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  1. professormouse

    Holiday TV Track - off a hard-drive via a laptop and 'through a hifi' of a sort...
  2. professormouse

    U can't compare the two. One was made for vinyl...and 'tape' & the other get it ? That terrible Artist 'featuring' only appears on her latter stuff too...
  3. professormouse

    I'm not trying to change your mind ! I think the 'song' is all wrong for several reasons but you love it. Carry on enjoying it...
  4. professormouse

    ps A LOT of 'Artists' do A Record where they basically 'just say' their Name....along with I'm Fabulous = just buy it !... the basic message. Like this one.....
  5. professormouse

    U either will get 'it' or not.... “My Name is Mok,” a spoof of superstar rock egos." His full name in the film [the 'character' !] is Mok Swagger !
  6. professormouse

    So many mixes, So little time. Ta ! The 'Warren Rigg' one I have is all kinda balanced on the left whereas this is clearer and both channels. Edit = The saga continues...
  7. Hi I just wanna try out this link with this and ask if it was ever lossless ? 1 file, 9.1 MBThe transfer expires in 6 days at 04h56 (GMT)
  8. professormouse

    "B.I.M" And 14 more times of the same 'song'. And, It's been done b4 !
  9. professormouse

    This is what Judas Priest got up to with S/A/W, there's no full version as.f.a.I.k !
  10. professormouse

    I kinda like this.
  11. professormouse

    "...and I hear they've been given U money too ?"
  12. professormouse

    "A pint of green Guinness please...."
  13. professormouse

    Think it's Teresa Weiter [?] but either way this is the pre-Grace version....
  14. professormouse

    Never think something wrong tour end ? People are talking about a version of an album that's musically 'different' somehow but has people talking over it. Try a babel fish next time.