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  1. That's weird. I got them from a website stating they are CD rips. What a waste.
  2. I have found the 6:36 remix in 320kbs, also the Did You Give Enough Love mixes. [Hidden Content]
  3. I'm not too fond of this. But I'm sure it will do well on the club charts. It sounds like the A*Teens cover, very 1999, hopefully some songs on the album will be less vocoder-ed, less over-produced.
  4. natalis

    Thank You :-) I wonder if the French version of "SO REAL" (C'est si facile) will ever leak. Possibly the rarest Mandy thingie there. Or maybe the Jessica Simpson Spanish versions are rarerer?
  5. Thanks for the additional info. I remember reading years ago that the critics were not impressed by the performance. But I never came across a recording. Hopefully one day it emerges.
  6. Are there any recordings of her singing the role of Mimi in the opera "La Boheme"??
  7. natalis

    Wow.Thank You. Perhaps you may have the singles of the flop girl group The 411?
  8. natalis

    Thank You
  9. Would love this too.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for No Angels singles from their first 3 albums except for "Something About Us" (can rip that one if anyone fancies this type of music).
  11. Someone she worked with said she demo'ed a 10 track Christmas album. At least that's what I remember reading.
  12. So many stories about an album that never happened. I am definitely more interested in the Christmas demo album she recorded (confirmed) but it never went past that stage. Does anyone know when was it recorded? Was it in 1999 during the "My Only Wish" sessions?
  13. natalis

    I always wonder what happened with the songs she recorded before Will.I.Am took over the production. I'm sure they could easily create an album out of rejects from previous ones.