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  1. 5zdsk.jpg

  2. MadonnaLove

    Happy Birthday!
  3. MadonnaLove

    Rebel Heart had all the potential to become a massive success album but the leaks f@cked up everything
  4. MadonnaLove

    I don't like GMAYL, the first time I heard sounded like a kids song, fast written and repeated meaningless lyrics
  5. MadonnaLove

    When Madonna was at Warner Music her albums/singles artwork was amazing since she went to livenation, has been the worst.
  6. MadonnaLove

    Happy Birthday!
  7. MadonnaLove

    Without abba's sample hung up wouldn't have been such a great success
  8. MadonnaLove

    I want official information for the new album now
  9. MadonnaLove

    Kim or Nicki?

  11. MadonnaLove

    Obviously you didn't understand me. What I wanted to say is there's more important things in life than Madonna's ass for a drama.
  12. MadonnaLove

    what a drama in people's lives.....
  13. MadonnaLove

    I want a new confessions era what an amazing promo back then
  14. MadonnaLove

    Happy Birthday!