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  1. Jj Enrique

    To help Madonna’s album hit number 1, we as her strongest fans need to create a web of ideas on our own too. I’ll start by saying- post, post, post! Post her new single once it is released. Post on Instagram, FB, their newsfeeds, Twitter, and make sure you post the official music video or just music (if the music comes out first). And use #hashtags for those of you who don’t already!!!! Radio play is a thing of the past- strap your streaming plans on your back and promote this! Any more ideas?!
  2. Jj Enrique

    Nakhane is one of Madonna’s inspirations for this album, and this artist can make me cry with how beautiful his words, music, and voice are. Give him a listen, and you will see that there’s so much hope or M14. It’s gonna be mystical but not like ROL, I think it’s gonna be about being free in the soul and finding peace, finding inner magic that we are all infused with. I think she’s being heavily influenced by soul music, but more neo-soul, and world soul, like Nakhane, Erykah, and heartfelt Latin music like Portuguese Fado. Be optimistic. Art is art.
  3. Jj Enrique

    Like I said, a little while back... Erykah Badu and Madonna been sporting some similar looks lately. Check out her insta too... I love these two ladies! Both creative souls.
  4. Jj Enrique

    M14 will be amazing everyone, remember it’s Madonna, our Queen who is creating it! Let’s all relax and get excited that she has something to share. Remember to stay open minded about new ideas- that’s what true Madonna lovers do! We know what reinvention and evolution really is! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
  5. Jj Enrique

    Ha! We all gonna be friends and love eachother as Madonna boos😂😆🙌🏽🥰 Let’s make this community solid and optimistic! All love!!!!
  6. Jj Enrique

    I want to! I’m gonna keep my eyes open for next auditions. After being military for ten years, it’s time to do something rather fun with the same determination!
  7. Jj Enrique

    Ok... I’ve already been promoting the heck outta “Dark Ballet”. Today I made us dance to “The WHOLE Erotica” album. I may audition for her. I been working working!!! Would be a dream. practice makes perfect!
  8. Jj Enrique

    This is Magic, dancing, fire, desert mysticism, organic sounds that meet the future, creativity. I think I’m more excited about this album than ever... I know I will love it! I can’t wait to hear futuristic fusions with organic feeling and influences 🌓🌒🌔🌑🌘🌖🌗 Madonna has had such a year of growth, well 2 years I think. She’s let her soul relax, and it’s comforting.
  9. Jj Enrique

    I think it’s because she is different.... a lot of Latin artist are not seen artistically for some reason. I also think it’s because people always expect music to sound like the 80s- 2000s, but times change, music changes and some people just can’t change, they get stuck in the past.
  10. Jj Enrique

    Maybe January 7th, 1&7 are lucky numbers, mystical and it will be the first “new moon” of the year... Madonna loves New Moon energy.
  11. Jj Enrique

    That’s what I’m saying! Erykah’s songs “The Healer”, and “Gone Baby Dont Be Long” from the “New Amerykah parts 1&2” albums are beautiful! So earthy! Oh and Incense from Volume 2, “Return of the Ankh”. And have you noticed they are rocking some similar Fashion Lately and the way they post is similar!? Check out her insta.
  12. Jj Enrique

    I don’t know if names of songs indicate anything with her, look at “X-static Process” for instance. And hip hop to me is beautiful, full of life, wisdom, and worldly. I love Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, Jill Scott, Outcast, Gift of Gab, and so many other artist in Hiphop/neosoul. Just listen to some Erykah and you will see. I personally don’t want another Ray of Light, however it’s one of my favorite albums ever.
  13. Jj Enrique

    I love the feeling of this new record- for some reason I have thoughts that she is going to be a bit more worldly on this album, with more world music influences, yet delivering it futuristically. This album will have a bit of mystesism to it also, and she will play the sexy sorceress. I think she will also visit her gay and Latino influences, and will somehow touch on her roots as a dancer in ballet- where the magic all began. Right now at 60, I believe she wants to have fun, push the boundaries of “what woman can do at a certain age”, and show the magic within oneself. Of course these are just thoughts and feelings I have.
  14. Madonna fan since 1986. Ask me a question😁🤓

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    2. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      Oh wow.

      -How it was to be a fan of Madonna during the Like a Prayer era, the Erotica era, and the Ray of Light era?

      -How big she was compared to female artists today? How much obsessed was the world with her then?

    3. Future Lover

      Future Lover

      Who's the hottie in your profile pic, and does he have an Instagram :D

    4. professormouse


      7 hours ago, Future Lover said:

      Who's the hottie in your profile pic, and does he have an Instagram :D

      He's a gentleman 'apparently' !
      Though honestly your like a younger Eddie Cahill...a bit. :lord: