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  1. trance2dance

    Was hoping it was some kind of a trailer. nope.
  2. trance2dance

    On the subject of 'Madonna dolls,' I remember watching this a while back during original airing and how ungrateful Madonna comes across and it just may be me but I don't like the way she just grabs the doll from Graham Norton. A small gesture like that says a lot about a person!
  3. trance2dance

    😉 I remember 'Hard Candy' was supposed to be a throwback to '80s, like how the '70s made 'Confessions.'
  4. trance2dance

    and explains why he made one album. 😏
  5. trance2dance

    "Very tuneless," that describes all of Ariana Grande music, she puts out forgettable stuff but then again, she's not my flavor of coffee. Ariana is new to this, Pharrell is true to this! He’s responsible for a whole decade of hits and then some and don't blame him solely for the hot-mess that became "Hard Candy." Let's not forget there were 6 other people behind that album, Pharrell just got top bill! So, leave Pharrell alone, lol. Speaking of team of producers, it seems ever since the "Hard Candy" era, behind the scenes, she's building an army of people thrown into a production of an album. "Hard Candy" had 7 people, "MDNA" had 11 people and "Rebel Heart" had a whopping 21 people, that's a village and it shows (sounds) like a mix-brew.
  6. trance2dance

    She knew what she was getting into with R. Kelly, plain & simple. He was guilty as fuck by then, everyone knew about those videos. The song was literally his theme song, lol but on that note. She shouldn't be ashamed of the song. There is another version:
  7. trance2dance

    The only jam I liked from them was...
  8. trance2dance

  9. trance2dance

    In Madonna's bubble, "Disco God" is Mirwais Ahmadzaï. Found this article from Billboard dating back to June of last year;
  10. trance2dance

    Concerning "disco god," bit. In the real world, most would consider the great, the legendary Giorgio Moroder, who's the "father of disco!" Most recent work: I'm hoping this new album isn't a hot mess - not finding a theme, identity, etc or not being constant because now that she's hinting "disco" into the mix. It throws off the balance. When she jumps from one genre to another like a jack rabbit, the end results become a mix brew. Here's a cool mix: Giorgio Moroder would be the ONLY man to bring her back to the TOP!
  11. trance2dance

    The prestigious National Board of Review gala in NYC last night (1.9.19) . Gaga won Best Actress, Bradley won Best Director, and Sam won Best Supporting Actor. The movie was also chosen as one of the Top Films of the Year.
  12. trance2dance

    OR she's hinting she's using the same dance choreographer (also her back-up dancer) Richmond Talauega, who's also a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. He was the one that did the King of Pop dance tribute during the 2nd leg of the tour back in 2009 of the Sticky & Sweet Tour."
  13. trance2dance

    After a while, Cooper's made-up scruffed voice got annoying after a while. Like Bale's Batman voice, lol.