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  1. Japan really do get the best EP's

  2. rescueme

    I remember staying up all night to watch this live!
  3. Having one of those 1814 days

  4. A Cappella or Acappella?


  5. rescueme

    You misunderstood me but it doesn't really matter, there's more vinyl coming which is a great thing (Pity they aren't picture discs though). Give it a couple of years and we'll be getting excited about everything getting re-released on black vinyl haha
  6. rescueme

    The UK release was blue, isn't the clear vinyl a French release? Would be nice to have all her albums on coloured vinyl finally. I'd love it if Like A Prayer got re-released with the patchouli scented sleeve like the original LP
  7. rescueme

    After what I paid for it I might have to lie down in a dark room if they re-issue that :s
  8. rescueme

    Hopefully we'll get some interesting releases for rsd2019, this year was pretty good. Either the Dress You Up EP or the Angel one would be amazing.