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    Lady Gagas fan base literally because a majority of the Madonna fan base hate on gaga, again for no good reason. I've never really heard Madonna hate from many of the fan bases you listed above though.
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    Since I made this thread I've listened to a little more. Some new tracks I've discovered that I like are: Justify My Love, Deeper And Deeper, Rain, who's that girl, nothing really matters, frozen, trust no bitch, bye bye baby and thief of hearts. I've tried listening to her greatest hits albums as well, even though I know most of them. I also watched the confessions tour. What's another tour i should watch?? I'm thinking of watching the girlie show, but I don't know if there's a recording of that show. Do you know if there's one around? What else should I listen to?
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    Second thread today going strong.. The only unreleased songs I really know and like are Trust No Bitch, Triggering Your Senses and Animal. What are some good Madge unreleased songs?
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    Aside from singles, I'm not as fussed on her 80s stuff
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    Wow thankyou guys so much. I'm watching Confessions tour right now. It's so amazing!
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    Yeah I'm not even half you age haha so I didnt grow up with Madonna really. I mean of course I always knew hung up, vogue, like a virgin, like a prayer, express yourself, papa don't preach and all that, buttt I wanna dig deeper and hear more. I love Madonna and last year or the year before I started listening more, bit mainly listened to recent stuff and just other singles and everything so I want to listen to more.
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    Oh yeah. Ive listened to Confessions and I really wanted to love it, but I only really liked Sorry and Hung Up and the rest seemed meh. I've also watched the vogue MTV performance.
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    Which should I watch?
  9. Original Diva

    Lots of people say try ray of light, is that what I should do next?
  10. So I'm like a casual fan for Madonna. I love her music videos and most of her music (that I've listened to) but she has lots of albums and I don't know where to go. I've listened to rebel heart, mdna, hard candy and bedtime stories in full. I tried American Life but I just couldn't get into it. I also tried erotica, but aside from the title track I just found it kinda uninteresting. rebel heart was pretty good , mdna was meh, hard candy was good, bedtime stories was really good. Some of my Fav Madge songs are: Addicted (rebel heart, not I'm addicted), like a prayer, like a virgin, living for love, ring my bell, she's not me, sorry, hung up, express yourself, vogue, 4 minutes, borderline, sex, holy water. Erotica, candy shop, material girl, animal (unreleased), devil pray, give it to me, music, unapologetic bitch, American life, ray of light, survival, La isla Bonita, papa don't preach, holiday, ghost town, secret. What else should I be listening to? Give me songs, albums, unreleased.
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    It's a "who's that girl tour" tank top.
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    I don't know if it's alright for me to put this here or not, but I picked up this new Madonna tank yesterday from Cotton On Australia. Isn't it adorable? I also bought a light blue denim jacket to go with it.
  13. So glad I joined Madonna Infinity. The last Madonna forum I was on treated me badly, but everyone here seems really nice. Thanks. 

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      Welcome to a wonderful family not only a madonna forum. But a very nice place full of nice people. 

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    A lot of y'all are gonna hate and disagree with me, but I think a gaga collar could be cool.
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    As long as they aren't rappers.
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    I feel so awful. Poor Britney. Hope her dad is okay
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    I know. I thought that when I was writing it... I feel like (and maybe I'm wrong) her label makes her do music that sounds current and popular so it sells.. IDK again, maybe I'm wrong.
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    I havent been paying much attention to Madonna recently... what news do we have of the new album?! all i know is that theres going to be a release in 2019 and it might be called beautiful game. i also know shes been seen walking in and out of studios... do we know of any producers?? collabs? any leaks? any snippets?? genres??
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    they dont hate her... they dont even know her. if i mentioned madonna to anyone at school they always say "who?". I think shes irrelevant to the younger generation because most of them listen to trash and don't know real music. i really wish madge would stop trying to make her sound be "current" because it makes her look bad and old. i think madonna should do what she wants and stop trying to appeal to the younger generation. please dont hate me, this is just coming from a yonuger persons perspective
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    YASS IM SO EXCITED. Please don't disappoint me madonnaaa
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    ive spent so long about whether or not addicted would be on spotify and i never looked cause im lazy BUT ITS ON THE REBEL HEART EP. im such a flop yall probably already been knew im sorry