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  1. Made from Stems.
  2. DL : Beyoncé - XO [Unplugged Version] [Hidden Content]
  3. 8-tee's

    These have no place leaking in the first place.
  4. Originally posted by SirTaurean over at LiteRecords. Learn to credit the original sharer, why don't you? SMH
  5. Halo [Unplugged Version] [Hidden Content]
  6. Glad to help out :D
  7. Ellie Goulding - Burn 10 WAV Files [Hidden Content]
  8. Included in the session :BassBgBlendsBgFergieDrumsGuitarsLudaAdsLudaLdPolowRhodesFX1FX2StringsSynthsYellinChoir14 WAV audio files ; 16Bit / 44.1KHz [Hidden Content]
  9. If Only [Stems]18 WAV Audio Files - 24Bit / 44.1 KHz80's Dist Drum StemAdlib StemBass StemBG Vox StemBlip Synth & Harp StemChrs Drums StemHi Freq Drums StemKicks StemLead Vocal StemPads StemPiano StemFX StemSnare & Clap StemToms StemTimpani StemV2 Perc & Rimshot StemVocal FX StemVerse Staccato Synth Stem [Hidden Content]
  10. Should be great, wish we could get some HFPA releases from them.
  11. 8-tee's

    I know she did a show in the Bahamas back in 2007 for the opening of a resort. That is all I can recall of her doing a festival type show. Which wasn't even a festival. LOL Enjoy!! Great line up at Panorama :D