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  1. This account is truly disturbing. https://www.instagram.com/mymadonnaluvin/
  2. Future Lover

    Justify My Love (Orbit) Rescue Me (Titanic) Erotica (Orbit) Deeper and Deeper (Classic 12'') Secret (Some Bizarre Mix) Human Nature (Howie Mix) Bedtime Story (Orbital) Frozen (Stereo MC's) Ray of Light (Orbit/Sasha) Sky Fits Heaven (Sasha) Power of Goodbye (Dallas) Nothing Really Matters (Kruder & Dorfmeister) Music (Groove Armada) What It Feels Like for a Girl (Above & Beyond) Die Another Day (Deepsky/Dirty Vegas) American Life (Oakenfold/Headcleanr) Hollywood (Jacques lu Cont/Micronauts/Oakenfold) Nothing Fails (Nevins) Nobody Knows Me (Above & Beyond/Mount Sims) Hung Up (SDP) Sorry (PSB/Man with Guitar/Oakenfold) I Love New York / Let It Will Be (Stuart Price) Jump (Jacques lu Cont/Axwell/Sanchez) Give It 2 Me (so many good mixes) Miles Away (Jacques lu Cont) Celebration (Benny Benassi) from the top of my head. All excellent.
  3. Future Lover

    Video Versions aren't "official versions" in my book, unless they've been committed to a music format as well. They also sound differently because of video format limitations, I believe the quality is lesser, in a way.
  4. Future Lover

    Sorry, I have to disagree with both of these. I want a lot of digital junk. Not a set of horrible Bitch I'm Madonna remixes, mind you, but it's a sort of archival for posterity. Every other format other than digital is imperfect, rigid and destructible. You can create a million records, and each of them will scratch and degrade in unique ways. Would you store Mona Lisa as a photocopy? You can create a million digital copies, and they'll all be identical within a certain, extremely high threshold. The third sentence about RSD shoppers is anecdotal evidence, which is fine, and I'm glad people still care, no matter the generation. It's just not Madonna they care about.
  5. Future Lover

    One of Madonna's best albums and eras, the beginning of her Imperial era inbetween the 80s and the 90s. The next in line to get a remaster at this point. Will the stars align for us this time, and is there a possibility we'll get something more than an Instagram post? Fingers crossed, but until the time arrives, let's post our appreciation for this great album! I might cook up a deluxe tracklist later, for an ultimate edition of sorts. I used to hate doing that, but 30 years later, this album deserves it!
  6. Future Lover

    500 posts, and I've only understood like 10 of them. Thank you for the final list of versions, @Bitch I'm Madonna! Good going, stranger.
  7. Future Lover

    Nicki turned out to be quite an asshole in retrospect, so I'm kinda glad she's out of the picture. Being beyond petty about Cardi B's success, and also repeatedly supporting and working with a convicted sex offender... I don't want Madonna and her in the same studio ever again.
  8. Future Lover

    God, I despise Pharrell nowadays. He was great on "Hard Candy", actually, but his stuff on "Sweetener" is very tuneless and on the wrong side of creative madness.
  9. Future Lover

    I think I've explained my stance in detail, and I'll reserve the right to politely criticize some choices as long as I want to. Getting something, anything on Spotify would mean the 30+ year old tapes aren't lost forever and that there's still a miniscule chance that someone cares about the definitive period of Madonna's career. People will be standing in line for RSD, but trust me, not for Madonna, but for Bowie and his exclusives. Thanks for reading!
  10. Future Lover

    Yeah, I apologize, that sentence was born out of frustration. RSD is a global day when vinyl releases get the most attention, and a perfect chance to reach a global audience. David Bowie's team mostly releases new and exclusive things for RSD. Imagine getting Blond Ambition on vinyl or something like that? They provide the equivalent with all sorts of live albums, promo acetates etc. Why bother? To explain in short, I just see wasted potential when we get something we already have, and in a format that's imperfect by design. If they bothered releasing those tracks digitally as well (which some other artists, like Grace Jones, do simultaneously), I'd be perfectly happy. "Gambler" is still not on a single streaming platform. So, a label dedicates time, people and resources, probably even remasters the tracks and artwork... for something that's stuck on wax. I know some people will be happy with this, but those people probably already have everything by now. The only way this could turn out worse is if they remastered "Like a Prayer" for vinyl, but not for a CD/digital release. I'd laugh my ass off. The 30th anniversary is awfully close, though.
  11. Future Lover

    I'm very happy with the news of possible switch ups in her creative team. It's like she's reading my posts. So long, Kevin Antunes! You won't be missed!
  12. Future Lover

    Saying one of Warner's top selling artists isn't (or wasn't) a cash cow is shortsighted. And her disinterest for her back catalogue isn't anything to be proud of either. I mean, I already have both of these EPs on CD and I love them. Overpriced colored vinyl (I expect they'll be in the ballpark of 25€) is not what anyone wants from her (or her label) at this point. I doubt anyone else other than rich and/or old gays will care for this. Now, a complete singles collection would be a reason to celebrate. Reconnect her to the general public, etc. I'm actually surprised Warner isn't cooking that up to coincide with the new album. Back when MDNA was about to come out, we got the 11-album box set. Also, calling people trolls and not offering any rebuttal of what was said is needless, really.
  13. Future Lover

    Kraftwerk are very far removed from Disco, in my humble opinion. I am a huge fan of theirs, but "disco" would never be a good description of their music. The softest I'd go would be "electro pop". Their music is closer to Classical music than pop at many points. They are also the progenitors of popular electronic music and their music influenced Techno, Hip-Hop and Pop of the past 40 years. Although I would like Madonna to do something classy and sophisticated like their music, I don't think that's gonna happen.
  14. Future Lover

    Imagine having thousands of different reissue options and releasing things that you can get on discogs for similar prices. Imagine your cash cow artist not caring for her legacy enough to create proper deluxe editions. Imagine silencing people's opinions if they're negative.
  15. Future Lover

    Perfect opinion is perfect. Also, I will not take any "Get Together" slander anywhere, when it's clearly one of the best tracks she's ever recorded. Whoever disagrees, get taste please.