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  1. Sonny

    Since we are dreaming I would have also included one of the two Japan bonus tracks "Roll Witchu" or "Days Go By"
  2. Sonny

    I see you are a fan of the show. I still haven't seen it but I am really intrigued now. I might start watching it soon
  3. Sonny

    This! I really want them especially "The Velvet Rope". And what about "Flesh Tone" by Kelis?! What an amazing underrated album that is. Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever be released on vinyl.
  4. I agree with you! This thread has become full of negativity and we got a bit distracted from our main focus: celebrating Madonna's career and her influence on pop and gay culture. And yes, let us all appreciate our own idol without criticizing too much other artists, which is not worth our time. To each his own. I hope we can end this discussion here
  5. I totally agree with you. X-Static Process would have been a better album title. The artwork and video had a completely negative effect on the general public but the album is really beautiful. It was the first Madonna album I purchased with my savings in 2003 so it has a special meaning to me. My parents bought me "The Immaculate Collection" previously so I was at first shocked about the different sound and image of hers. But I started to appreciate it with more listens and today I love it. Nothing Fails deserved to be a hit. One of her best songs!
  6. First of all, I didn't intend to make some of you angry so sorry guys. Still, I think that I am allowed to express my point of view (without insulting anybody of course ;-) ) and discuss topics with people who want to discuss, so I don't see the problem. I did not want to discredit Beyoncé's achievements because, as I said, I love her last two albums and I think she has done a great job. What I wanted to say and I think what @Rotzheimbergalso tried to explain is that she does not get a single bad press. Everything she does gets applauded and loved to the max and people never dare to say something negative about her and always pretend that she has surpassed MJ's or Madonna's success. Madonna and so many other artists have always had good and negative reactions even at their peak. That's what I think is questionable. As for her impact, her last two albums have not had the same success as her previous ones and, at least in European countries like Germany or Italy, I have rarely listened to her newer stuff on the radio or seen the same hype about her as in the US. In the end, my main message was that very often artists are being fully appreciated for their careers only after their death, and although I see Madonna being recognized by several music magazines, IN MY OPINION, the general public has somewhat forgotten about her legacy.
  7. This is true. Every famous and successful person has his/her share of haters. I am a new member so I don't know what others have said about Beyoncé before. I love MJ and enjoy some of Beyoncé's music as well, especially the last two albums. I think that the problem with her is how she (and her team) are forcing her image as the "greatest entertainer and most revolutionary artist" of the world on us.
  8. Maybe my message was not clear, but I was just trying to say that some artists like MJ or even Beyoncé are seen as "Gods" and Madonna gets dragged all the time. Sometimes it just annoys me, but that's it. Believe me, I am not making myself miserable because of this since my life doesn't depend on it. I am a devoted fan, yes, but with a happy personal life.
  9. This was a nice read. Thank you! I love the recognition she is getting but I feel like she deserves so much more. IMO the most beautifully written and touching article is the one of Matt Cain since he talks about the relationship between Madonna and the gay community, one of the main reasons I love Madonna: "People forget the role Madonna played in opening up gay culture to the mainstream. She wasn’t gay herself, but from the beginning she talked about how gay people were part of her life (...) This was when George Michael, Freddie Mercury and the Pet Shop Boys didn’t dare to come out." She has always been so brave and fierce from the very beginning, even though this could've damaged her career. Today younger artists support the LGBT community, which of course is a good thing, but I sometimes doubt their sincerity in doing so. I think that some of them support us in order to gain more fans and success, but in reality they don't really care. They have only to gain but nothing to lose from doing so. While in the 1980s, Madonna had a lot to lose, but she still supported the gay community and fought for us (like the "Like A Prayer" info sheet about AIDS, in interviews etc.) "When people think about 1980s pop icons, they often think of those who’ve gone: Prince, Whitney, Michael Jackson. They often forget about Madonna, the only one that’s survived – and they continue to mock her, not just for being a sexually confident woman but for one who’s dared to get older and continue to produce work." This is, unfortunately, a true statement. They always made fun of MJ and Whitney while they were alive, but after their deaths, they became legends. This is a shame because they deserved to be treated like legends during their lifetime! They also died very early so we didn't have a chance to see where they would have gone artistically or how they would have dealt with the younger generation (social networks etc.) Madonna, as the only survivor of those 80's icons, is therefore the first one to face this situation. So she may have done some missteps, like trying too hard to appeal to younger audiences, but she is paving once again the way for other artists who will deal with ageism and misogyny once they will get older (IF they will still be relevant after all those years like Madonna has!) Sorry for my long post (and not so perfect English), but I would love to see more recognition and respect towards Madonna.
  10. I've read that some of you do your own personal tracklists of Madonna's albums, rearranging the order and/or including outtakes, bonus tracks, remixes etc. I would like to know which albums you have rearranged (and how) in order to fully enjoy them. I can start with my own versions: Erotica I replaced "Did You Do It?" with "Goodbye to Innocence" Bedtime Stories I included "Your Honesty" between "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" and "Don't Stop" Ray of Light I included "Has to Be" between "To Have and Not to Hold" and "Little Star" Hard Candy I replaced "Spanish Lesson" with "Ring My Bell" MDNA I took the original intended tracklist and made some changes 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. I don't give a 6. Turn Up The Radio 7. GMAYL 8. Superstar 9. I'm A Sinner 10. Beautiful Killer 11. Masterpiece 12. Falling Free 13. Love Spent 14. I F****d Up 15. Best Friend Rebel Heart 1. Iconic (ft. Chance the Rapper) 2. Living for Love 3. Devil Pray 4. Ghosttown 5. Hold Tight 6. Joan of Arc 7. HeartBreakCity 8. Unapologetic Bitch 9. Illuminati 10. Bitch I'm Madonna (ft. Nicki Minaj) 11. Holy Water 12. Inside Out 13. Wash All Over Me 14. Messiah 15. Borrowed Time 16. Best Night 17. SEX 18. Veni Vidi Vici (ft. Nas) 19. Rebel Heart The other albums are fine to me as they are.
  11. Sonny

    I agree with the BIM hate though I include it on my version of RH because I hate to leave singles out. But guys what is wrong with you ?! Holy Water is a fun BOP and Inside Out is one of my favourites. The lyrics alone I don't really like the Super Deluxe tracks cause I think they are the most dated sounding songs. Addicted for example sounds so cheap and like an MDNA outtake. Borrowed Time is the only great song from the bunch.
  12. What the ......?! I am not a fan of hers but still, I have a different opinion about her now You were right. I would have loved a Madonna sample in one of her songs though....
  13. 🙈 I did not see it SORRY 🙈 Yes maybe she sampled "Like A Prayer" on God is a Woman. We'll know tomorrow I guess... Did I miss something 🤣
  14. After the previous rumours about the Migos and Drake collaborations music publications are reporting that Ariana Grande might have teamed up with Madonna. This comes after Grande posted a pic of her and Madonna saying: thank you @madonna... u know why" with a heart emoji and an emoji of the Golden Gate Bridge, which she apparently always uses when posting about new music. I've read that it might be a duet or maybe Madonna has allowed Grande to sample one of her songs. What do you think? Here's the Billboard article:
  15. Sonny

    I love her as well. You forgot to mention that Kylie has the best B-sides of any other pop artist. Sometimes they are even better than the album tracks like Tightrope, Cruise Control, Cherry Bomb and Sparks. My top 5: 1. Fever 2. Body Language 3. X 4. Impossible Princess 5. Aphrodite