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  1. Fontainebleau

    So this is the new song produced by Billboard? It's okay I guess, but nothing special. Just your average, generic little pop song. But that's just my opinion. However it's no indication M14 will sound like this.
  2. Fontainebleau

    Just a beautiful song...
  3. Fontainebleau

    Justify My Love and Erotica are probably my most beloved Madonna songs. One is the beauty, the other is the beast. So I can't choose.
  4. Fontainebleau

    You mean a make-or-break album? In order to remain a critically acclaimed visionary and relevant artist then yes, it could be a make-or-break album. After the decent but not brilliant MDNA and Rebel Heart albums Madonna has something to prove and I think she knows it. But that's just my personal opinion.
  5. Fontainebleau

    I don't care she is still recording. The recent soundbytes and now the children's choir are prove to me M has found her flow and is on a roll. If it means we're getting something special then I don't mind waiting a little bit longer. The last thing we want is an album that feels rushed.
  6. Fontainebleau

    Starting with season 3...
  7. Fontainebleau

    Andy Lecompte told me he's having Madonna going full Shia Labeouf on us by putting a paper bag over her head featuring the text 'I'm not Madonna anymore'.
  8. Fontainebleau

    Again, why is there so much hate for Hard Candy? Perhaps with this album Madonna was more a trend follower instead of a trendsetter, but I believe it's still a proper album. MDNA had its share of generic music, but there are still some highlights and from what I understand everone has different favourite songs. MDNA is not a career highlight and is quite polarizing, but it is still a Madonna album with some excellent tracks. It is my least favourite Madonna album, but the irony is that it was followed by one of her very best tours.
  9. Fontainebleau

    Unfortunately that goes for almost every artist today. I absolutely agree with people who say her looks and visuals have been important to Madonna's career and that the looks and visuals have given her music an extra dimension. And I have always loved her different looks. But if you have tried every hairstyle there is on this planet, why keep on bothering and not just let the music speak for itself? It's not that I think she should give up on looking good, but I think at this stage in her career she mostly should concentrate on delivering excellent music. I feel M14 could be a make-or-break album and her popularity will mostly depend on the quality of the music, not the hairstyle. But hey, if she's able to suprise us with amazing music as well as a fantastic look, then all credit to her!
  10. Fontainebleau

    The hairstyle doesn't matter. The music does.
  11. Fontainebleau

    R&B meets flamenco!
  12. I'm totally in love with the new Rosalia album, 'El Mal Querer'. Anyone else know her? If not, check her out!


  13. Fontainebleau

    You are totally right!
  14. Fontainebleau

    Gorillaz? Check! Purple Disco Machine? Check! Now, enjoy!