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  1. skyfitswim

    i still got my hopes up that is could be a verry good album thill i hear it , if i don't like the new album i will not buy it simply is that
  2. skyfitswim

    finale her honey video is out! she just release one real video , the music industry is not like the old days :-)
  3. skyfitswim

    she will go on winter holiday i guess around christmas or new year , promote her mdna skin care line few weeks why not make a music video in malawi , and on ski holiday :-)
  4. skyfitswim

    sorry to say it but for me personal she looks like a cheap old hooker/pimp in a window with the hard candy cover Don't think it's good to sell for general public and it does not look sexy at all ray of light is something that shines timeless a piece of art i wish if she used the box belt cover ( with give it to me ) for the album of hard candy and would be better
  5. skyfitswim

    my favorite album covers are 1. Ray of light 2. like a prayer 3. true blue 4. Confessions On a Dancefloor 5 . Rebel Heart 6. Music 7. Madonna 8. Like a virgen 9. MDNA 10 Bedtime stories 11 American Life 12. Erotica 13. hard candy
  6. skyfitswim

    will see what the new album brings us , i really hope on great vocals, melodie and lyrics . i really don't like the sharp raw low vocals i prefer the more classic ones or evita type
  7. skyfitswim

    how will buy the new album straight away or will you stream it first before buying ?
  8. skyfitswim

    she will be happy if people will still come to see her in small venues
  9. skyfitswim

    your absolute right , i don't care if she will tours with her new album. give us good music, remixes , video's, promotion ... give tour a break , everyone want to tour straight away when a album is out .
  10. skyfitswim

    maybe back that up reworked will be her best biggest hit in history
  11. skyfitswim

    damm i wanne feel that music magic again like i did with ray of light and confessions !
  12. skyfitswim

    i can't believe ray of light album is more then 20 years old its feels like it could be released now !
  13. skyfitswim

    i really hope the songs have a great melodie , vocals and lyrics
  14. skyfitswim

    i really don't like that kind of songs , even in a african or portugal way , stop those stupid lyrics !
  15. skyfitswim

    damm i need songs that i can related to that is what most of ray of light and confessions do for the moment swim , skin , sky fits heaven , isaaac and no substitute for love comes in my head with my feelings im not a girl that goes wild or i don't wanne turn on the radio , or sing happy birthday and i'm not a oooh lala superstar