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  1. Bruce Springsteen, U2, The Smiths, The Rolling Stones are one hit wonders? I didn't know that!
  2. Start at 39:31 Anyway, the song is not on the movie soundtrack
  3. lap

    2009, for sure! Holiday, Dress you up and Frozen were better set list choices!
  4. 28 years later and still no Blond Ambition DVD :(
  5. lap

    Well, unfortunately it's the real thing. Worst calendar ever.
  6. lap

    No image yet! Hope they are reworking that nightmare!
  7. lap

    Without a record company, imo, she'll never have another radio hit.
  8. lap

    Worst calendar EVER!!!!
  9. lap

    Any news about 2019 official calendar?
  10. ROL MTV Awards 1998 and Boderline S&S Tour
  11. lap

    Unreleased tours and songs from 80's and also ROL demo CD
  12. lap

    He worked with her again and filmed The Superbowl 2012, so it's surely fake news. And in the Attitude interview from 2005 I posted above, she says the tour was filmed but she wasn't allow to release it after the documentary during certain period of time.
  13. lap

    When I heard Like a Virgin on the radio and then I watched the video on TV.