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  1. roberMDNA

    Could it be 2 different videos? i mean dark wig one and blond the other? just asking 🤔🤔
  2. roberMDNA

    The India video can be real because the info came from the same person that said she was going to be in Portugal filming this week. And also he said India NEXT MONTH not NEXT WEEK, like some people are saying (talking last week)
  3. roberMDNA

    Some pages apparently in the know say the album is coming in June... maybe your friend is talking about the single.. that is coming in may according to them too
  4. roberMDNA

    yes.. that is my account... and i asked it because i saw it here that someone read it on facebook
  5. roberMDNA

    If she's performing 2 songs it could be because: 1. One single is coming in february/march and then premiering other in the festival 2. The rumor of a doble lead single release it's true and she's premiering them at Eurovision
  6. roberMDNA

    The Music Tour 2000 ---------------------- ACT 1 - Galactic Impressive Instant What It Feels Like For A Girl Burning Up/Gambler Into The Groove ACT 2 - The Loser Game Runaway Lover Like A Virgin Ray Of Light Gone ACT 3 - 5th Avenue Dress You Up Material Girl Amazing Vogue ACT 4 - Mother Nature/Relax Paradise (Not For Me) Secret Nobody's Perfect Rain ACT 5 - Cowgirl American Pie (Interlude) Nothing Really Matters I Deserve It Express Yourself Don't Tell Me ACT 6 - The Hits Like A Prayer Open Your Heart Frozen ACT 7 - Encore Music
  7. roberMDNA

    The Ray Of Light Tour 1999 ------------------------- ACT 1 - Day Sky/Night Sky Theme Sky Fits Heaven Nothing Really Matters Lucky Star Little Star ACT 2 - India Shanti/Ashtangi (interlude) Swim Express Yourself Secret To Have And Not To Hold ACT 3 - Jungle Sanctuary Sanctuary (Intro Interlude) Sanctuary/Bedtime Story Like A Virgin Skin Mer Girl ACT 4 - Pop Paradiso (Shortened songs kind of medley) Into The Groove Material Girl Open Your Heart Borderline Deeper And Deeper ACT 5 - The Chains Human Nature Candy Perfume Girl Erotica Drowned World/Substitute For Love ACT 6 - The Light Theme Ray Of Light Like A Prayer The Power Of Good-Bye ACT 7 - Encore Frozen
  8. roberMDNA

    I also think that is not going to be full Fado/African... i think that it is going to be like always Madonna's classic pop touch "inspired by" some different influences like Hard Candy is Madonna's pop touch with Hip Hop influences, Music is Madonna's pop touch with some country influences, Ray Of Light is Madonna's pop touch with electronica influences... etc.
  9. roberMDNA

    I also think that if she's shooting the video now the single must be coming in the next month... shooting now and waiting until may it's a little rare
  10. roberMDNA

    Look at this:
  11. roberMDNA

    I saw this... i'm sure it's fake but if you want to see it... Anyone knows this page anyway?
  12. roberMDNA

    What is this? 🤔🤔🤔Finally?
  13. roberMDNA

    Mtribe must have contact "now a days" with Interscope because during the Rebel Heart era they gave many exclusives that were real.. like the singles, they knew all the singles before the announcements. And News-of-madonna gave information that were real too, this page announced songs of the Rebel Heart Tour setlist that were not the ones Madonna annunced on her IG when she was teasing the setlist, for example among others.
  14. roberMDNA

    I just read on twitter that I'm Breathless will be reissued on 140 gr. yellow vinyl on february 22... anyone knows?
  15. roberMDNA

    I saw on facebook and in other places that WB will start reissuing all the albums on vinyl in february (that matches with the Celebration rumor). ALL IS A RUMOR ANYWAY