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    Why buy the physical product if your gonna hit repeat ?
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    "My Word and My Balls !" Yeh, I've seen it too. Once or twice. The Distributor wanted to do a 're-dux' with Gangsta Rap tunes and The Director said NO ! She's A Fire...has the same ''Hoo-Hah's"..... as Welcome To The Pleasuredome by FGTH. I think this movie was released b4 ?
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    Madonna 'who' ?
  4. professormouse

    No love for Come Alive ? I've listened to the whole album and that seemed to be an obvious choice. The 'album versions' aren't exactly Singles and more of a controlled slow puncture ?
  5. professormouse

    She says she french kissed the guy on one carpool video. And that she might have done the song 'In The Closet' if they'd went with her idea for the video. She'd be in a suit and he'd be in the wedding dress. They'd be getting married in it....sound familiar ?
  6. Don't Tell Me, there's a line from it sung on Madam X. There's a song by David Bowie, Come And Buy My Toys. From his Music Theatre days b4 Space Oddity and you'd think it was the same guitarist. I snuck a listen to Madam X and I think many a reviewer also did. ie bits of the songs and not all at once. It does work better as a whole piece. So much so that Medellin, sounded like 'a different mix'. I have it from a laptop to a hi-fi amp and speakers. I pottered around. There's way more than that one nod to her past on it. Some of the s l o w e r tracks stood out most. I did go "OW !" to a few lyric choices but I guess that's the point ? Overall, more listenable than Evita or the last two. I think there's another 'Rain' on it too. We will have to wait and see if it gets a single release. One of them slow ones. I haven't a clue it's 'name' right this second. Music ''Journalists'' do love some drama. Grace Jones will have a chuckle or two.
  7. Don't Tell Me To Stop's intro is very similar in style to one by David Bowie. To me.... Is there any word on what Crave is 'officially' about ?
  8. Anyone spot the Don't Tell Me 'moment' on Madam X ? Yes, I've j u s t listened to the whole thing and never hit 'next' once. It's better than Massive Attack's album with Sinead O'Connor......
  9. professormouse

    The Maestro himself...
  10. These rankings do say a lot. ROL is 'a very cohesive' collection if I'd my critics hat on but so is her very first album too. All them serious writers had to allow her one Album. Especially since the public were going ape over it. A lot who weren't fans b4 took notice. They are all waiting for Pt 2 still ? Who said 'just' ? Holiday was built to work as a 12'' 'Anthem' as they call them these days. '89 ? Are you our first callers older brother ? I've thought her albums worked as a whole package from the very first one. Have you ever seen the Double 12'' 'albums' that some Prelude Records releases got ? Usually for albums with only 4 tracks on them [!] but 'Madonna' should have been all 12'' too. Like A Virgin was the likeable slut years but I wasn't that mad on that tune or Material Girl. Loved every other track though. FF to Madam X and it's a totally different landscape. There's not exactly singles and more like a slow puncture. I didn't get all these 11 outta 10's for it after one day. It's Evita again. I wonder what she will do next ?
  11. Madonna's always been a singles artist. OK, A 12'' Singles artist. Why do you think Music is 'boring' ? No wonder Madge is off wandering around Portugal if Impressive Instant was the hit it should have been. "Singy-Wingy" is genius !
  12. I've yet to find out 'how' you go about this in the first place ? Most hits ?? Isn't every album her the time ? Otherwise it'd be on a shelf Somewhere ??
  13. professormouse

    How ? When did listening to an album be considered A Talent ?? Did she create anything apart from a response on Youtube ??? No, she sat 'n' listened to a record..................
  14. Have you not had read the suggestions online about how your not listening to it properly ? I have. Facebook is awash with people saying 'I don't get it' and they are being told their stupid. That is 'if' they can stop pressing rpt on all the various streaming services long enough to type stuff like that. Gun Control is a gr8 idea but I cany 'ear a word your saying missus.....
  15. How do you 'rank' an album or single ?
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    That's 5 minutes I'll never get back. Why does she have a tree growing out of her head ?
  17. Radio 2's 'demographic' has always been a little older than Radio 1. In the '80's on the Old Grey Whistle Test [!] one of their DJ's said on TV that, "Records by The Communards & Cameo 'may' sound great in a club but they aren't the sort of thing for Top 40 Radio....". Then they seemed to have a rethink and embraced club culture with both hands. Tim Westwood became their voice of hip-hop and....well, he once turned up to a club gig and hadn't a clue how to mix a tune or anything 'apparently'. They are now playing 'cool' music of all sorts they think. Iggy Pop has job on Radio 6 ! U can't talk about any of Madonna's previous coming out today as if it hadn't back then you wouldn't be talking about her now.
  18. professormouse

    "Can I borrow your brain ?" Do you mean like that Other Guy in the National Treasure movies ?
  19. Madonna has always made "America-oriented music". Her newest album isn't. That's why 'Critics' don't know what to make of it and waffle on about anything except whether they 'like' it or not !
  20. What utter nonsense ! Have you ever heard of Ska or Two-Tone ? Reggae has ALWAYS been HUGE in the UK. It's NOT a Rock Only place. I saw Jellybean and Candi Staton on the same night here in Glasgow. DAnce Music esp, sleazy/rare Disco has never been bigger......need I go on ?
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    I looked online for 'how to package a record for posting' online. On a very popular video....they guy 'explains' that if you take the record OUT of it's cover it won't rattle about and split the edge seams. Ahhh ! There's was no way to say to him in his 'instructional video'....that the inner sleeve was printed too. That will split just looking at it but he never removed the record from that part. I bought one of Jellybeans's albums Wotupski from Japan, the record has an extra track. All the parts were on top of each other with the four smallest/neatest cut stripes of bubble-wrap at 12, 3, 6 & 9 o'clock. But it arrived 'mint/mint' The mailer used here on this sealed record is substandard. Some of the ones Amazon use are HUGE...but the record inside isn't bent over, just the packaging occasionally. Paypal has a 'how to complain' guide on it. Benjamin Godfre ? Meh ! U seen one set of abs........
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    No it doesn't. I have had money refunded for a record with a damaged cover and I hadn't opened it. The cover was bashed like this. 'As Described' is another term to remember. This wasn't. You can set up a dispute with a transaction on Paypal, I've done it. There is a time limit but all the datails are on their site. You can also complain via your bank.
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    I HOPE your reading their page from cover-to-cover ! Paypal will be linked to your bank account ? Your Bank and or Paypal you CAN complain too. They 'ask' the Seller for a reasonable explanation. It's all long 'n' drawn out if you can but there is a chance.