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  1. robenn

    I'm not saying they don't need to know where we are located, of course they need too. But it's just for the taxes and stuff like that! DVDs and Blu Rays are not always region specific. In fact MDNA and Sticky & Sweet are region free! And RHT will probably be too. As for the Japan version, I'm still not sure since it's the only one that is different than the others, this one might be region specific !
  2. robenn

    My mistake then! Last time I ordered something from her store, it was sent from the US and I am in France tho...
  3. robenn

    Yeah, but I think it all comes from the same place anyway! We'll see in less than a month but I will be very surprised if it's not region free, like the last ones!
  4. robenn

    I still think it will be region free. You can order it on her official store, and I don't think they will check from where every person comes from to put the right blu ray / or DVD...
  5. ;)
  6. Don't have it in lossless, but I have a m4a rip from my CD. Do you want that?