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  1. lap

    Any news about 2019 official calendar?
  2. ROL MTV Awards 1998 and Boderline S&S Tour
  3. lap

    Unreleased tours and songs from 80's and also ROL demo CD
  4. lap

    He worked with her again and filmed The Superbowl 2012, so it's surely fake news. And in the Attitude interview from 2005 I posted above, she says the tour was filmed but she wasn't allow to release it after the documentary during certain period of time.
  5. lap

    When I heard Like a Virgin on the radio and then I watched the video on TV.
  6. lap

    An interesting piece of an old Attitude magazine interview
  7. lap

    Jimmy Jimmy and Bitch I'm Madonna
  8. lap

    There are many amazing photoshoots, but I really love Hawaii 1985 photoshoot.
  9. lap

    My most wanted unreleased song.
  10. lap

    The poison penns, lol
  11. lap

    I think if she released Love Spent, Beautiful Killer, Masterpiece and Gang Bang as singles, we would like MDNA album a bit more.
  12. lap

    Bad Girl (SNL), Fever (Arsenio), Bedtime Story (Brit Awards)
  13. lap

    one of my most wanted cd. hope it leaks one day. I loved the babyface songs.
  14. lap

    IMO, Miles Aways is the best song from Hard Candy. It deserved a proper video.