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  1. This Used to Be My Playground Causing a Commotion Deeper and Deeper Papa Don’t Preach The Look of Love Fighting Spirit La Isla Bonita Nothing Fails Like a Prayer Like It or Not Masterpiece Like a Virgin Rebel Heart Ghosttown Live to Tell You’ll See True Blue Revolver Secret Rain
  2. LVX

    Revolver Like It or Not Thief of Hearts
  3. LVX

    Borderline. The single edit, not the album version.
  4. LVX

    Nothing Fails.
  5. LVX

    Like a Prayer / Express Yourself / Oh Father
  6. LVX

    I love all the ones from the Hard Candy era, Across the Sky especially.
  7. LVX

    Like a Prayer / I'm Breathless / Something to Remember
  8. LVX

    I really like the RIT version.
  9. LVX

    Nobody's Perfect Fighting Spirit Gambler Addicted Voices Something to Remember Revolver The Look of Love Bye Bye Baby