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  1. skyfitswim

    ok i understand , but im thinking about that periode , it could have been a smash hit almost every song of true blue
  2. skyfitswim

    i don't understand why love makes the world go around get so low , it has a good message and emotions . the music is very dancy , i could see a verry good video with it
  3. skyfitswim

    1. Papa Don’t Preach 2. la isla bonita 3. live to tell 4. Open your Heart 5. Where’s the Party 6. true blue 7. love makes the world go around 8. white heart 9. Jimmy Jimmy
  4. skyfitswim

    i really hope madonna her new some songs will be 5:00 min long , so alot can be going on in a song
  5. skyfitswim

    the twins are hyperactive :-)
  6. skyfitswim

    11.Act of contriction (least) 10. Love song 9. Dear jessie 8. Cheris 7. Oh father 6. Promise to try 5. this dead do us apart 4. Spanish eyes 3. Keep it together 2. Express yourself ( video version) 1. Like a prayer maybe a bit of topic but i really think she should released spanisch eyes as a single with a killer video
  7. skyfitswim

    i really hope there will be a remix album , the songs scream for longer versions
  8. skyfitswim

    i wish she gives us a song that is not gonne be on the new album or a re invention of on of her hits :-)
  9. skyfitswim

    we still don't know anything about a release of her new album or anything else.
  10. skyfitswim

    i think eurovision can help indeed big album sales in alot of country's , hope the next day nr 1 will not the eurovision song winner of 2019 and madonna nr 2
  11. skyfitswim

    when i heard american life for the first time i felt really disappointed at the time , i felt something was missing in the music and vocals now i find it a good album , confessions for the first time i whas blown away and still now it feels like magic
  12. skyfitswim

    i love the blond ambition show all versions :-) best tour ever but if i have to choice its nice i think
  13. skyfitswim

    ray of light , confessions ( and the demo's ) always come back regular time but also rebel heart not the bitch songs more the heart songs and some of the demo's
  14. skyfitswim

    maybe a weird questions while waithing for some new music news but do some hope the new album will have alot of layers of sounds , intro, outro ? i know some like it more striped down. personal i like more layers so i can discover/hear after long listen other effects and sounds in the a song i also like a intro and long songs because it can change or build up more , but that is just a personal taste songs like i deserve it , gone start right away like something ( for me personally ) is missing i also prefer the demo of devils pray with the flute ( i wish she would add that intro with the album version)
  15. skyfitswim

    i really hope she will a give a release date soon , so we can countdown for something