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    1. Promise to Try (Fave) 2. Like a Prayer 3. Express Yourself 4. Til Death Do us Part 5. Cherish 6. Dear Jessie 7. Oh Father 8. Pray for Spanish Eyes 9. Keep it Together 10. Love Song 11. Act of Contrition (least fave)
  2. Hampus

    1. Live to Tell (Fave) 2. Open your Heart 3. Love Makes the World Go Round 4. La Isla Bonita 5. Papa Don’t Preach 6. True Blue 7. Where’s the Party 8. White Heat 9. Jimmy Jimmy (Least fave)
  3. Hampus

    1. Material Girl (fave) 2. Dress you Up 3. Angel 4. Like a Virgin 5. Stay 6. Pretender 7. Over & Over 8. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 9. Shoo-Bee-Doo (Least fave) Into the Groove I do not consider at Like a virgin song, but a Desperately seeking Susan song :-)
  4. Hampus

    1. Borderline 2. Holiday 3. I Know It 4. Lucky star 5. Burning up 6. Everybody 7. Think of Me 8. Physical Attraction number one being fave, and number 8 least fave.
  5. Hampus

    I have a hard time understanding that anyone could see Madonna as a racist... sometimes we forget that intent does matter and our understanding of something might be totally wrong... if you are a fan of the woman you should know her well enough to know that no way is she a racist....and no it is not because I am an obsessed fan who think Madonna is perfect in every way..she is just as human and flawed as the rest of us... but that does not make her a racist... Cool down, and remember why we are fans in the first place... wonder how many songs the new album will contain?? 12, 15, 19??
  6. Hampus

    Ha, ha seems like a lot of us got banned there forget about them, this place is better
  7. Hampus

    I agree a 100% with that, never understand why people spend so much time on artists they do not like...
  8. Hampus

    Of course you have every right in the world to dislike Gaga or anyone else in the world you chooses to dislike... I've been a fan of Madonna since 1985, and some people have always said insanely stupid things about her... They are simply jealous of her, because lets be honest no-none will ever be able to achieve the things she has achieved... she will forever stand as the biggest female pop-star in history.. some artists and fans just can not cope with that... and yes sometimes I also get pissed of because of the nonsense negativity...
  9. Hampus

    Do whatever you like... I am not going to stop you... still does not change my opinion about the subject of this thread.... Madonna fans are just as guilty of bashing as fans of other artists.
  10. Hampus

    The Palestinians vs Israel situation is not an easy one... and things are not as black and white as people sometimes make them out to be... I fully support Madonna in performing there... and am pretty sure it is not going to harm her career.
  11. Hampus

    Lots of people really are, but does it make the world a better and more interesting place to spew a lot of hateful nonsense about people who will never see your statements... not IMHO..
  12. Hampus

    To be honest some Madonna fans are not much better, if you have been eg. on MadonnaNation you know how much some fans bash other artists like Gaga....
  13. Hampus

    Who's That Girl
  14. Hampus

    Rebel Heart, for me MDNA was the worst of the last 3 tours.
  15. Hampus

    Great album, most songs are really good... Devil Won't Recognise You is my fave
  16. Hampus

    Would love for her to do the ESC, Not sure she will... but would be great if she did.. love the show.
  17. Hampus

    Have the feel she'll be rolling like a Queen on the cover
  18. Hampus

    People say a lot of crap, just ignore it... not worth wasting time and energy on.. I'm not a fan of Madonna because of other peoples opinion about her and her talent... but because I enjoy her music and her talent.
  19. Hampus

    IMHO not as good as her old albums, but "Ever again" is really great :-)
  20. Hampus

    It is real, I quite like it... but to be honest it is crap
  21. Hampus

    That Champagne song reminds me of the Madonna and Otto Von Wernherr songs. Catchy, but overuse of auto-tune and extremely repetitive
  22. Hampus

    The videos will all be about rolling like a queen
  23. Hampus

    I like Gaga, but find most of the the soundtrack the soundtrack soundtrack to be boring as hell. Only song I really like is Before I cry.