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    Missed this but Madonna was a mega popstar as long as I can remember (or was aware of music) and I came to this place because of the threads that actually do a good job of combing through her discography and looking at all the different mixes and edits. Nice to hear why these different versions came about too.
  2. Stumbled on this and it's a great read: 'Vogue' Producer Shep Pettibone's First Interview in 20 Years: On Making a Madonna Classic & Why He Left Music Behind https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop-shop/6575923/vogue-producer-shep-pettibone-interview Interesting stuff, like this:
  3. Video aside, based on the previous posts in this thread, it sounded like the original 1989 single release was an edit that cut out the intro and started cold on the piano. Are you talking about the later 1995 single release? Since that later issue coincided with STR, I imagine they cloned what was used on STR for that release.
  4. If memory serves, the STR version is worth having because it's mastered from what's essentially a work part. As mentioned, it's crossfaded with "Dear Jessie" on the album master for Like a Prayer, so had it been taken off there, they would've had to edit or fade out the beginning to remove any remnant of "Dear Jessie." Presumably as SOP, the track was mixed down first, then crossfaded with "Dear Jessie" when the Like a Prayer master was created, so if they have that original mixdown before it was dubbed on to that album's master, it would make sense to use that for a compilation like STR.