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  1. What she’s showing this time around is that she’s in control of her music and when it will drop vs the last era where everything went wrong with the leaks.
  2. True! Plus new Troy Sivan and Years & Years I just wished she never teased the single at the Met at this point as it really seemed like we’re super close.
  3. Her own and the entire team of producers/songwriters she hires. It’s not a matter of hits anymore (even she said it in an interview around the RH promo that she really doesn’t know about having a hit at this point). It’s mostly attentionspan and media coverage. Not to mention she seems way too far off from being done with the album.
  4. As exciting as it sounds, I think we’re still a couple of months or so away before anything drops. If the 2019 tour rumors are true, I really don’t see her releasing the album before later in the fall (if we’re even talking 2018 at this point)... A lead single/video dropping in the shadow of Beyoncé’s recent surprise will be buried on arrival and M is not stupid.
  5. The mainstream press will hardly pay attention even when she releases the full album, let alone performing the snippet at the met gala. If she wasn’t ready to drop shortly after, then I’m sorry but really don’t see a point of teasing something that’s not even contextually linked to the two songs she performed. It will eventually lessen the effect of the song itself when it actually comes out and make it seem less new and exciting.
  6. I hope not. Enough with the pre-arranged, boot camp conceived generic duets that will get her nowhere. She has a good shot to be a trendsetter again working with Mirwais and following her own instincts. No need to tarnish that with yet again another Nicki collab. #reductive
  7. You’re grossly simplifying it and underestimating the power of social media search/tagging engines.
  8. Perhaps she’s trying to release both single & video at the same time and delay is coming from video not being ready. There are two new hypotheses right now - this Friday or July 13th. This Friday will be week of the World Cup (aka. The Beautiful Game) which could significantly increase discovery of the song by non-fans widely. We shall see.
  9. I think she’s rapidly losing the momentum from the Met Gala. If she wasn’t planning on dropping the single shortly after she performed the snippet, then why bother including it in the first place? Also, she’s been over teasing it at this point and sending mixed messages can only make the fans irritated in the end. Overhyping a single can set high expectations and risking to fall short if it doesn’t live up to the hype. I am glad she has tight control of her music this time around, but at the same time she needs to be careful how she promotes it. At this point we are most likely looking at mid-end summer single release and a late fall album drop. If the tour is indeed happening mid 2019 she has no reason to rush things, although her recent insta postings suggest she’s almost done recording and in mastering stages on multiple tracks.