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  1. Régine Filange

    Imagine seeing a man that listens to Madonna. He's 100% straight, would you think that he could be gay? Yes or not? I bet you will.
  2. Régine Filange

    It's so annoying when people are saying "gay anthem" or "gay music". There's not gay music, there''s music. Madonna doesn't make "gay music". Everyone can listen to her. I've seen straight people being afraid to say that they listened to a Madonna song, cause they think that their friends will call them gay.
  3. Régine Filange

    Cause they give them extra views to chart.
  4. Régine Filange

    B-Day Song Superstar Champagne Rose Body Shop I don't have a problem to her rest songs tbh, i can listen to them without being annoyed.
  5. Régine Filange

    MDNA was released a month later. But it was pre-ordered 50.000 times after the performance on iTunes. GMAYL' reached #10 cause of this. Celebration entered Billboard 200 after 3 years too. And that happened in front of 114 million viewers that most of them weren't music fans as they're in Eurovision.
  6. Régine Filange

    post a link or the title of the playlist so i can search it pls
  7. Régine Filange

    There still many people who think that a man who takes care of his appearance could be gay.
  8. Régine Filange

    No he's not. Nowadays straights are taking care of their appearance a lot too, they copy us.
  9. Régine Filange

    Madonna and Gaga were together in the after Met Gala part in 2015 too anyway.
  10. Régine Filange

    Met Gala is coming too. She may go this year too.
  11. Régine Filange

    Her bathroom looks better than the Eurovision stage so...
  12. Régine Filange

    We filled 100 pages in 1.5 month and the album isn't even out yet.
  13. At #84. 339 weeks on chart https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-chart/
  14. Czlp3vZ.jpg

  15. Régine Filange

    He hashatagged his tattoos omg stop making up things.