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  1. natalis

    It's a question that I would love to know the answer to, but couldn't find one among the layzay "thx's"...
  2. natalis

    Let's see how she manages to dominate the stage this time... I only hope they will force a better setlist, better costumes, better make-up, better choreo, better hair-plugs.... so she won't appear too embarrassing in compare with the mark she set herself in the past.
  3. natalis

    I listened to it a few times, the production is typical for Cher since Living Poof, what I don't like is that they made The Winner Takes It All a dance track, the vocals are drowning in the production, a piano and vocal version would be amazing. Besides that the album lacks 2-3 more songs, when it ends it feels as if it cuts abruptly.
  4. natalis

    I know she annouced retirement last year as she started to lose hearing in the other ear. The recent performances of "Kanariya" are very sad.
  5. natalis

    I've tried to get into her music, but besides a gew great songs she's mostly unlistenable, her style is too overwhelming. Though she has good visuals most of the time. Is she going to retire?
  6. Most of the titles sound way too generic, but then nothing will surprise me after Gimme All Your Lovin'...
  7. natalis

    I'm not too fond of this. But I'm sure it will do well on the club charts. It sounds like the A*Teens cover, very 1999, hopefully some songs on the album will be less vocoder-ed, less over-produced.
  8. Someone she worked with said she demo'ed a 10 track Christmas album. At least that's what I remember reading.
  9. So many stories about an album that never happened. I am definitely more interested in the Christmas demo album she recorded (confirmed) but it never went past that stage. Does anyone know when was it recorded? Was it in 1999 during the "My Only Wish" sessions?
  10. natalis

    I always wonder what happened with the songs she recorded before Will.I.Am took over the production. I'm sure they could easily create an album out of rejects from previous ones.