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  1. Sultrysully

    I wonder if this will be a physical release. With the missing songs, it fits an 80 minute CD. She might be trying to stream first. Fractuce for the 2029 album?
  2. Sultrysully

    The Like a Prayer album was a warning shot... it was Madonna saying ... "Paul and John... I am coming for your ass". "Elvis... you too". A new sheriff in town.
  3. Sultrysully

    OMG.... this is fit for a Queen!
  4. Sultrysully

    I think that different countries listed it differently.
  5. Sultrysully

    Please bring me some Causing a Commotion and Bad Girl. I need these two songs so badly. They are Life... they are Death... They are the Resurection. Pure FIRE! And start the tour with a haunting version of Rescue Me. Xoxox
  6. Sultrysully

    It does feel like 1989 all over again. Surprises ahead.
  7. Sultrysully

    Why would they celebrate an album and leave out two of the songs completely? Still... it is more than we have received for any M anniversary to date. #justiceforpromisetotry #justiceforactofcontrition
  8. Sultrysully

    That would be a strange concert if all 15 got picked. Haha
  9. Sultrysully

    So you prefer Cry Baby to The Power of Goodbye? Just curious.
  10. Sultrysully

    Oh Lordy.... some of people's choices. It should be an automatic flush for listing anything from Ray of Light. Complete apostasy....
  11. Sultrysully

    The only issue that I have with TIC is that it should have been two discs to include all of her hits to that point. Angel... Dress You Up... Gambler.... True Blue... Who's that Girl... Causing a Commotion... The Look of Love... Oh Father... Keep It Together.... and Hanky Panky... are the obvious omissions. Everybody and Burning up are historical masterpieces and belonged in the collection. The material was definitely there. Who's that Girl would have definitely fit in the released version and a true blue edit as well.
  12. Sultrysully

    Will I be page 100?
  13. Sultrysully

    In America, there are literally children in cages. We promote rapists to the highest court in the land. We have white supremacy on the main stage. We have a leader who claims to be a political "messiah". He signs Bibles. He beds with enemies and dismisses allies for the sake of personal gain and vanity. The federal and many state and local governments have been weaponized against minorities, women and the LGBTQ community. POTUS is attacking the science community, the intelligence community and the international community. The wealthy have been loosed from their "shackles" of democracy and their "irons" of decency. This executive branch, rigs elections, tampers with witnesses and openly claims to be above the law. POTUS wants his political foes to be jailed and the free press to be silenced. POTUS wants women to remain completely silent, outside of dubbed in porn grunts and squeals. And POTUS wants to legitimize hatred and bigotry on every front. There is nothing "overdone" about the outrage. Nothing at all.
  14. Sultrysully

    Madonna needs to open a political tour section with Rescue Me. It is very Madonna 2019. Maybe even the tour opener. It sounds modern still as it sounded out of place among the 80's collection. It is power. It is fire. It is life.
  15. Sultrysully

    1. Billboard UK says those songs were hits. The US is not all that matters. 2. Michael Jackson and Prince were not consistent in the nineties and two thousands, chart wise or artistically. 3. Erotica sold 6 million copies.. and American Life sold 5 million xopies. Neither was a "flop". 4. Madonna's experience with sexism in the industry goes far beyond a single event. Madonna has been a target since Like a Virgin. Being called a "slut" and a "bitch" for 35 years is arguably much worse than being called a "faggot" for an imagined performance. 5. I am not taking away from Prince or Micjael Jackson in all of this, only offering that Madonna is at the same level and is not credited as such.