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  1. lap

    Hope next are The full The Virgin Tour Blond Ambition Tour Reinvention tour lol
  2. lap

    +1 And Borderline fixed at 2:19 as a fan edit (someone could cut a later part of the chorus 'over the Borderline' (3:37) and use it to fix the problem)
  3. Very good! So many people are in, it won't be expensive to each one.
  4. lap

    Could they replace 480p videos for 720p or 1080p without lose views?
  5. lap

    Love it too. And her legs are so beautifullllll
  6. lap

    Come on. Every day she teases us with more and more photos of her twins on her instagram. And every sunday we see David's football team. That's amazing! Who cares about the album and new music? As a fan, I'm mostly interested for her personal life, not about new music.
  7. Bruce Springsteen, U2, The Smiths, The Rolling Stones are one hit wonders? I didn't know that!
  8. Start at 39:31 Anyway, the song is not on the movie soundtrack
  9. lap

    2009, for sure! Holiday, Dress you up and Frozen were better set list choices!
  10. 28 years later and still no Blond Ambition DVD :(
  11. lap

    Well, unfortunately it's the real thing. Worst calendar ever.
  12. lap

    No image yet! Hope they are reworking that nightmare!
  13. lap

    Without a record company, imo, she'll never have another radio hit.