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  1. Greenlook

    .... But I have a feeling that the Music Video and the Cover Shooting was already done in late December/ last few weeks.
  2. Greenlook

    Talking of Mirwais being a Disco God or not... If that's not Disco, then I don't know.
  3. Greenlook

    Since Mirwais is back in the Studio with M, I was wondering if there are some demos out there of one of their collaborations: Die another Day. I read somewhere that the song received many changes and rearrangements, which made me curious. Thanks in advance
  4. Greenlook

    Gosh, as much as I like his music... I am not a fan of him as a person. He produced a song for Sophie Calle last year, which was amazing and it disappeared after two days, he comes across very arrogant and the way he communicates with fan (who buy his music) is simply non- existing.
  5. Greenlook

    She has used the hashtag Discogod for Mirwais before (on Instagram).
  6. Greenlook

    I think Mirwais will be the main producer and Billboard gets a couple of songs (maybe 3:1). I have the feeling, that Mike Dean did the mixing and engineering, with maybe credits for "additional production". Madonna used to have on each record a main producer like Orbit or Mirwais or Stuart Price that got the biggest part of the record and some additional producers that did 1-3 songs (Marius de Vries/ Bloodshy/ Joe Henry/ Orbit on Music/ Mirwais on Coadf). Only the recent records, which I find cant be compared to the older ones, had the high numbers of producers and songwriters which - in my opinion - can be heared in the end results.
  7. Greenlook

    I honestly don't know... I don't even know, if the album is ready yet.
  8. Greenlook

    Ever considered, that Anitta could just provide some background vocals? Maybe an Intro in Portuguese or just some humming? It could be less than the committment of JT on "Four Minutes".
  9. Greenlook

    Thats why I am quite optimistic about the next record: I have always seen Mirwais as somebody who says: No, Madonna, that's not a good option, let's try this...! He is very precise about his sound and has a more artistic approach than the guys she worked on the previous records.
  10. Greenlook

    Do you really believe that? As far as we know, the record is sone and we havn't heared anything from a feat. (besides choir). And I don't think M will go to the studio again with Mirwais. It all looked as if the mixing is done and the persons involved are back home.
  11. Greenlook

    I just heared the Instagram Clip... I think you can also hear Mirwais voice in the background. Maybe the matrix is just some kind of poll, where everybody involved (Madonna, Billboard, Mirwais etc.) can make a catch and they find the final tracklist like this. Things are getting more interesting now and I really like what I heared so far. (-:
  12. Greenlook

    Knowing that she has worked for so many month on the record and also knowing, that she is not sooo much into pleasing the mainstream anymore makes me so excited and hopeful - the first time since COADF. I also think by just having a small group of producers (Mirwais/ Billboard) she avoids the "different styles" we had on previous records which annoyed me a bit. Also the first time in years, she incorporates a new style (Fado/ Traditional music) and ads something "cutting edge" to the record like she did on Ray of Light. So, I am looking forward.
  13. Greenlook

    I guess Mike Dean is just mixing. I am also wondering, how they split the production between Mirwais and other producers.
  14. Greenlook

    The Instagram posts sounds a bit like her words from the Ray of Light period.
  15. Greenlook

    Ever considered that she might call her new album "Mixtape" and not "Magic"? Maybe she mixes different style (Fado, Trip Hop, Electronica, Pop) on one tape and mixes it? (-: