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  1. Just heard an extended mix on 90s on 9. Bet it's in this group. Thanks!
  2. Hmmm. What's this 2013 box set release?Never heard of it. Thanks fo sharing the Cyn rips!
  3. Still loving this thread. Help with a mystery? There's a song that was out between 97-99. Female vocalist. Voice was kinda in the vein of the 6th Underground singer. Anyway, there was a line that was repeated several times at the end that sounded like "potato spud, potato spud, potato spud." It always made us laugh when we were a bit tipsy. I've searched various compilations and charts from that era but have never found it. Seems like some experts in the era are here. Any ideas?
  4. Alrighty. Now I have to see if any of you have "I want you" by Juliet Roberts. Great one for the gym! Only had a YouTube rip for that one too.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for this! I've only had a rip from the YouTube vid.
  6. Dreamer! Yippie! Thanks! More more more! Juliette Roberts "Caught in the Middle" by any chance?