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  1. Future Lover

    Yep, streaming only. I did check "Spanish Eyes", and it's a different, quieter rip. Very strange.
  2. Future Lover

    Seriously? Well, I guess I'll have to it file-by-file, but the two I checked were unchanged. For your information, there's a way to download lossless files from Deezer, that's where I got them, and I presume they're identical everywhere.
  3. Future Lover

    Da Funk mashed with Like a Prayer? A bit dated, but I'll take it. Or maybe a completely new song?
  4. Future Lover

    Well, you guys are aware that your reaction is exactly the one I described in my post? 😂 I do wonder... if there was no remastering and they just plonked the old timey files... why not all the had? Is that a valid concern in the eyes of you, brave true fans?
  5. Future Lover

    See the post above! Can't say anything about the rest, but that one file should be a hint. ~edit: Just checked the Like a Prayer mix, same thing. With a small click present as well as a difference (might be my file though)
  6. Future Lover

    Well, I just checked against the single version of "Oh Father" we've had for ages, and which I shared in the "Single Edits" thread. And you know what? They're identical. I think this is fanmade.
  7. Future Lover

    Can't wait for the apologists to go "Oh, well she acknowledges it! We got something! Be grateful bitches. Peace" Well, after I check a bit of speks, I'll be grateful. If they used 80s audio...
  8. Future Lover

    I'm chanting whenever I open this thread... "please be good, please be good"
  9. Future Lover

    Yeah, I wouldn't exclude the occasional success after 2007, but that's sort of my last cut-off point for Madge in terms of general, top-of-the-world type of success. She'll always be a successful album and tour artist, but in terms of the general public and a part of her fanbase, that's where it started slipping. For example, I'm still a pretty devout fan and I frequent this forum frequently, and yet, I wouldn't say I wholeheartedly love her work since then, it was always a mixed bag (JUST MY OPINION). Once again, I'll reiterate that "Rebel Heart" had a lot of, well, heart in it, but it wasn't commercially successful.
  10. Future Lover

    Can we not speak about MJ at all? The only topic we need about him is the one about the documentary. I will say one thing, both men started their careers earlier than Madonna did, and they had about 20ish pretty good years, same as Madge, if we're being completely honest about them all. Seems to be a pattern.
  11. Future Lover

    Ugh, "Celebration" makes my blood boil. Someone asked about how many CDs would all of her singles use up... Well I made a topic for that specific thing (with download links!), and it turns out that we need five discs for all of her singles, including the "Evita" stuff and the occasional regional single such as "Spotlight". Compilations aren't just for non-fans, we fans enjoy them too, and that's precisely why the fuck-up hurt so much. A casual might not notice the errors and glitches, but someone who's waiting for the original single version of "Like a Prayer" to finally take its rightful place instead of the Immaculate version will be waiting for a long long time.
  12. Future Lover

    I think she was beyond beautiful and reached hear peak in the Erotica-Bedtime Stories-Something to Remember era. So what if "she looked like a middle-aged woman"? Not in my opinion. As for Evita, yeah, she was definitely too old to play a 16-year-old (which was also a part of the movie!). Yeah, she aged. Big deal, it was all normal. If we really have to discuss her looks... She kinda started looking "manly" after the "Ray of Light" era (many pictures from 2001-2002 illustrate what I mean), which she started fixin' up with plastic surgery. Then she lost a lot of body fat after "Confessions", and we got the skeletal "Sticky & Sweet" look. She "fixed" that as well with new cheeks a year later, and now I think she looks amazing for her age. Aging, cosmetic procedures, whatever. I'll always love her. This is a controversial discussion and I feel like my remarks might be sexist as well. I apologize, English is my second language and sometimes I feel like I can't express myself properly.
  13. Future Lover

    Funny to think how we're only 3 years away from the 40th anniversary of "Everybody". Surely we're long overdue an extensive reissue campaign? Sad we had another one pass us by, and this was a great one. Honestly, I wouldn't even care about them releasing it for an anniversary, just release it whenever.
  14. Rick Nowels wrote four songs (and that's by generously including "Drowned World" which he demoed), let's not get ahead of ourselves. Yes, you might get a vague "Lana" vibe out of these demos, but I highly doubt Mr Nowels even came close to this album after the initial sessions. It's just fan fiction of putting Madonna and Lana in the same constellation somehow. This is coming from someone who's sort of an ex-fan of Lana, so sorry if it's a bit jaded. I do admit those three songs are very strong, and "The Power of Good-Bye" is one of my favorite ever tracks. So yeah, I would love him to write something with Madonna again, but I wish she'd stay away from Lana's one-trick pony aesthetic and sound as much as possible.
  15. Future Lover

    Well, the thing is... I don't think anyone wants their email, or any trackable data, associated with a large amount of illegal files, unless we agree on how it should be done. I can create a fake email, but I'm not sure what stuff Mega needs in order to let us get accounts. If we can reach some sort of anonymity, I'd be up for it.