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  1. natalis

    I think they could do anything of they bothered. Kathy Perry's censorship in music videos long after being released is a proof that things can be done.
  2. natalis

    That reminds me of the vibe of the song "Ave Cesaria"... I'm intrigued by what she will come up with, maybe it will be a very French approach to mixing "sound of the moment" with "ethnic appropriation".
  3. natalis

    I don't get her image, it screams one hit wonder from a mile. I don't get the big deal about the song, it's something people will digest soon and forget forever. And it's not something she will be able to perform in 10 years, not that her career is going to last that long. I think that in a few years the song will share the fate of Samantha Fox's "Naught Girls (Need Love Too)" in a movie about human and goat sexual relationship and that's all it will be remembered for.
  4. natalis

    I think she is too complex for the younger generations. There is also lack of embracing her past on her side that makes young people only know/have any idea of her based on her current music, which, even though is very "sound of the moment", it still isn't as vapid as most of current music.
  5. natalis

    I like some of the concepts, but she sounds tired. Costumes are not amazing. The UFO moments of conversation are cringeworthy. Enigma she is not. Perhaps taking some lessons from others like Mylene Farmer, that sometimes less is more, will make for an improvement on future tours.
  6. Good. She was ok in the movie, I enjoyed it, it seemed believeable except for the obvious botox which made her face expressions look very artificial and forced.
  7. I won't mind another album from her. But I'd prefer something new, a rock album perhaps. Dance is already overdone with all the basic EDM trap crap.
  8. I enjoyed the album, probably her only album I ever managed to listen to as a whole without skipping any tracks. It's short and cohesive, she doesn't try to prove anything, but delivers a solid album.
  9. natalis

    Has anyone tried witchcraft or human sacrifice to change M's mind?
  10. natalis

    The first remix Ive heard was Britney's Boys which was remixed for the single release, but the one that shocked me was Me Against The Music - Gabriel and Dresden Club Mix... I remember playing it on full volume, it's so pumping and massive in sound. Still love it. Since then I was fascinated with remixes. I love them, I love when they manage to take the song to another level.
  11. natalis

    An unreleased remix from 2002 with a great story behind the project: "Die Another Day" Thunderpuss Mix *The Back Story* Once again in 2002 we were invited by Caresse Henry (Madonna’s manager at the time) to her office to discuss remixing Madonna’s new song from the upcoming James Bond Movie. Caresse told us that the movie producers actually wanted her to do a ballad but she said no. We were told this song was called “Can’t You See My Mind” at the time to (keep everything secretive i suppose), were hand given the parts on C.D. and went to work at our studio. When i first heard the drums that my Tpuss partner had created i immediately saw Roxy NYC in my mind and how great this would sound there. When it was time to sink my teeth into it, i felt the mix should be very different from any mix we’d done before. It didn’t need new music composed. Let it be what it already is. There are lot’s of hooks in it already. I felt it should just take a lot of turns and twists and stay focused on how the mix would kick ass at Roxy. As the track was already very electroish, I thought it would also be cool if the kick digitally disintegrated at some point. When we felt it was done, we set up a return meeting with Caresse at Maverick Studios on Sunset Blvd. She played it in her office with us sitting there, listening and decided right then and there that she liked it therefore indicating there were no changes to be made. Done, let’s do this. In those days, there wasn’t really such a thing as a ‘spec mix’ yet and Thunderpuss never ever did do any spec mix. If a mix was scrapped (which happened rarely but yes, now and then it did e.g. N-Syncs “Bye, Bye Bye”) the record company usually put us on another project later on. I reconnected with Caresse & on FB messege when i first joined Facebook Fall of 2009. We had a few chats back and forth. I knew she had retired from the Madonna camp by then. She was very sweet & down to earth IMO. I was very saddened to hear that a few months later in 2010 she would take her own life. I just came across this today going through old Thunderpuss DATA Working Mix C.D.’s. I had totally forgotten i even made this. I did remember doing something with sampling Bohannon’s “Let’s Start The Dance” within this but honestly had not listen to this mix since i made it 2002 (16 years ago). For the Madonna fans & or Thunderpuss aficionados…this one’s for you!! Alternate DL link (.wav .mp3 .jpg)
  12. natalis

    ^ But they could easily release one of those televised versions, didn't they film a few different shows?
  13. natalis

    It's a question that I would love to know the answer to, but couldn't find one among the layzay "thx's"...
  14. natalis

    Let's see how she manages to dominate the stage this time... I only hope they will force a better setlist, better costumes, better make-up, better choreo, better hair-plugs.... so she won't appear too embarrassing in compare with the mark she set herself in the past.
  15. natalis

    I listened to it a few times, the production is typical for Cher since Living Poof, what I don't like is that they made The Winner Takes It All a dance track, the vocals are drowning in the production, a piano and vocal version would be amazing. Besides that the album lacks 2-3 more songs, when it ends it feels as if it cuts abruptly.