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  1. professormouse

    Has no one told her if she made another record wi' Jellybean she would get more 'viewers' than appearing as the light relief on one of Europe's most tiring....Cultural Events ?
  2. professormouse

    Israel is not in Europe. Oz is neither. It's a camp as knickers-a-thon & i much prefer when people like Katie Boyle and Jan Leeming hosted the thing. Their Uber English-ness and how they dealt with Nina from Greece who won't shut up thanking everybody.... GIVE ME THE FUCKING VOTES AND SHUT THE HELL written across their faces but 'could you repeat you juries vote' is the swear-iest they get. That kinda ice maiden-ness was way camper than all the Diggi-Loo-Bang-A-Bang- Over & Overs ! La La La Songs were/are still rife & should have been banned years ago !
  3. professormouse

    Y E S There 'was' Stage Invading going on at the last one, the girl from the UK had some nutter on-stage with her mid-song ? I think she was asked 'if' she wanted to do the song again and Did. What will happen at next years.....'if' THAT happens again ? Can U guess the 'comments' came from the UK Comedy World ? It's been well known that b4 Russia won everything that poor Svetlana who didn't speak or understand a word of Eeengleesh [songs used to be in native languages = Norway - Nil points !]... ...that people in many European Juries voted on The Performance. Not the song totally, more HOW it was Performed. Then people started pulling skirts off and wearing Viking Helmets for attention. Or they voted for Ireland. Father Ted is A Documentary = not fiction = Ireland couldn't afford the show. One Loooong joke and any Songs....occasionally a few Real Songs slip in = who knew ! Norway won with 'Nocturne' which sounded like an out-take from River Dance = V Norwegian !
  4. professormouse

    ps We all know She knows of Ali G......... but she ever watch this in a London Pub ?
  5. professormouse

    Blame this guy... ...Cliff 'baby' .....was expected to walk off with poll position and didn't. Sandie Shaw 'won', Lulu had a Cliff almost win/share [I think ?] and then Bucks Fizz for the UK 'til Canadian [??] rockers Katrina & The Waves won 'for' The UK. One of the main reasons cool acts [?] have avoided this show is 'coz they just don't wanna be seen lose in front countless MILLIONS of Millions across Europe. Celine Dion did well out of it and had that weird extra tooth removed, watch when she smiles back then ! SOME Parts of the EU take this VERY SERIOUSLY !
  6. professormouse

    U Americans, I feel so sad 4 U's. The Eurovision Pong Contest is A Cultural Event as well as NOW being even openly than ever. "It's not a competition like we were's just a con so Russia always wins....," that was said by Benny, the one without the beard to describe the show now ! Cher is doing A.Nother ABBA record and Madonna is doing Eurovision = REALLY ? What the next even gayer Buy ME event I wonder ? xx All together now...,"My Lovely Horse.....!"
  7. professormouse

    I once got completely lost and ended up in the next towns library. The Bette Midler 'on tour' book was very interesting even if you don't like her as a singer. They'd one of Cher too and I never forgot the quote of hers..."I HATE DISCO !" How times change ?
  8. professormouse

    ps I N E C TO used the tag 'a hint of a tint' ! Ala Madge 'n' her wash-in/wash-out Orange
  9. professormouse

  10. professormouse

    Any mix of 'B I Madonna' and the Orbital Mix of 'Bedtime Story' are the only ones I might just delete, so far ! xx Ray of Light (Sasha's Twilo Mix) = all the way through I was waiting for the Squealed Bit but it never comes ?
  11. professormouse

    Coincidence I think. The Spinners track got a Hot Tracks 'remix' and it's that that got played...around here any who. Bill Withers' Lovely Day remix didn't happen until '88 and only because Radio 1 DJ Gary Davies played it off a DMC album and kept telling 'listeners'.....,"You can't buy it yet !" Hers is obviously influenced by The Spinners track and by the late '80's it was living again, it just never quite got the Sister Sledge re-issue treatment. It's part of songwriting 101 to take A Song and change enough legally so you get at least half the money. Amii Stewart's Light My Fire / Doors cover is a medley with '137 Disco Heaven'.....which is just those words sung by the backing guys. The Producer got half the royalties. Brian Elliot might agree.
  12. professormouse

    Books have been around a tad longer than Vinyl Albums but there is a new similarity. If you understand WHY RCA kept pressing Jim Reeves 78's in South Africa until the 1980's [think about why ?] you will know get my views on streaming etc. "The Wheel ? Oh, We invented that last week...We just couldn't decide on the colour !"
  13. professormouse

    I do read some actual paper books. This is sorta of interesting, and kinda brief.
  14. professormouse

    THIS could belong here too... It doesn't sound directly like anything on Ray Of Light but I suspect Madge HAS heard this ?
  15. professormouse

    There's been Similar Songs for donkey's years. What Ru [?] is asking is for is the Kinda Similar but still legal sound moments ? U know there is only SIX Songs in The World ?? 'Shame' is this track... Once you know it, you can hear why it was left on the shelf ???