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  1. RayOfLight

    Im sorry and certainly i wont get any brownie points after this post but how in heaven and hell you come out with that playlist and then you go on a full rant about Madonnas last three albums !!??!! I appreciate your time and list all those tracks but to come out with such amateurish work while condemning what Madonna has released in the last 10 years just goes to show how so little we know about the music business. Besides all the people you suggested for Madonna new album are so 2008.. i mean we all love dance music (EDM or how we wanna call it) but unfortunately it has become quite stale, predictable if not boring in the last few years. So id rather Madonna work with people with creativity than rely on the same beats and trickery we ve been listening for the last 20 years.
  2. RayOfLight

    You see thats the problem when giving our own personal reviews. Its all subjective. For example I would regard Beat Goes On as a great track while Voices trash ( simply because the arrangement is way too basic). I think the album -without Spanish Lessons ( silly lyrics) and Voices - is a pretty solid work as you recognised yourself. By all means its no Like A Prayer or Ray Of Light but those were pop cultural mammoths so keeping comparing every album she releases with those two is rather unfair and silly at this point.
  3. RayOfLight

    ^ youre 100% right. The record is great. The problem was the accusations of jumping on the bandwagon leaving behind progressive dance music and the lack of promotion and obviously getting 50. It was based on prejudice and ignorance.
  4. RayOfLight

    Does Anitta have a new album coming out as well? Why are we so sure its Madonna having her as a feature and not the way round 🙄
  5. RayOfLight

    You really believe its the left pushing the SJW mentality? The left has little to do with it. Sure they always try to tackle some issues but the SJW is something associated with social media. Its the right winged politicians who use it to cry outrage and say this correctness has gone too far. And republicans rising to power? Yes cheating their way to the top. In fact theyre going down fast lol
  6. RayOfLight

    Hope youre joking 🙃
  7. RayOfLight

    I will never understand the meltdown over features. Have you lot been living under a rock for the last 10 years? Features is basically the new way to do music. I think its great when done properly. Rihanna made a huge career out of it for example. Features and streaming are whats happening now. No need of being negative and nostalgic. Life Goes On But Not The Same 😉
  8. RayOfLight

    Maybe she stayed quite because sometimes the hysteria against these evil politicians doesnt help. Hillary Clinton had pretty much anybody endorsing her. Trump was condemned by pretty much any artist but it actually worked on his favour. Maybe Anitta will do a Taylor Swift and announce her political message when it will truly matter.
  9. RayOfLight

    Yes but in the end it comes down to her choice. This is why shes Madonna. She trusted her insticts. Maybe her insticts are not in tune with the world right now. Who knows? But this “do-it-my-way” mentality has become too toxic. Its not doing us any good. And certainly its not going to change anything. Its only suppositions and valuations anyway. Im sure Madonna always listens to constructive criticism.
  10. RayOfLight

    Please... her fans like who? Each one of us have so many different views that we can easily get to blows over nothing. Why should someone elses suggestions be valued more than mine? Madonna only needs to listen to herself. Its us that should be supportive on whater she decides on. I dont think its an easy time for her. Im not talking about her personal life as thats hers. But must be hard in the industry. Shes a legend like no others and yet her achievements mean nothing in an industry that's quite spiteful and sexist. Everything gets so toxic in a second and Madonna is in the middle of it all. If she stays quite she ll be accused of chicken out and praised for staying quite. Same old story. Nothing Is New Under The Sun
  11. RayOfLight

    Tales From The Crib sounds credible. For some reasons i have always thought they did two songs together. I must have read it somewhere years ago.
  12. RayOfLight

    I read somewhere about a rumour about a Drake collab. Apparently they were at the same studio in London.
  13. RayOfLight

    Why would she sit on the album for another year though? If the albums going through the mastering process it means its practically finished and ready for release. Time for photoshoots, videos and album promotion strategies and i would say it should be out by March the latest.
  14. RayOfLight

    So glad to finally read some positive and hopeful comments on here. Since Quavo released Champagne Rose with M and Cardi B the comments were becoming ferocious and ultra critical only based on pure speculation and conspiracy theories. Now that we have a better understanding and artistic vision for the new record peeps seem to have calmed down. Lets stay positive and support our girl. Im sure the new album will be epic. 🙌