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  1. Zaktkoons

    She looks so stunning
  2. Zaktkoons

    I am so stoked for this era. We actually seem to be getting somewhere and possibly new music soon?
  3. Zaktkoons

    Omg... Please let this get to her and her team so they keep him away. How scary
  4. Zaktkoons

    Latin infused Confessions? Sounds fabulous
  5. Zaktkoons

    Idk gays seem to like Maluma... Just not his music
  6. Zaktkoons

    I like the mixed version if I play the full album but the unmixed version for individual songs. Especially Get Together
  7. Zaktkoons

    Oops I could be wrong lol maybe I should look it up and fix it
  8. Do you play the unmixed version or the non-stop mix more? Personally I didn't know there were 2 for the longest time and only listened to the non stop version so I'm more used to that one.
  9. Zaktkoons

    Good god I thought the thread for the new album got deleted. Whooo thank god. On a side note I really love the new look. It's elegant and gorgeous. Hope the new album will look similar
  10. Zaktkoons

    Could it be with our Queen? Did he say what song it would be for?
  11. Zaktkoons

    Personally I would love to have something similar to Across the Sky on the new record. That song gives me chills every time
  12. Zaktkoons

    This is actually pretty
  13. So so so happy about the Gaga and Madonna pic. It's time to move on guys, these are two lovely, talented and amazing women. Look at that glow of both of them. This picture is so powerful.
  14. Does anyone know if Gaga actually went? I would love to get a pic of them together.