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  1. Zaktkoons

    I really really love the 80s-90s really atmospheric ballads like The Look of Love, Oh Father, Spanish Eyes, Sanctuary/Bedtime Story(ik not really ballads but very atmospheric). I really wish she wouldn't ignore those songs, because imo they could be some of her most magical and theatrical performances without her having to wear out her body too much. I have a feeling that when she gets older and can't do all the crazy choreography for her shows she may focus on other visual aspects going on around her while she sings slower songs. I'd love a tour like that. Like maybe something like this: Can you imagine something like this for Bedtime Story? The visuals would be so stunning.
  2. Zaktkoons

    Bye bye
  3. Zaktkoons

    Can this happen? And the Look of Love?? Please Mambo please!?!?!
  4. Zaktkoons

    That'd be cool but I'd love to hear Stay or Angel personally any of her older less famous songs would be awesome though
  5. Zaktkoons

    #1 choice for me would be Gaga as well.
  6. Zaktkoons

    Can you imagine the epicness of this collab? I personally would love for her to collaborate with someone in the rock/metal world. And Manson has faced a lot of similar media criticism as Madge has. It would be perfect.
  7. Zaktkoons

    Hello! I've been thinking about all of M's collaborations... Some glorious while some not so great. But I would like to know.... Who would you like to see Madonna collaborate with that she hasn't already? What is your dream feature to see?
  8. Zaktkoons

    That is actually a good point. Madonna likes to do things most pop girls don't do, so why not put out a mixtape this late in her career? Also, would make sense with the surprise release album rumors going on if she dropped her mixtape out of nowhere and then her album later on. It would also keep her fans patient. I'd be totally down for this tbh
  9. Zaktkoons

    I think both Madonna and Cher look fantastic
  10. Zaktkoons

    I keep seeing this date but why would she surprise drop the album on Thursday?
  11. Zaktkoons

    I'd buy it!
  12. Zaktkoons

    I love this woman omg.
  13. Zaktkoons

    Oh and for the record, I haven't even reported you once just thought I'd call you out on your bullshit bullying.
  14. Zaktkoons

    So calling Beyoncé a moron I'm guessing doesn't count because celebrities deserve to be bullied?
  15. Zaktkoons

    Not Madonna but calling people nothing,moron,etc is definitely bullying. And as for the butt, it's one thing to express your opinion but to keep bringing it up and pushing it is when it becomes bodyshaming. It's all superficial. But again I don't see the point in arguing with a bully