. EmmaBasquiat

    Yep. It’s just BS. People on Internet are bored sometime I guess
  5. EmmaBasquiat

    How does he know about Joe Henry as a songwriter ? Is there already a booklet ? I don’t buy this.
  6. EmmaBasquiat

    If the case can spray you the MDNA mist that would be fun loool!!! To be honest we all know (even all these fans who are writing long essays about the last three albums ) that Madonna will do what she wants. At this point, I just wait for the music to come. I’m sure of one thing even if it’s not my favorite Madonna’s album, i Will enjoy it.
  7. EmmaBasquiat

    https://genius.com/albums/Madonna/M14 i think, this is the link.