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  1. NickiFinn

    a stupid and rude topic with stupid and rude answers
  2. NickiFinn

    a duet first single for both Madonna and Britneys new albums released as a double cd
  3. NickiFinn

    new song called apple pie. bookmark me
  4. NickiFinn

    so hows her butt look. Was it just butt pads at stone wall? I hope so I need M looking amazing this era. When is met gala
  5. NickiFinn

    Im glad Madonna was not involved she would have wanted it about her whole life and talk abotu malawi and kaballah yada yada and we have the wonderful Madonna Rising special. the girl was her twin in some parts but some angles no. She is gorg i feel like she should have lost like 10 pounds cause madonna was so super skinny and fit and her speaking voice was not Madonna at all but they did a great job at capturing her essence . close enough for me watched it twice
  6. NickiFinn

    Uhm I just downloaded this off the internet i loved it! will someone please post all the premadonna-album songs like on luv on the run the ground society boy and so on???
  7. NickiFinn

    assemby cd
  8. my mp3 of me against the music
  9. Not to be a negative nancy but i she looks plastic surgeryish. They pulled way to tight !! God what did she do she was so perfrect in the rebel heart era. Depressing.
  10. NickiFinn

    rebel heart > mdna >hard candy
  11. NickiFinn

    Her face is taped under her wig and i cant stand it. I dont like the look hoping she looks mdna era or rose mist video-like
  12. NickiFinn

    I wish she still looked like this the MDNA era was perfect
  13. NickiFinn

    now sit your ass down....bitch
  14. NickiFinn

    illegally download everything in flac. i just got into ABBA and downloaded their discograpghy . I listen to music through bluetooth in my car never radio. Im interested in vinyls tho ive seen some vinyl players that have bluetooth wondering how those work