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  1. Madonna may have chosen My Madonna Luvn to edit her new album cover and booklet photos.
  2. Papa DP

    I think it’s safe to say most of her fans are over 60 years old... complaining about staying up till one or two am for her concerts to end from late start or opening act.
  3. Papa DP

    I’m told that this is the cover.
  4. Papa DP

    Who’s that girl dub causing a commotion (all remixes) wheres the party dub true blue color mix justify my love orbit remix express yourself (all on the remixes prayers ep) Nobody knows me (above and beyond) what it feels like for a gargoyle (above and beyond) bitch I’m madonna (the Oscar g dubs)
  5. Papa DP

    Agreed. Madonna doesn’t owe anything to her fans. And her fans should never ever dictate what she should and should not do. And no matter how many fans try to do so, they will never succeed. The grilz, corporate branding deals, Kabbalah, choice in producers, her own song lyrics, choice in children are all here to stay. If you don’t like it get out of the kitchen, more room for us.
  6. Papa DP

    What’s with these horrible nicknames? mambo mo maddy madge i prefer simply Madonna, thank you. It’s not that hard to pronounce
  7. Papa DP

    What are files. I get my goods from Goldmine Magazine cut-out / mail-in order forms.
  8. Papa DP

    Hoping for something very Yellow and soft like Bedtimes Stories but in Yellow.
  9. Papa DP

    Can’t wait for the new album! When is the release date for the United States?
  10. Papa DP

    I didn’t know Madonna stopped following her. Does Madonna follow Cardi Bee?
  11. Papa DP

    I could see here premiering a song for the Latin market here. It matches up with the news on how two singles will be released at the same time in two completely different markets. One Latin and one English speaking market.
  12. I hope this is real. It’s a masterpiece.
  13. Papa DP

    I recommend some of her officially released older maxi single extended remixes: true Blue whos that girl causing a commotion Lucky star open your heart express yourself justify my love maxi is a masterpiece EP
  14. Papa DP

    Nobody on Madonna’s team wants that old chestnut steelingbthe spotlight from her new record.
  15. Papa DP

    A gurl’s gotta pay rent, honey. And she has 6 kids to put through college. NOT EASY!