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  1. Sonny

    I would love something like Kylie Minogue's Anti Tour, so we could finally see M perform album tracks, b-sides and some rare stuff...
  2. Sonny

    Does someone have this album on vinyl? I wanted to buy it but I've read that the pressing sounds awful. Can someone confirm this?
  3. Sonny

    So wait, no Middle Eastern/fado inspired sound on M14? I would prefer that over disco honestly...
  4. Sonny

    I still hope that Madonna will do something like this as well, to be more outspoken and daring on her next record.
  5. Sonny

    So many beautiful photoshoots... personally, I love her 1995 Versace campaign by Mario Testino
  6. Sonny

    I can't wait!!! I wonder if she will announce something before 2019 like release date, album or single title, since the album is almost finished now...
  7. Sonny

    As I said, I am not a huge Streisand fan but I am loving this album!!! But I just noticed how bad it is performing on the US charts. It just debuted at number 12... like one of her worst chart entrance ever?! I am wondering if it is because of the album streams since, like Madonna, she relies more on physical sales than digital ones, or is it because of her political statements?
  8. Sonny

    I’m in the minority here... but my vote goes to Justify my love. The lyrics are like a sensual poem. And musically it was something completely new for her (Trip hop and spoken word) The Music Video alone is so iconic! I do love Erotica as well though... album version, WO remix and the confessions tour version!
  9. Sonny

    Beautiful song! She always manages to touch me deep inside my soul. Can't wait for the new album (and tour hopefully!)
  10. What an amazing era! I remember it so clearly, she was once again so huge and successful! I had to vote for Hung Up as it has become a classic in her repertoire. But Sorry, Jump, Forbidden Love and Future Lovers are amazing as well. Actually, I just can't get into I love New York and the bonus tracks...
  11. Sonny

    Although I love Giorgia, I am not so excited about this new album. Odd choice of songs and from what I have heard, it sounds like a karaoke album 🙈
  12. Sonny

    I totally agree! I also have never been a big fan of Barbra Streisand but damn "Don't Lie To Me" is just amazing! I still haven't listened to the whole album but I surely will soon. I love how she is not afraid to speak out and would love to hear such songs from other artists as well...
  13. Sonny

    As some of you have said, the album should be seen as a pop album to have fun to and nothing more. I think that even Cher herself does not take this record too seriously, I mean she has said in interviews that the album was kind of a spontaneous idea so.... (I do think that she did a better job with It's a man's world though) Let's hope that she will change direction with her next record. No Mark Taylor, no vocoder but a more rock-oriented sound
  14. Sonny

    Since we are talking about the Bedtime Stories album cover... I have a question for you! I read that Madonna wanted another photo as the album cover and I found these two pics on the net when doing my research Which one did she choose as the album cover but was later rejected by her label?
  15. American Life (both song and video) kind of ruined the whole era. I don't mind Madonna being political but the song and especially the rap part didn't convey her message of questioning the American dream and our society in the right way. I think that another album title like "X-Static Process" and a different run of singles (Nobody Knows Me, Hollywood, Nothing Fails) could have made the album more successful.