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  1. I believe that one track has been uploaded by someone on Vimeo. You should be able to find it easily if you google it.
  2. mr.sterns

    Ah, I see. Well, that's nice of her. Regardless of what anyone says about the work, this guy has clearly hit the jackpot!
  3. Nothing equals nothing...

  4. mr.sterns

    I'm a bit clued out here... so Aldo Diaz is simply a fan? I'm not particularly bothered about the artwork for the DVD, tbh, I'm just curious as to how he ended up designing covers for M (I didn't realise he did the Bitch I'm Madonna single as well). Did he win a competition or something?
  5. mr.sterns

    I must admit, that cover/poster/whatever image made me laugh out loud - to think it's official is pretty amusing - but I am still seriously excited about finally having this show on Blu-ray. Who exactly is this Aldo Diaz guy anyway, why is he designing covers for M?
  7. mr.sterns

    Haha, Britain gets creative with its casting ideas for Blond Ambition...
  8. mr.sterns

    BBC News - We fact-checked the Madonna film script
  9. mr.sterns

    Haha, yeah, there's a few fuck's in the script for sure!
  10. mr.sterns

    Just finished reading the script, it's pretty terrible. I doubt the writer has ever been to NYC... at one point she has M walking around the East Village past Studio 54! Haha. She's also taken major liberties throughout, and there's inaccuracies aplenty. There is the occasional amusing line here and there but, overall, the piece is little more than a revamp of the Innocence Lost TV movie. It seems highly likely that M will stop them from using her music if it does go into production.
  11. mr.sterns

    Unfortunately, the dramatisation of the final scene in the script, made by LA Film School students, that this article mentions is set to private on YouTube...
  12. mr.sterns

    Woah, M is clearly unimpressed! Amazing response. It'll be interesting to see if she withholds use of her music, like Bowie did with Velvet Goldmine. I'm about 30 pages into the script and it's proving to be little more than a mildly amusing upgrade of the TV biopic, Madonna: Innocence Lost. The author takes a number of liberties, although there's a bit where M hears Bowie's Let's Dance album for the first time at a party and that gives her the idea of getting Nile Rogers to produce her. That made me smile.