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  1. trance2dance

    On the subject of the Apple conference, it's worth mentioning that NETFLIX is not going to to be a part of it because NETFLIX refused to be a part of their new streaming service that has yet to be named but unveiled this MAR 25. Apple has invested nearly a $1 billion dollars into this new streaming service and Apple has nabbed big-name deals with J.J. Abrams, Brie Larson, Jason Momoa, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, M. Night Shyamalan, Steven Spielberg, among many others and Apple has been virtually silent about its ultimate plan for all this programming. This streaming service is NOT a sure bang, mainly not all the studios are on board and Disney is coming out with their own streaming service which is why many Disney projects (Punisher, Daredevil, etc) have been canceled or pulled from Netflix because Disney+ is coming. Keep in mind, Disney owns not just Marvel Studios but now 20th Century Fox (that's a lot of tv show and movies the big mouse now owns). Now, the question is, is the Netflix project (which is not official) really NOT a Netflix production with Madonna but more of a visual album made exclusively for this new streaming service for Apple, which by way as no official launch date. If this becomes true, I believe it's a big mistake on her part. Why? Apple sucks (my opinion), iTunes is no longer the #1 source of how people purchase music anymore, in fact, sales are down because people actually "stream" more than "purchase" music these days. Spotify is the #1 music source these days and concerning streaming services, Netflix still reigns supreme. I hate it when Madonna uses these ploys to try and get people to uses services they don't want or need (IF there is a connection between Apple Inc). Just like how she tried with SnapChat where "Living For Love" had the exclusive music video for 24hrs. The fact that she's shooting multi-videos can mean anything as well, could be making a visual album (kinda late on that idea but...) or just getting them out of the way because in this day and age, when a video drops on youtube, people are over it within 24hrs. Welcome to short 2019 😁 Article on Apple:
  2. trance2dance

    That video alone has over 2 billion views, and that makes Shakira the only artist in history to have 2 videos over 2 billion views and I believe makes her the only artist to have the most billion views, with a count of 5 videos.
  3. trance2dance

    Found online:
  4. trance2dance

    Didn't know where to place this but Motley Crue covered LIKE A VIRGIN:
  5. trance2dance

    Have Periscope? Pretty sure fans will record so fans can witness through Periscope 😉
  6. trance2dance

    Worth mentioning, JANET is coming to the UK!!!
  7. trance2dance

    Did someone say decapitated? I couldn't resist reposting my fan-art, LOL.
  8. trance2dance

    Madonna's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has hit a wall, after production officials reviewed the songs she was preparing to perform (a 15-minute set) and found one of them to be inappropriate for the audience and expected atmosphere of the competition, according to Ynet. NEWS clipping:
  9. trance2dance

    I can see both sides of the fence on that idea. Many assumed Madonna since she is 2019 Stonewall Ambassador and Gay Pride isn't that cheesy, especially in NYC where it all began (technically San Francisco but that's another story) 😜 Last years it was:
  10. trance2dance

    So... people can squash the rumor that Madonna will headline NYC GAY PRIDE:
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  12. trance2dance

    On the subject of the production of the music video but here in the states, Madonna may have caused a stir among the Drag Queen community. Here's an article on the subject:
  13. trance2dance

    The Globe Theatre in L.A.:
  14. trance2dance

    Fixed it 4 ya...
  15. trance2dance

    Ah, no. That's a look of being high. 😀