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  1. Greenlook

    I know, that Mirwais is working on his own material with different guest artists and Madonna will be featured as well. That was last year. But I am not sure, if they changed the plans and they used the Mirwais tracks for Ms record.
  2. Greenlook

    Even if it might cause some bashing here ..... Honestly, I am getting a bit sceptical about the new record. At first I thought: OK, she got the groove back with the Portuguese influence and Mirwais. But now we hear she is still recording and other producers might be / are involved as well. And, even worse, she collaborates with Maluma. I am really concerned that collabs like this will water down the quality of the entire record and make it less coherent. During the recording process I thought we get a Music/ Ray of Light II and now I hope it won't be another MDMA, due to the lack of executing one concept.
  3. Greenlook

    Mirwais is also busy with his own music.
  4. Greenlook

    I thought he was besides Mirwais also producing?
  5. Didn't she also do something similar iwth Hung up or a Confessions song before its release?!
  6. Greenlook

    I am just wondering at the stage we are in and also getting closer to the release date, how many songs were produced by Mirwais in the end (or Mike Dean).
  7. Greenlook

    One note on the Maluma Topic: I thought the recording and mixing process was done?! If it is so, then the pics from the studio must come from a project for him and not for M. Because: if she releases the album in Q2, then I don't believe, that she is still doing recording and all the post production, which usually take a few month. My guess is, just to add another sentence, that we will get two singles and maybe a splitted/ double album with two directions (portuguise/ Disco, Mirwais).
  8. Greenlook

    I really like what I have seen/ heared so far. In my opinion the best period since COADF. I am just wondering, where Mirwais fits in there.
  9. Greenlook

    The Glitter lips would fit to the Magic Theme imho
  10. Greenlook

    .... But I have a feeling that the Music Video and the Cover Shooting was already done in late December/ last few weeks.
  11. Greenlook

    Talking of Mirwais being a Disco God or not... If that's not Disco, then I don't know.
  12. Greenlook

    Since Mirwais is back in the Studio with M, I was wondering if there are some demos out there of one of their collaborations: Die another Day. I read somewhere that the song received many changes and rearrangements, which made me curious. Thanks in advance
  13. Greenlook

    Gosh, as much as I like his music... I am not a fan of him as a person. He produced a song for Sophie Calle last year, which was amazing and it disappeared after two days, he comes across very arrogant and the way he communicates with fan (who buy his music) is simply non- existing.
  14. Greenlook

    She has used the hashtag Discogod for Mirwais before (on Instagram).
  15. Greenlook

    I think Mirwais will be the main producer and Billboard gets a couple of songs (maybe 3:1). I have the feeling, that Mike Dean did the mixing and engineering, with maybe credits for "additional production". Madonna used to have on each record a main producer like Orbit or Mirwais or Stuart Price that got the biggest part of the record and some additional producers that did 1-3 songs (Marius de Vries/ Bloodshy/ Joe Henry/ Orbit on Music/ Mirwais on Coadf). Only the recent records, which I find cant be compared to the older ones, had the high numbers of producers and songwriters which - in my opinion - can be heared in the end results.