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    Earlier Album
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    Wow , like it or not and fever mashed up in my head !
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    Like it or not
  4. Kalabanshe

    No , my confessional hint sucked think Kabbalah 🙃
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    Like it or not ? Cherish ?
  6. Kalabanshe

    Nope .... more confessional 😜
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    my turn
  8. Kalabanshe

    excerpt lyrics from Straight Pass (good bye to innocence )demo, keep going in my head while reading this topic so i thought i'd share, hope you see the connection ;) my life is not a game that I play to entertain you, and if you could do it better then you are welcome to my fame i'm not gonna spend my time correcting myths and rumors you believe what u wanna believe, and i'll pray to keep my sense of humor I Am the One who knows me better and I have learned that I am the one who's gonna stand up babe always and forever some people have snake at the base of their spine that will suck out your lungs and will take away your time they're called feeders, they're not believers but you must not fear it they're takers and they will try to break your spirit stop and think about it (x2) you know you better stop, stop and think about it (x4) stop think about it (x6) you know you better stop stop and think about it (x4) STOP
  9. Kalabanshe

    That wasn’t directed at you , or anyone in particular . This meltdown over M s ass today has in my opinion brought about a lot of asshole ish behaviour , not just in this forum ... even how they talk about it in news ... i was trying to be tounge in cheek but I think maybe foot in mouth could have sufficed 🧚🏼‍♂️
  10. Kalabanshe

    If we can talk about the ass ... why not the asshole ? just saying
  11. Kalabanshe

    And that’s .... how you handle it ! ❤️
  12. Kalabanshe

    Come on FANs lets “be with her now “ Each time they take a photograph I lose a part I can't get back I wanna hide, this is the part where I detach Each time they write a hateful word Dragging my soul into the dirt I wanna die I never admit it But it hurts I don't wanna talk about it right now Just hold me while I cry my eyes out I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet But I'm in the dark, yeah I can't be superhero right now Even hearts made out of steel can break down I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet I'm only human Anything they did to me, said to me Doesn't mean a thing, 'cause you're here with me now Even when the world turns its back on me There could be war but I'm not going down One little lie I can ruin my day Words are like weapons they betray When I am afraid, one word of kindness it can save me
  13. Kalabanshe

    I was 14,raised a Jehovahs Witness , and searching for a way out , I knew I was queer , had nothing in my life that inspired , supported or helped me understand my differences ... I was Alone ... untill one day , my family went to the Mall for a coffee break from preaching ... there was a news stand next to the coffee shop. And I would always look through the windows at the “Glamour” .... then one day .... I saw That Time magazine cover .... the most mesmerizing eyes I had ever seen ... Madonna my young JW mind saw TIME , the Virgin Mary’s name MADONNA , and the eyes of the whore of Babylon .... and from that moment onwards ... my path as a two spirit in search of alchemy has been lit ... LIGHT !
  14. Kalabanshe

    Ishtar’s primary legacy from the Sumerian tradition is the role of fertility figure; she evolved, however, into a more complex character, surrounded in myth by death and disaster, a goddess of contradictory connotations and forces—fire and fire-quenching, rejoicing and tears, fair play and enmity. 😜