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    I'm also looking forward to the visuals but seriously...this song song is less radio friendly and digestible than the entirety of American Life. Do people seriously believe that a song that is as gay-pandering yet in-your-face political would be a hit let alone get any airplay? A song about gun control will NEVER EVER EVER get a lot of airplay in the US and the message isn't relevant in Europe. It's just...not single-material.
  2. Bitch I’m Madonna

    No and no.
  3. Bitch I’m Madonna

    How would you rank the album? Crazy Extreme Occident Future Faz Gostoso Bitch I'm Loca Killers Who Are Partying I Rise Come Alive Looking for Mercy Crave Batuka Back That Up to the Beat Medellín God Control I Don't Search I Find Dark Ballet Ciao Bella Funana
  4. Bitch I’m Madonna

    This song is not going to be a full single, guys. The concept of "singles" isn't really working in the streaming era anymore and the song is anything but radio friendly. They would never play it. Her only chance at a radio hit would be with Faz Gostoso, Bitch I'm Loca and MAYBE Crazy.
  5. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Get ha!
  6. Bitch I’m Madonna

    It's literally the worst
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  8. Bitch I’m Madonna

    You should be a comedian.
  9. Bitch I’m Madonna

    They can't deal with differing opinions. They can't deal with the fact that some people have expectations and that some people enjoyed Rebel Heart (which they seem to hate with a burning passion).
  10. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Anyone who thinks this Garage Band mess of a song is better than RH or MDNA is ACTUALLY deaf. At least her voice was not as robotic on those albums as it is here. She didn't even sound like this on Music or American Life. This album so far is very much in line with the trash version of It's So Cool Mirwais submitted in 2009 for Celebration. BLOODY FUCKING AWFUL.
  11. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Well, you're wrong.
  12. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Every song so far sounds like it was done by someone else so far. That is the very opposite of cohesion. A cohesive album is an album that is sonically cohesive. Ray of Light, American Life, Bedtime Stories & Confessions on a Dance Floor are cohesive albums.
  13. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Okay, listen up. I don't even like her dance songs. In fact, I hated the Avicii dance demos of the Rebel Heart songs. I liked Rebel Heart cause the melodies were very strong and the production didn't sound as cheap as it does on most of the tracks we've got do far. Plus, the auto-tune wasn't as present. I like current Madonna but this album is just pure shite so far and I'm sure in a few months most of you guys will start bashing it (like you always do).
  14. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Yeah but Crave is so bland overall. Lifeless and even more boring than some of the ballads from Rebel Heart. It's an okay-ish song. I prefer I Rise but that song is kind of BLA. Overall, these songs don't have much substance. The only thing I like so far is Future but that is purely because I like Diplo
  15. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Oh sis, I will. Don't tell me to stop. I won't do it cause you said so. #ExpressYourselfDontRepressYourself
  16. Bitch I’m Madonna

    This album lost me. 5/5 tracks are bloody awful and THIS is the cherry on top. Nursery rhymes as verses, awful vocoder that sounds like failed pitch correction. The instrumental sounds like it was done in Garage Band.
  17. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Does she not remember any of the other songs from Bedtime Stories? Human Nature was by far the least successful one and the last times she performed it were downright embarrassing. This song doesn't deserve a fourth tour performance if Secret, Take a Bow, Bedtime Story, You'll See or any of the other 90s singles can barely get one tour appearance.
  18. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Medellín by far even though the song is absolutely hideous. Crave is a boring song paired with a boring video.
  19. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Took the words right out of my mouth and I'm 100% with you on all of this.
  20. Bitch I’m Madonna

    And the song is long forgotten. It was her first "new single" that year and was tied to the very successful movie "A League of Their Own". Crave is not a soundtrack song and just really basic and bland. It doesn't have much replay value.
  21. Bitch I’m Madonna

    ESC. I loved the Met Gala performance and this, to me was a bit of an upgrade. I also love the rendition of Like a Prayer the most out of any other rendition of the song. Medellín, on the other hand, is my least favourite Madonna single since One More Chance. That song didn't deserve to kick off the era let alone be performed at the BB Music Awards.
  22. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Crave shouldn't be a single at all. I think she might be going for a dual release. Crave for the US and Future for Europe. Future is currently doing better than any other single thanks to the Eurovision boost. It's also more appropriate for the season.
  23. Bitch I’m Madonna

    I know exactly which member is gonna come into this thread and have a meltdown about fans not kissing her ass. That person is most definitely better off on a delusional forum like another M forum.
  24. WHY THE HELL DO YOU CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK OMG??? Anyway, imo this shits all over MeDULLín. It's far more accessible and not some cheesy shit like the song she felt was good enough to be the first single.
  25. I thought I was on your ignore list? Why do you keep quoting me?