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    So, apparently there are three different edits of this song all with a different running time. They all have the intro cut at the beginning and starts immediately with the piano, however the fade appears to be different on all three versions. US 7" - 4:20 Japanese CD Single - 4:29 UK 1995 Promo Edit - 4:25 Does anyone know if they are actually different? I know the last two are but I'm not sure about the first one cause I don't have it. It could be that the 4:20 running time was a typo. It is available from digital source, though and not only on the 7" vinyl.
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    BINGO!!!! The line was "Say goodbye to anonymity".
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    HA! Almost...
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    Good guesses, but no. Hint: The image refers to a line in the song but it's not too literal. It's the first line of the song's chorus, actually.
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    No to all. I have to admit it's kind of hard, though... It's a released song but a non-album track.
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    Next one:
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    Cherish & Fever!
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    Burning Up (honorable mentions go out to Gambler & Over and Over) Justify My Love Die Another Day Gang Bang from every decade
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    This. I generally don't count them. The only one I do count is the Human Nature (Video Version) and the Express Yourself (Video Remix).
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    The video version is the same as Borderline [Edit].
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    ... What?
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    It only sounds different because vinyl doesn't offer the same sound quality as CDs or other digital sources. They are the same mix but on different audio formats. People were asking whether there are any GLARING differences between these versions. Audio from vinyl always sounds a little more muffled than audio from CDs. Overall, there are still these main versions of Borderline ONLY: LP Version (5:19) - Madonna/The First Album U.S. Remix (6:56) - 12" Singles, Like a Virgin & Other Big Hits Edit (3:58) - 7" Singles, Australian Triple Mix (as "Radio Version"), Japanese Singles Collection Edit (aka. Remix) (3:56) - It's That Girl (an edit of the U.S. Remix which was played on US radio stations) Dub Remix (aka. Instrumental) (5:44) - European 12" Singles, Australian Triple Mix Q-Sound Mix (4:00) - The Immaculate Collection Alt. Q-Sound Mix (4:00) - Celebration
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    Y'all better fucking stop it with the Living for Love hate. Most of y'all are just pressed it wasn't some generic Avicii garbage like his Rebel Heart demo. Living for Love was a great lead single but a rushed one and the video was absolutely boring. A warrior queen/Jeanne D'arc video would have been more fitting and amazing. The song that was truly a career killer was GMAYL. She had the UK kissing her feet until she released that garbage. The lead single clearly should have been Girl Gone Wild as bland as it was the catchiest tune on the album and a Superbowl performance would have been totally EPIC I mean imagine this setlist: Vogue Music Open Your Heart / Express Yourself Girl Gone Wild Like a Prayer FUCKING AMAZING! Anyway, Girl Gone Wild should then have been followed up by an equally strong second single: I'm Addicted. That would have been followed up a dual single Gang Bang / Beautiful Killer with a short film and then she could have closed the era with Falling Free (with the Ferry Corsten Remix being sent to radio). The MDNA era and the laziness of the Hard Candy and Confessions eras were what sort of killed her momentum after Ray of Light/Music.
  16. Santa Baby / Supernatural was planned as a single in 1988? Wow that was truly a missed opportunity! :wide-eyes: 

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    2. BringUrLUV


      Let's ask PL on IG & see if he responds 

    3. BringUrLUV


      Pat Leonard replied to me that he "thinks so" when I asked him if Supernatural was recorded during the LAP sessions.  Then he gave me an upward eye emoji which I'm not sure the meaning behind.  At least he was kind enough to respond!

    4. professormouse


      Sounds like he's saying, "Aye, that's The Official Version !"
      But only he, Madge & the Record company boss know 4 sure ??

  17. Bitch I'm Madonna

    REBEL HEART TOUR Studio versions produced by Diplo! MEDIEVAL 1. Iconic (with samples from "Veni Vidi Vici") 2. American Life 3. Like a Prayer (with samples from "House of God" & "Frozen") 4. Nothing Really Matters STEAM PUNK 5.What It Feels Like for a Girl - Interlude 6. Ghosttown 7. Body Shop 8. True Blue 9. Don't Tell Me 10. Rebel Heart SACRILEGE 11. S.E.X. 12. Holy Water / Vogue 13. Like a Virgin / Justify My Love 14. Devil Pray (with samples from "Girl Gone Wild") 15. Deeper and Deeper (with samples from "Die Another Day" & "Papa Don't Preach") 16. Living for Love 17. Take a Bow TOKYO 18. Veni Vidi Vici / Illuminati 19. Bitch, I’m Madonna 20. Music 21. Material Girl 22. Who's That Girl 23. Unapologetic Bitch Encore: 24. Everybody / 80s Medley
  18. Bitch I'm Madonna

