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  1. Sultrysully

    Sorry but not even close to true.
  2. Sultrysully

    Unfortunately, I have to agree. We are in an era where emotions and love for others is gone. Nobody is producing anything of long term value and love is dead, industry wide. Cardi B's new song Money is a perfect example. Love Songs have been replaced with reality TV themes. Can you imagine the industry outside of the new self love theology? Something has gone awry. Rebel Heart and MDNA were out of place because they were not 100% self obsessed and there were strong elements of love. Professional vloggers are the newest reality stars and I hate it. Just hate it. #justiceforlovesongs
  3. Sultrysully

    Body shaming is not being "a little bit critical". It is just being an asshole.
  4. Sultrysully

    Given her tremendous contributions to the art world, the music industry and pop culture, anybody focused on Madonna's physical attributes needs to find a stadium and have all of the effing seats as they have not understood a damn thing that she has ever been about. It is extremely ignorant and inappropriate to ignore the art and obsess about an artist's physical characteristics. This is blatant sexism and ageism. Madonna has been fucked over throughout her entire career for not having a penis and is likewise bombarded with her age. Every write-up about Madonna begins "Madonna... age...". Guess what, we all are a day older every single effing day. She is the most successful living music artist and she is treated like a piece of trash. Madonna is "Elvis". She is "The Beetles". She is "Prince"... and yes... She is "Michael Jackson. Stop treating M like she is a troll, living under a bridge. It is classless. Why would her fanbase participate in this bullshit? People need to understand that all people, even famous ones, have feelings and should be afforded dignity and respect. There is too much "middle school bully" mentality in the world. This site is a place for me to get away from that shit so please learn decency or leave. Please!
  5. Sultrysully

    I think people need to stop talking about M's body. She has certainly given us a hell of a lot more to talk about over the last 36-37 years. She is not a plaything. Her male counterparts all have aging bodies and fully look their age (and then some) but do not receive this level of scrutiny. Let's not promote sexism or ageism on here. Instead, let's enjoy the truth that M still creates so much excitement. I cannot wait for M15 (sorry but Breathless counts for me) and I will not put arbitrary expectations on a Leo who is her most creative when free.
  6. Sultrysully

  7. Sultrysully

    You seem sure. Source?
  8. Sultrysully

    Anybody under the age of thirty five does not understand who Madonna really is. #facts
  9. Sultrysully

    Wrong.... Evita was outstanding. GOLDEN GLOBE!
  10. Sultrysully

    Every once in a while, a classic artist is again embraced by the masses. Tony Bennett, Meatloaf, The Beach Boys and Cher all did it. Madonna definitely has it in her. Don't write M off.
  11. Sultrysully

    The Second Coming was a perfect GHV2 title.
  12. Sultrysully

    Hard Candy was pretty good. One of my faves and I am listening to MDNA right now. Not the abomination that so many claim that it was. I agree with you 100% Tours are pretty special. Amazing shows are superior to any level of album work. Fortunately, M is the Queen of both genres.
  13. Sultrysully

    Every Madonna album has brought something pretty amazing to my life. No complaints here. Her most polarizing albums were Erotica and American Life, and they both are pure perfection. There are a deluge of amazing songs on her last three albums and I wouldn't change a things other than leakgate. I love all fourteen albums (shout out for Breathless as a studio album) and am as excited as eff to experience her fifteenth effort. She has an amazing catalog and her stage work continues to remain top notch. MDNA seems to be the catalyst behind so many fandom arguments but I like it a lot. I love MDNA and all of it's beautiful scars (not a flop fan... I know what album that Beautiful Scars is on... haha...). Hard Candy was a banger that absolutely adhered to my soul and Rebel Heart delivered me a new mantra. Why people say that she doesn't try hard enough because radio refuses to play her catalog and her label refuses to purchase hits is beyond me. We are actually so blessed to have a Queen that still puts forth an effort. Look at videos of Janet Jackson's last tour. Yikes. Listen to Cher's last album. Yikes. M15... I am waiting on you.
  14. Sultrysully

    Troye Sivan's second record was so boring and I played the hell out of the first one. I was disappointed. Bloom is the only fun song on the album. I actually preferred Steve Grand's sophomore album. As for Robtn... I agree.
  15. Sultrysully

    A lot of opinions on here but Madonna has actually delivered over the last decade and a half. lf people would listen to M records from begining to end, the journey would be apparent and beautiful. American Life, Hard Candy and MDNA just play better as a complete body of work. People are trying to stream individual songs and M's recent work is just not presented in all of its glory on that manner. MDNA is a very good experience when you do not stream just the singles. It is "cathartic". M- Truth or Dare. Same for American Life and Hard Candy. As for Rebel Heart... I will take an over packed M album any day. ANY DAY!