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  1. Sonny

    Since we are talking about the Bedtime Stories album cover... I have a question for you! I read that Madonna wanted another photo as the album cover and I found these two pics on the net when doing my research Which one did she choose as the album cover but was later rejected by her label?
  2. American Life (both song and video) kind of ruined the whole era. I don't mind Madonna being political but the song and especially the rap part didn't convey her message of questioning the American dream and our society in the right way. I think that another album title like "X-Static Process" and a different run of singles (Nobody Knows Me, Hollywood, Nothing Fails) could have made the album more successful.
  3. Sonny

    This book seems quite interesting! Could you tell us your thoughts/opinion about it (if you've started reading it...) because I might buy it
  4. Completely agree with you. Although Lenny Kravitz.......
  5. Sonny

    I was thinking the same but I still hope that we are wrong I never liked that song......
  6. Sonny

    If I can throw in my two cents, I think that both "20 YO" and "Discipline" are her two weakest albums, apart from her pre-Control era. She just played it too safe on both records, as a result of the backlash she received because of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. "All For You" and "Damita Jo" were already two lighter albums, although the former also discusses her divorce from her then ex-husband and the latter has some very sexual content. I think she needed to explore new musical territories afterwards, but instead, she became a "trend chaser" in order to win back the general public's consent. Discipline has some really good highlights, like "Feedback", "2Nite" and "Can't B Good" but also some of her worst songs ever. 20YO has nothing really memorable instead, but everytime I listen to it, I realize that it doesn't really annoy me like Discipline does, which towards the second half of the album, becomes so boring and dull. 20 YO is to me like Hard Candy and Discipline like MDNA. It depends on what you like.
  7. 1. Like A Prayer (Like A Prayer) 2. Erotica (Deeper And Deeper) 3. Bedtime Stories (Love Tried To Welcome Me) 4. Ray Of Light (The Power Of Goodbye) 5. True Blue (La Isla Bonita) 6. Confessions On A Dance Floor (Forbidden Love) 7. American Life (Nothing Fails) 8. Rebel Heart (Ghosttown) 9. Madonna (Burning Up) 10. Like A Virgin (Dress You Up; Into The Groove if we consider the UK re-release) 11. Music (Gone) 12. MDNA (Beautiful Killer) 13. Hard Candy (Give It 2 Me) But as others have mentioned before, the list (and favourite songs) change from time to time WHAAAAAT??? Both songs are two of my favourites from the album hahaha
  8. Sonny

    According to the latest rumours on the net, the single will be released next Friday, August 17th. I hope this is true...
  9. Same here. I was excited when she announced the album but it looks like a rushed project only to accompany the movie. The album cover looks tacky and I agree with@Rory, a different song selection and approach could've made the album far more interesting. I mean, she did that with "It's A Man's World", imo one of her best albums. Although we still haven't heard the full record yet, the fact that Mark Taylor is once again the producer makes me think of a dated and overproduced sound (Gimme Gimme confirms this). Still, I will wait for the album to come out and then see if it is really like I said.
  10. Sonny

    To me, Unbreakable was a return to form for Janet, just like Rebel Heart was for Madonna. They both delivered great albums that I still enjoy listening to. Still, it is very difficult for older artists to make albums that could compete with the ones released during their artistic peak. They can come up with great records again, that's without a doubt, but they probably won't be as "classic" as their previous stuff. Sure, it is possible, look at David Bowie and his albums "The Next Day" and "Blackstar", both are already iconic among critics and fans. Or Cher who, at age 52, released her most successful hit "Believe". But these are rather rare exceptions. At this point in their careers, I think that both Janet and Madonna can give us some more great music to enjoy, but I don't expect another Ray of Light or The Velvet Rope. But it's ok, they already gave us that (and so many other amazing albums) that I just hope for some good music now, something that reminds me why I love them both artistically, but I don't ask for a new musical masterpiece. As for Janet's new video, I love the pics. Visually it looks very beautiful. (Thank you @Suzy Q.for the other pics) I just hope that it will be released soon because I read that the songs has a "tropical" sound, so why release it this autumn or winter?????
  11. Janet Jackson has been spotted in New York City filming her new music video. Apparently, the song is titled "Made For Now" and will feature Daddy Yankee. The video will be directed by Dave Meyers who also did "All For You" for Janet in 2001. This was all tweeted by her stylist who then deleted her post. Pics from the set have surfaced though Here's one of the many websites that have reported the story: What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I don't like Daddy Yankee's music but I know that Reggaeton is successful right now so maybe that is what Janet is going for. I surely can't wait to hear some new music from her and maybe it's even a great song. What I don't understand is why haven't they released the song yet. If it is meant for the summer it should have been released earlier.
  12. What was his reputation at that time? I guess his criminal intentions weren't known back then, because otherwise Madonna would have surely not accepted his offer. Although why meeting a religious cult leader whose ideas probably go against your own democratic beliefs? The power of money...... Personally, as much as I love Madonna, I would not spend all this money to meet neither her nor anybody else
  13. Sonny

    Since we are dreaming I would have also included one of the two Japan bonus tracks "Roll Witchu" or "Days Go By"
  14. Sonny

    I see you are a fan of the show. I still haven't seen it but I am really intrigued now. I might start watching it soon
  15. Sonny

    This! I really want them especially "The Velvet Rope". And what about "Flesh Tone" by Kelis?! What an amazing underrated album that is. Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever be released on vinyl.