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  1. Waiting on my premium edition to arrive cant wait thanks @ADDICTED Fred
  2. Spanky1995

    Well i think its a story that need to be told
  4. Its just about that reddit crap that we have all seen
  5. Onve again M has made my week
  6. Spanky1995

    Has anyone seem any pics of her with Guy O?
  7. I dont live in a city so my record store is so small only 5 pepole at a time are allowed and they only had 3 of each of the M releases and they had started queuing a 5 the day before so had to be there to guarantee i could get then at normal price....
  8. Got both this morning after a 9 hour queue tired but happy
  9. Spanky1995

    Yeah for some reason it won't let me post the screen grab