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  1. Should be great, wish we could get some HFPA releases from them.
  2. 8-tee's

    I know she did a show in the Bahamas back in 2007 for the opening of a resort. That is all I can recall of her doing a festival type show. Which wasn't even a festival. LOL Enjoy!! Great line up at Panorama :D
  3. 8-tee's

    The email is a legitimate email from your service provider. I had been given one about 3 years ago from downloading a torrent of a Christine and The Queens performance, I ripped the audio and burned the file, then deleted it along with the torrent file. I recommend using a TOR browser when downloading. Be careful, I'd hate to see anyone here slapped with a big fine. They do catch up with you eventually.
  4. 8-tee's

    I absolutely love how you put this
  5. South America tends to be very very energetic and grateful for the shows. I have too noticed that. It makes the experience so much more exciting!!! <3
  6. 8-tee's

    But Fantasy is a track from the Daydream album.
  7. 8-tee's

    She is a wonderful singer, her 90's material was to die for. Waiting for a "We Belong Together" sequel :D
  8. 8-tee's

    I recorded the Oakland show that I attended, will upload when I get the time.
  9. My god 'X-Static Process'!!!! I can die now!! I must say if 'Love Profusion' were included this show would have been the best thing M has ever been apart of. So grateful for this!
  10. 8-tee's

    I am an Audio Archive Engineer.
  11. Truly the best collection ever!
  12. 8-tee's

    To diminish all thoughts of material being 'lost'. This is a lie. Madonna stores ALL her material at Iron Mountain and BMS. Which happily includes all Masters of her Tours.
  13. 8-tee's

    Aren't you a Staff Member? I don't know, something about your post just reeks immaturity. And not very Moderator like. IMO. Also I myself am all smiles.
  14. 8-tee's

    Timeless! This record!
  15. 8-tee's

    This is the whole problem actually. The entire reason why Multitracks are not commercially available for anything really.