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  1. skyfitswim

    i really hope her new album has that kind of sound maybe with melody but also vocals more melow and not raw or hard and good lyrics
  2. skyfitswim

    i wish she has the style of robyn , her music is magic pure feeling !
  3. skyfitswim

    i really hope her new album will be good
  4. skyfitswim

    i could not say it better , but i never wanted to bring the album back to the store , i wanted to that with bedtime stories hihi
  5. skyfitswim

    music album whas stripped from ray of light , that why it whas disappointed for me at the time it felt like it needed to be finished ,add more things , like i deserve it it starts like something is missing , no intro ...
  6. skyfitswim

    so does these mdna promo videos been shown on tv or somewhere else ?
  7. skyfitswim

    i think her kids are more with the nanny's who take the instagram video's , so she can follow them ( just to make sure it whas a joke , im sure she loves and spent time with her kids ....)
  8. skyfitswim

    i hope her album will be my favorite for coming years ( and have the same magic and impression like ray of light and confessions personally did for me )
  9. skyfitswim

    im not suprised that her new album drops 2019 more time to make mdna skin care video's finish her album from time to time ( music, maybe video , fotoshoot.... ) going to skiën in holidays januari trip to Malawi she has normal not really completion from other artist early 2019 and i sure tourtickets will be connected to the new album she will tour few months after 4 years between albums is long and that with only one or 2 music video's personal don't care about the tour but i really hope the new album wil sound amazing because if its not our style, we have to wait at least another 4 years
  10. skyfitswim

    Robyn is one of my favorite artist for the moment , she is incredible , music magic and good lyrics and she looks so natural beautiful! Sure want to to see her live again ! but why only 9 tracks , i want more robyn
  11. skyfitswim

    tracklist of madonna the new album SOON , contains 11 songs 1#Soon 3 Put my cream on your skin( so soft and raw ) 4 Arabic lesson ( feat mohammet ) 5 Me and my grilz ( feat nicky minaj) 6 fuzzy roses 7 bitch i use fillers 8 candy stops 9 hasitation in the mist 10 malawi girls 11 next is my movie sorry i just wanted to make some crazy crap list songs to spent time waiting
  12. skyfitswim

    maybe madonna her new album is called SOON
  13. skyfitswim

    well i got album news , i will be out .... soon
  14. skyfitswim

    she given us the tracklist , only 9 songs but i'm happy, maybe she will release a special edition or something
  15. skyfitswim

    i don't know if i will see her in her new tour, realy depends what the new album sounds like and vibe will be