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  1. Hampus

    It is real, I quite like it... but to be honest it is crap
  2. Hampus

    That Champagne song reminds me of the Madonna and Otto Von Wernherr songs. Catchy, but overuse of auto-tune and extremely repetitive
  3. Hampus

    The videos will all be about rolling like a queen
  4. Hampus

    I like Gaga, but find most of the the soundtrack the soundtrack soundtrack to be boring as hell. Only song I really like is Before I cry.
  5. Hampus

    I love the Shine a light picture disc because of the cool Vogue image :-)
  6. Hampus

    Without Madonna we would never had meet... he is from Poland and I am from Denmark... we meet online through a Madonna newsgroup... and on the 3rd of October this year we have been married for 20 years
  7. Hampus

    Can not really say what Madonna means to me...she has been there for the largest part of my life... I have used her music when I have been happy, when I have been sad... I have enjoyed her concert... and have even meet my husband of 20 years because we both were Madonna fans.... I do not follow her private life much anymore... for me it is mostly about the music.. and Madonna's music will continue to be a part of my life until the end... and I'll keep supporting her music until that day arrives ;-)
  8. By far Gambler, one of my fave Madonna songs.
  9. Been a fan of George even longer than Madonna... but there is no feud... only George talking crap and nonsense about other people..... He loves Madonna, but he is also totally jealous of the career she has had. Do not pay attention to his nonsense.
  10. Hampus

    I would had chosen these songs as singles. 1) Masterpiece 2) Beautiful Killer 3) Girl gone wild 4) Gang Bang/Love spent 5) Give me all your luvin'
  11. Hampus

    Wonder how old you are? as one of the older Madonna fans I can say that with age also comes the knowledge that you do not have to age gracefully... you just have to be true to yourself and age just the way you want to age.
  12. Without a doubt Live to tell: If I ran away, I'd never have the strength To go very far How would they hear the beating of my heart Will it grow cold The secret that I hide, will I grow old How will they hear When will they learn How will they know
  13. Hampus

    Out: Sorry In: Gambler
  14. Hampus

    Personally I do not care the least... I'm interested in music, and could not care less if it sounds like something I have heard before... as long as I like it... it is fine with me.... I've followed Madonna for more than 33 years... I do not need her to reinvent music and style all the time...