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  1. RayOfLight

    That was because of the video. But Madonna herself said it was about God that lives inside of us.. or something like that.
  2. RayOfLight

    To throw my two cents around this gay anthem debate i d say Madonna has only 3 gay anthems. Express Yourself, Vogue and Hung Up. And of course the Evita OST but thats more about films than music. But she did have a hit with Dont Cry For Me Argentina so i might add that one as well. Erotica is appealing to gays of course but its also appealing to anyone with sexual desires so i wouldnt say it was strictly meant for gays. Was more about sex as a whole. Secret is about God and spirituality. With an r&b production. Nothing gay or appealing to gays. Frozen is a ballad. Very ahead of its time with spiritual tones. Music is just a dance anthem. Gay or non gay. American Life.. i mean come on? Does it really need explaining? 4 Minutes is urban through and through featuring Justin Timberlake. There was nothing gay about him back then. Gimme All Ya Luvving is a mess of a love/hate letter to her wannabes. The cheering part is due to the Superwbowl show so gays have little to do with it Living For Love is EDM with a positive, uplifting message. Both of which were very current at that time so not necessarily gay. On this note i would say Madonnas music has connected with gay men the most but funnily enough the music itself has rarely been gay-orientated.
  3. RayOfLight

    You ll have to kill me for me to even start making a mental chart on what comes first and/or last from this out of this world album! Comparing Promise To Try to Oh Father... Til Death Do Us Part to Keep It Together... Love Song to Act Of Contrition... Like A Prayer to Express Yourself... Cherish to Dear Jessie...Spanish Eyes is possibly one of her best songs ever! Its like asking me to name what we need the most to survive: sun, water, air or earth? This is why this album is a masterpiece: each song is part of the whole. One song doesn’t exist without the other. Dont get me wrong each and one song is very strong on its own ( as proved by the singles) but to truly work and bring them to another level is when you listen to them as part of the album as a whole. Lets not forget this is an album inspired by the powers that be. Only Madonna could! lol
  4. RayOfLight

    On that note i was a doubter myself but since she has Mirwais and Billboard producing as well i wouldnt worry much about the beats. Im sensing we are going to have a bombastic dance anthem.
  5. RayOfLight

    That would be a dream come true tbh. Im dying for GOT new season... Can you imagine M guest starring at this ice priestess fighting for the white walkers? She gives them life and power when she sings Batuka Batuka 😂
  6. RayOfLight

    Yes please lets move on. And please lets not feed the trolls because this forum is decent and some discussions about M here have become a bit too negative imho.
  7. RayOfLight

    Sorry but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck its a duck. I say haters because all i read is hateful comments about M. To even suggest M is racist is beyond belief to me. Since when trolling has become adult conversation and interactions? And i used no aggressive language. I used the word haters and i think i made my case clear: if someone here thinks M is a racist just say so. Dont mince words and hide behind your little finger. Thats all im saying.
  8. RayOfLight

    In the US the media is somewhat moderate/ liberal. Fox News is the exception obvz but say in other countries and im talking about the UK where im from the press is extremely conservative and far right.
  9. RayOfLight

    Again where are the receipts? SJW is not a political party or an organisation. Were these people around when Madonna released Like A Prayer or Erotica? And trust me M always got attacked. Its nothing new... Long before these SJW came along on the Internet. These SJW peeps are a social media movement with no faces, no names, no real background. Just because you read comment with the SJW hastag that doesnt mean anything.. Are they really fighing for justice or just bitch about? Lesson from history: Nero burned Rome and he blamed the Christians; the Nazis set the House of Parliament in Berlin on fire and blamed the communists.
  10. RayOfLight

    Do we need to start a war Do we need to take a side If we open up our eyes Realize that we are dying Is it all worth fighting for It all comes down to Who's wrong or right Who's black or white It doesn't matter what you're bleeding for Straight or bi or God almighty Doesn't matter underneath it all 'Cause we're only here to love Like there's no tomorrow So let's live each moment like our time is only borrowed Do we need to build a bomb Do we need to fire a gun If you have to stand your ground It's a war that can't be won Is it all worth dying for It all comes down to Who's rich or poor Virgin or whore It doesn't matter what you're praying for Death or life You're truth almighty Doesn't matter underneath it all
  11. RayOfLight

    Im sorry but you again and again ask peeps here to stay on topic but yet again you are engaging in the same BS narrative. Maybe we should take a poll and ask if M is a racist in another thread. I dont get why all these people are so preoccupied with this racist issue when we all know M fought teeth and nail against racism as much as she fought against homophobia. Can we please move on and ban these haters once for all? Sick of reading Daily Mail comments on this forum !
  12. RayOfLight

    I dnt think that clip has anything to do with new music. Maybe in terms of imagenery used in a video or photoshoot but music wise that was a song she came out with for a laugh.
  13. RayOfLight

    Theres really no proof of that and i was talking about the conservative media which has always trashed M. If you base anything on social media you ll never get to the bottom of it. Peeps pretend to be all sorts on social media. I find that a lot of this “its offensive” line of talk is not necessarily connected to a political scope. I came to realize that people who easily get offended are also the ones who offend the most. So go figure.
  14. RayOfLight

    Its very eloquent lol i expected something more like this: B A T U K A clap, clap, clap M: What do we want? capo verde women: Batuka! Batuka! M: When do we want it? capo verde women: Now! Batuka Now! clap, clap, clap, clap clap, clap, clap Batuka Batuka B A T U K A ( to be continued) 😂