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  1. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Nope. I think that's all that has leaked
  2. Bitch I’m Madonna

    I mean...I can see why people may dislike SEX and Holy Water (although I love them) but those 4??? You must be joking.
  3. Bitch I’m Madonna depends. The versions of following tracks are shorter on the Demo Assembly: No Substitute for Love To Have and Not to Hold Little Star The Power of Goodbye I'd add the longer versions of the tracks above to the second disc but that's up to you.
  4. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Auto-Tune Baby B-Day Song Superstar I Don't Give A I Fucked Up Incredible X-Static Process Nobody's Perfect Don't Stop Erotica Can't Stop Jimmy Jimmy Pretender Shoo-Bee-Doo I Know It
  5. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Yes, but not as tour opener. I hate it when tours are being opened by songs that are not from the supporting album. Anyway, Rescue Me really should have been performed at The Girlie Show. That tour's setlist was too short and very boring honestly. It could have worked very well in the sailor section instead of I'm Going Bananas.
  6. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Because a) Why would she release a second single from the same album with him? Doesn't make sense aside from the fact that song is dull and boring. b) How do you go from Al Jazeera to Pink Floyd? Dude, most of your posts make absolutely no sense. 😂😂😂😂 Do you use Google Translate or something? That is YOUR personal distate for that show. Still, it doesn't change the fact thst it is a huge promo slot and a hell lot of people watch it and check for it WW.
  7. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Bla bla bla We literally don't know what type of music she has recorded. It's all been under lock. PREMIERING a single at a huge event like Eurovision will most definitely boost her sales EITHER WAY. I mean...Give Me All Your Luvin' was an atrocious piece of crap (she can't go worse than that) and it still went to #10 because of the SuperBowl alone.
  8. Bitch I’m Madonna

    The opposite effect? Lower her sales? Ahahaha how??? So people are not gonna buy her stuff because she performed on Eurovision? Bullshit. It's literally among the world's biggest TV audience you can get for a performance and it gave Justin Timberlake A MASSIVE hit.
  9. Bitch I’m Madonna

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the question asked.
  10. Bitch I’m Madonna

    OMG what is this about? :D Did they have an affair?
  11. Bitch I’m Madonna

    @FighterI actually have a lossless update of my entire singles masterposts (from The First Album - Rebel Heart) complete and I'm currently editing all the tags of the files to make is as detailed and sorted as possible. I've had this idea of having a lossless library of her entire discography stored on a MEGA account hosted by the forum. It would make things much more orderly. It would be along the lines of what me and @Future Lover have been doing with our masterposts. If you're interested, I think me and him would be interested in working on that.
  12. Bitch I’m Madonna

    That sounds like a good idea!
  13. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Thanks so much for changing it. It's annoying to see old threads getting bumped due to the "thank you" comments. They should only be bumped when the link is gone and someone is requesting a re-up.
  14. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Don't Stop's lyrics are what ruin the song for me. As I said, the production on this album is INCREDIBLE and nearly flawless. It sounds so lavishly produced but overall, it doesn't come off as being particularly inspired. This song is the epitome of it. Her label probably told her that there weren't enough uptempo songs on the album and she went into the studio and recorded this stupid-ass song to fuck with them and be like "there you have your uptempo song. EAT IT."
  15. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Her best by a landslide! THIS is an artistic triumph not that other 90s record which caused her to fall into a deep depression. It's so hard to rank this album. I think they're all 10/10 or at least 8/10 Nothing Really Matters Frozen The Power of Good-Bye Drowned World/Substitute for Love Sky Fits Heaven Has to Be Mer Girl Swim Skin Ray of Light Shanti/Ashtangi To Have and Not to Hold Candy Perfume Girl Little Star
  16. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Not one of her most memorable albums. The production is quite lavishly done and the lyrics are excellent (except for Don't Stop's lyrics). Overall it seems more like a gap-filler. From favourite to least favourite: Human Nature Sanctuary Take a Bow Forbidden Love Secret Bedtime Story I'd Rather Be Your Lover Love Tried to Welcome Me Survival Inside of Me Don't Stop Don't Stop is probably her most lazily written song. It's the very definition of bland.
  17. Bitch I’m Madonna

    I know I'm in the minority here but this album is truly among her very worst and blatantly overrated by her fans. It has aged like milk and sounds incredibly dated now. Aside from that, I hate the fact that she didn't bother to sing on a good third of the album. Ranked from favourite to least favourite: Bad Girl Fever Words Secret Garden Rain Thief of Hearts Deeper and Deeper Erotica Waiting Where Life Begins Why's It So Hard Bye Bye Baby In This Life
  18. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Ranked from favourite to least favourite: Isaac Forbidden Love Sorry Get Together Like It or Not Jump I Love New York Push Let It Will Be (The Paper Faces Remix is MUCH BETTER!) Hung Up Fighting Spirit Future Lovers How High
  19. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Ranked from favourite to least favourite: Burning Up Physical Attraction Everybody Lucky Star Think of Me Holiday I Know It Borderline (I FUCKING HATE IT)
  20. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Anyway...ranked from best to worst: Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Beat Goes On She's Not Me Heartbeat 4 Minutes Miles Away Ring My Bell Spanish Lesson Give It 2 Me Candy Shop Voices Incredible Dance 2night
  21. Bitch I’m Madonna

    um... Because we were talking about Madonna Ciccone and not some random woman lol.
  22. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Oh dear... Lol no. Little monsters literally take the fucking cake. They go against everything their "mother" preaches.
  23. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Of course it's the Gaga fans... They are despicable in every country.
  24. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Literally what Gaga did on Venus and the result is...well. This. It would sound far more amateurish if it was her. She doesn't even know how to photoshop her instagram pictures or how to take good selfies. I don't expect her to be able to produce a song like Hold Tight alone.
  25. Bitch I’m Madonna

    It's definitely Ryan Tedder's song. He probably didn't want to be associated with it, because it sounds very similar to another track he produced for Gwen Stefani a year before. He already had some controversy regarding a similar situation where he produced a song for Kelly Clarkson (Already Gone) and gave Beyoncé (Halo) an almost identical song, resulting in Kelly's song being labeled a "rip-off". Another possibility is, that so many people were involved in the making of that track (there is a ton of different incarnations that we've heard) that it's hard to say who was ACTUALLY responsible for the majority of the song's production.