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  1. That's fantastic! Thanks a lot! <3
  2. This is amazing, thank you!!!
  3. Hey there Could anyone please post the Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Radio Edit of Elton John's "Made in England"? It was only released on an US promo CD and I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  4. I've just received this one and thought I'd share it: (I just with more people would contribute though...) 1. Free / Sail On (Radio Edit) 3. Free / Sail On (Primetime Remix) 4. Free / Sail On (Our Club Mix) 5. Free / Sail On (The Sweet Factory Free At Last Mix) [Hidden Content]
  5. Juliet Roberts - "I Want You". Pack includes both US and UK CD singles (9 remixes total) [Hidden Content]
  6. Here's "Straight Up", @DickTracy 1. Straight Up (Radio Edit) 2. Straight Up (Sunship Remix Vocal) 3. Straight Up (Junior's Remix) [Hidden Content]
  7. Juliet Roberts - Caught in the Middle (pack includes both US and UK CD singles) [Hidden Content]
  8. Hello everyone. Does anybody have any Chanté Moore CD singles to share (especially promos)? They are so hard to find! Thanks
  9. That's amazing! Thank you so much