    MDNA TOUR TRANSGRESSION 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Revolver 3. Gang Bang 4. Papa Don't Preach (revamped) / Sorry 5. I Don't Give A PROPHECY 6. Best Friend* / Heartbeat 7. I'm Addicted 8. Like a Prayer (with Kalakan) 9. I’m a Sinner / Beautiful Stranger / Cyber-raga (with Kalakan) 10. Open Your Heart / Frozen (Uptempo Mix with Kalakan) 11. Masterpiece MASCULINE/FEMININE 12. Justify My Love 13. Vogue 14. Physical Attraction 15. Deeper and Deeper 16. Beautiful Killer* 17. Love Spent* / Falling Free* REDEMPTION (Majorette) 18. Nobody Knows Me 19. Some Girls 20. Express Yourself / Born This Way 21. Give Me All Your Luvin' 22. Turn Up the Radio 23. Everybody / Holiday 24. Celebration / Give It 2 Me
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    Sticky & Sweet Tour Candy Shop Beat Goes On Everybody / Music Vogue Die Another Day - Interlude Heartbeat Into the Groove / Causing a Commotion Borderline (replaced with "Dress You Up" on the 2009 leg) Human Nature (replaced with "Express Yourself" on the 2009 leg) She's Not Me Rain - Interlude (w/o Annie Lennox but with more verses from the actual song) Devil Wouldn't Recognize You* Who's That Girl Spanish Lesson Open Your Heart Miles Away You Must Love Me (replaced with "Take a Bow" on the 2009 leg if it wasn't done on any of the previous tours Get Stupid - Interlude 4. Minutes* Like a Prayer Hung Up (not that awful rock version but a darker dance version) Impressive Instant / Burning Up Give It 2 Me*
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    CONFESSIONS TOUR Future Lovers / I Feel Love Erotica / You Thrill Me Open Your Heart Like a Virgin Jump Confessions - Interlude Live to Tell Forbidden Love Frozen Isaac Like or Not Sorry Sorry (Remix) - Interlude I Love New York Ray of Light Let It Will Be Drowned World / Substitute for Love Paradise (Not for Me) How High - Interlude Music Inferno Get Together Everybody Lucky Star Hung Up
  21. Bitch I'm Madonna

    RE-INVENTION TOUR The Beast Within (Intro) 1. American Life* 2. Swim 3. Love Profusion* 4. Burning Up 5. I‘m So Stupid* 6. Intro / Hollywood* 7. Vogue 8. Dress You Up 9. Deeper and Deeper OR Bad Girl (if it wasn't part of the Girlie Show) 10. Take a Bow (if it wasn't part of the DWT) / Lament 11. Easy Ride (Interlude) 12. Like a Prayer 13. Nothing Fails* 14. Intervention* 15. Mother and Father* 16. Papa Don’t Preach 17. Bedtime Story (Interlude) 18. Die Another Day* 19. Nobody Knows Me* 20. Nothing Really Matters 21. Susan MacLeod / Express Yourself 22. Crazy for You 23. Music 24. Holiday / Into the Groove
  22. Bitch I'm Madonna

    DROWNED WORLD TOUR 1. Drowned World / Substitute for Love 2. Ray of Light 3. Impressive Instant 4. Candy Perfume Girl 5. Beautiful Stranger 6. Paradise (Not for Me) (Interlude) 7. Frozen 8. The Power of Good-Bye 9. Nothing Really Matters 10. Skin / Bedtime Story 11. Mer Girl / Sky Fits Heaven 12. Runaway Lover (Interlude) 13. What It Feels Like for a Girl 14. Human Nature 15. Amazing 16. Don't Tell Me 17. I Deserve It (replaced by "American Pie" on some dates) 18. Secret 19. Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Interlude) 20. Take a Bow 21. You'll See 22. La Isla Bonita 23. Holiday 24. Music
  23. Bitch I'm Madonna

    GIRLIE SHOW DOMINATRIX / HINDU 1. Erotica 2. Fever 3. Vogue 4. Words SWINGER CLUB 5. Express Yourself 6. Deeper and Deeper 7. Why's It So Hard 8. Thief of Hearts 9. Bad Girl 10. The Beast Within** (Interlude) VICTORIAN / CIRCUS 11. Justify My Love 12. Like a Virgin (shorter) 13. Bye Bye Baby 14. This Used to Be My Playground or Waiting? 15. Secret Garden (Interlude) MARITIME / SAILOR 16. Rescue Me 17. Rain / Just My Imagination 18. True Blue 19. The Girl from Ipanema / Who's That Girl 20. La Isla Bonita 21. Intro / Holiday Encore: 22. Everybody Is a Star / Everybody
  24. Bitch I'm Madonna

    BLOND AMBITION TOUR 1. Express Yourself 2. Open Your Heart 3. Causing a Commotion 4. Into the Groove 5. Physical Attraction (If it wasn't part of The Virgin Tour) 6. Like a Virgin 7. Like a Prayer 8. Live to Tell / Oh Father 9. Papa Don't Preach 10. Till Death Do Us Part 11. Promise to Try* (Interlude) 12. Vogue 13. Sooner or Later 14. Hanky Panky 15. More 16. Material Girl 17. La Isla Bonita 18. Spanish Eyes* 19. Cherish* 20. Holiday Encore: 21. Keep It Together*
  25. Bitch I'm Madonna

    WHO'S THAT GIRL TOUR CABARET 1. Open Your Heart 2. Spotlight 3. Lucky Star 4. Into the Groove ACTION MOVIE (Interlude) 5. White Heat 6. Causing a Commotion 7. Papa Don't Preach 8. Live to Tell 9. The Look of Love 1950s (Interlude) 10. True Blue 11. Like a Virgin 12. Dress You Up 13. Material Girl LATIN (Interlude) 14. La Isla Bonita 15. Who's That Girl 16. Holiday 17. Where's the Party