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  1. G Libre

    That this link I wanted !
  2. G Libre

  3. G Libre

    What's that ???!!
  4. G Libre

    American Life is my favorite record from any artist and any time.
  5. G Libre

    that’s strange, this evening, almost all site about M (including thaïs forum) is not loading by m’y mac.... is that mean somerhing ?
  6. G Libre

    But there's nothing ....
  7. G Libre

    If Madonna covers Barbara, i shave m’y head, ink myself, ....
  8. G Libre

    I don't know if I will be understand here, but I try to express my opinion. Sometimes, what I would find very smart is that M become an "Vielle dame indigne (old woman with no dignity)" translate as "woo party girl." That's perhaps very European, but it's mean a lot for me. M had always be above the "do gooder" (or self-righteous) and for woman emancipation, anti-agism ... And she began in punk music (as Mirwais). I'd like her to work with Peaches, and make video like that : I don't know if I'm understandable inspite of my English..
  9. G Libre

    That's my favorite album from every time and every singer.
  10. G Libre

    OK. Thanks