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  1. Spanky1995

    Lauren is back in London
  2. they are available on Amazon UK for pre order
  3. Spanky1995

    just put Madonna in its there my god it's not rocket science sorry
  4. Spanky1995

    it was Android
  5. Spanky1995

    The official Madonna app has just updated and the Rebel Heart cover has been removed from the widget thing now its just a white M on a blue background!!!!!!
  6. Spanky1995

    They replied to my question about the use of M vocals on the musical numbers and the answer was yes they are using M vocals on the music parts
  7. Waiting on my premium edition to arrive cant wait thanks @ADDICTED Fred
  8. Spanky1995

    Well i think its a story that need to be told
  10. Its just about that reddit crap that we have all seen
  11. Spanky1995

    plus he called him john henry LMFAO
  12. Onve again M has made my week
  13. Spanky1995

    Has anyone seem any pics of her with Guy O?
  14. Spanky1995

    Her vocal producer or something like that