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  1. marionette strings are dangerous things

  2. rescueme

    Sure I've read that both Deeper and Deeper and Secret are about gender and sexual identity
  3. rescueme

    Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another
  4. rescueme

    And he has great gear for doing it all on
  5. rescueme

    I usually go for the middle ground too unless there's not much in the difference in price. Most of the copies of this promo seem to be stateside so you can automatically add another £40 on for p&p :/
  6. rescueme

    Thanks guys, it's the last of the three You Can Dance promos I need to get and wanted to know if I should go the extra mile for a sealed copy ;)
  7. rescueme

    Gone is one of those gems ;)
  8. Can people who already own this confirm whether every copy skips at the beginning of the second verse of Spotlight?
  9. rescueme

    Didn't they run a video competition for the True Blue track as well, a bit like the Celebration fan video but more elaborate. I seem to remember Madonna announcing the competition on MTV.
  10. rescueme

    I love everything about Devil Pray apart from the ''And we can do drugs and we can smoke weed'' etc bit, it's up there with I Love New York's dork and to a lesser extent the American Life rap for high school lyrics. I think there are at least 6 or 7 other tracks on Rebel Heart which would have made better singles. Across her entire discography there are very few tracks which wouldn't have made great singles and I love that some absolute gems get left as album only tracks. That's often what differentiates Madonna from everyone else, the albums are more than just a handful of singles plus twice as many generic tracks.
  11. rescueme

    Great stuff ;) 1991 Holiday was released on CD and cassette single as The Holiday Collection ;)
  12. rescueme

    I have to admit it's been a very long time since I listened to it but I'm in 80's heaven with
  13. blue birds forever

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      Not bad.
      I hope she's better than  Christine of 'and The Queens' ?

    4. rescueme


      Marina is adorable

  14. rescueme

    She's damned if she does, she's damned if she doesn't. You have to wonder how sad these people are that follow just to bitch about every little thing they do.