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  1. Madonna_Luv

    Im so excited ♥
  2. Threads like this excite me and make me sad at the same time. So many things I could list here, yet so so many reasons I shouldn't
  3. Madonna_Luv

  4. That would be a dream! We could have our own little listening party in a chat or something
  5. YESSSS I can swing this! I thought it was gonna be like $200 a person! A friend of mine took his life recently and no support from his family because of his sexuality, so I gave what I could to help his fiance bury him, and that was all my bonus money, most of my savings, all my tips Ive saved from the cafe, and then some.. so this is literally the best news Ive heard in a long time We need these songggsssssss ♥ ♥ ♥
  6. Me tooooo!!!! The snippets brought me to my knees! Tears everywhere lol I was a freakin mess lol
  7. Oh Im not sure. My head is spinning. Im trying to see how much money I can pull lol I want this so badly ♥ ♥ ♥ I hope we can all get this, its a masterpiece!
  8. 100% ... Ive heard different clips than the ones leaked and they are amazing. Be Careful actually sounds like Frozen and even has some of its lyrics!
  9. The CD is $1,298.70 .. are the WAVs a different price?
  10. Don't lose hope baby, if we get more people the price will go down for all of us ♥
  11. Im definitely IN, we just need a head count here lol
  12. I think nobody stepped up yet because we don't have a tally yet on all who are in, and how much $$ ... stuff like that. I would be more than happy to use my paypal as well, but I didn't even think I had enough posts or seniority either. I meant no harm, and I hope I didn't offend you. Help is always appreciated. I just havent seen you anywhere until now, and you just popped in for your 2nd post to offer everyone sending you their money lol just looked weird to me but Im not saying it with rude intentions at all ♥
  13. I would feel more comfortable with someone with more than 2 posts. I hope you understand. No rude intentions meant ♥
  14. Yes, can we please get an updated list of all of us who are IN so far? ♥
  15. They brought me to tears! ♥