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  1. Hi I just wanna try out this link with this and ask if it was ever lossless ? 1 file, 9.1 MBThe transfer expires in 6 days at 04h56 (GMT)
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    Holiday TV Track - off a hard-drive via a laptop and 'through a hifi' of a sort...
  3. professormouse

    U can't compare the two. One was made for vinyl...and 'tape' & the other get it ? That terrible Artist 'featuring' only appears on her latter stuff too...
  4. professormouse

    I'm not trying to change your mind ! I think the 'song' is all wrong for several reasons but you love it. Carry on enjoying it...
  5. professormouse

    ps A LOT of 'Artists' do A Record where they basically 'just say' their Name....along with I'm Fabulous = just buy it !... the basic message. Like this one.....
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    U either will get 'it' or not.... “My Name is Mok,” a spoof of superstar rock egos." His full name in the film [the 'character' !] is Mok Swagger !
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    So many mixes, So little time. Ta ! The 'Warren Rigg' one I have is all kinda balanced on the left whereas this is clearer and both channels. Edit = The saga continues...
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    "B.I.M" And 14 more times of the same 'song'. And, It's been done b4 !
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    This is what Judas Priest got up to with S/A/W, there's no full version as.f.a.I.k !
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    I kinda like this.
  11. professormouse

    "...and I hear they've been given U money too ?"
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    "A pint of green Guinness please...."
  13. professormouse

    Think it's Teresa Weiter [?] but either way this is the pre-Grace version....
  14. professormouse

    Never think something wrong tour end ? People are talking about a version of an album that's musically 'different' somehow but has people talking over it. Try a babel fish next time.
  15. Take more Bitch Pills if your flagging.
  16. Is it ? The KTU 'listening party' version of the album is different ? There has to be a music only version too then. So they could add all the voices ?? How I wish there was a 'delete' on here.
  17. Madge never mentioned what year she sung on one of Jackson's tracks. She just said she did but it went unused. I'm still trying to find MJ & Freddie Mercury in 'lossless'...
  18. professormouse

    Eurovision has always been a farce that pretends it's about European 'solidarity' [or Something] but the moment the Juries hand over their countries votes..... Their neighbours 'miraculously' ALWAYS get 12 points. And the small fact that UK License Payers actually fund the thing kinda 'annoys' some too. The reason Pop Stars avoid it like the plague historically is 'coz they don't wanna get 'nil points' ! Sandie Shaw & Lulu [the Scottish one !] both 'sorta' Won [split 'firsts'] and everyone predicted Cliff Richard 'was' gonna win...but came 2nd last. Israel hasn't always been included and countries like Spain & Germany haven't entered at all some years. Why Australia is part of Europe for this no-one seems to know....... Further Reading for my US 'chums'...
  19. I 'never' said any year. "It's not as if he really needs 'my help' as he has done 'quite well' up to now.....", Madge 'with a giggle'. I've no idea when, I just remember Madonna on TV saying that she tried to talk 'normal' to Jackson....and couldn't get through to him. I've never really liked Michael Jackson THAT much but I took her to mean I'm still normal. The snogging comment might have been the Carpool Karaoke but both are within last couple of years.
  20. I saw Madonna on TV say that she HAS recorded In The Closet vocals for that song. And 'joked' about how all the 'promo' kept implying it was her singing. And that after their 'tiff' she knew they'd use Someone Else. "It was called 'In The Closet' and this is about A Husband & Wife....O...K !", but MJ told her point blank that he was never going to wear a wedding dress. Geddit ? A double-double image wise and Madge to be in The Suit... She's also been saying she'd tongued him too.
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    THIS...'news just in' ????
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    No 'apparently' since it never happened ? ps Are those purple things, 'sponge rollers' or some type of flower ?
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    WHAT ? All this 'effing bilge over a bit of Stratospheric Wish Fulfilment ??? WHY... 'am I Not Surprised ???