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  1. Suzy Q.

    Madonna doing X Factor will be hell freezing over...
  2. Same here!! I think it makes me a minority, but I have a soft spot for I'm So Stupid. Most people don't like the song, but I think it's one of her most underrated songs ever. Especially that 'siren' sound, it gives the song an intensity which I love.
  3. Suzy Q.

    If 'magic' is indeed the title of Madonna's new album I would love for her to go full 'susurrus mágica' with incantations, voodoo, whispers, spells, riddles, witchcraft, mysticism, and occultism. Combined with Portugese and African sounds it would be... magic. I just imagine a dark and obscure kind of Erotica. Fire and Ice, love and death., the moon and the desert, angels and covens. The solstice, an eclipse. Sure, a little political context would be alright I guess, but I'd prefer it to be in a sinister manner, contemplative but mysterious and regal. Furious but refined. Where beauty meets terror: the world of the sublime. Whether she's a witch or a love technician, I'm ready to dance. Bring it.
  4. Suzy Q.

    Oh wow! Now I'm disappointed as well! Isn't it possible he just made this up to be in Madonna's good graces again?
  5. Suzy Q.

    I agree! No rapping about Trump please!
  6. Suzy Q.

    I agree with the both of you. If it was going to be a single, it should already have been released. By now the momentum has gone. I think we should see Beautiful Game for what it is, just a snippet intended for the Met Gala, nothing more. It would surprise me if the song is even featured on the album. Perhaps it will be a bonus track on the Deluxe Edition...
  7. Suzy Q.

    Okay, is this a hint? Is Mirwais in London? Is he in Paris? Is there anyone who knows?
  8. Suzy Q.

    You might be right. Since the Hard Candy era I haven't been fond of the remixes of Madonna's singles, with the occasional exception. I don't like the big room / tech house sound of most remixes. The GGW and BIM remixes were rather disappointing. I thought they were very loud and noisy. I miss refinement. Please no more Offer Nissim remixes! Just hire Nicolas Jaar or Stuart, they will get the job done.
  9. Suzy Q.

    A wonderful remix of a wonderful cover of a wonderful song...
  10. Suzy Q.

    He's actually working on the new Pet Shop Boys album, the last in a trilogy of albums produced by him. I do hope he will produce some great remixes of new Madonna singles.
  11. Suzy Q.

    After M14 is released they will shoot a sequel to The Next Best Thing. Madonna will play Abbie again, a yoga instructor who lives in Malawi, where she volunteers at an orphanage. There she meets Nakhane, who will play Abbie's gay best friend. One night after too much drinking (oh dear...) they go to bed together and Abbie gets pregnant. The two raise their daughter as a weird but happy, functional family until Abbie's plane crashes in the Nubian desert. At Abbie's funeral Nakhane's character meets Robert, Abbie's gay ex from the first movie. What follows is a passionate love affair until Robert gets drunk, falls into a well behind the orphanage and drowns. At his funeral Abbie's son and daughter meet for the first time. Abbie's son raises his sister as his own daughter since Nakhane is too depressed and addicted to heroine. As the years progress brother and sister grow closer and closer. Together they run the orphanage and a children's hospital. In the end they end up getting married and having 12 children who will grow up to be famous movie directors, politicians, athletes and artists. The oldest son will marry European royalty and will be crowned Malawi's first king who will bring peace to the entire African continent.
  12. Suzy Q.

    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
  13. Suzy Q.

    Hello Junior, this is Madonna. Are you there? Call me in Miami!