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    🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Sidewalk Talk!!
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    Wow impressive choices!
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    Great choices!! I’ll add Skin and Impressive Instant too!!
  7. My top 15 in order of release date. 1982, Everybody- it’s funky, it’s catchy, it was her first single. This song takes us back to the early 80s, to the streets of New York right after disco, and right when the AIDS epidemic started. This song could bring her back to where she began. Back full circle to that starving artist she once was tearing up the dance floors with her demo tape at places like Danceteria. 1983, Think of Me- This is just a great funky dance song that takes us back to the early 1980s streets and dance floors of NYC. It never was a single, and never got its place in the sun. Now is a perfect time for this funky gem to be discovered again. 1984, Borderline- no explanation needed. She needs to bring this back. 1985, Crazy for You- This little sweet song showed us that Madonna had a soft side, that she could sing, and it takes us back to the memory of early loves. 1985, Gambler and Live to Tell- Gambler is a Rock song and a dance song. It’s just a badass song that needs to be performed again. We cannot forget this one! I’d tie in Live to Tell with this song somehow, because they create a story together in my eyes. 1987, Who’s That Girl and Causing a Commotion- these two are fun, catchy, and showcase her fun Latin tinged roots in dance music. Perfect for this era. 1987, Spotlight- This song never became as big as it should have. It’s a beautiful song that shows her audience how special and important they are to her and the world! 1990, Rescue Me- it’s such a great song! No explanation needed, besides it being totally gay and showcasing the pride of gay life in the era of Vogueing. 1992, Whys it So Hard- BECAUSE the world needs this song right now!!!!! It’s an anthem for acceptance and freedom to be who you are and to love others for who they are! 1993, Rain- it needs to be remembered and it’s a beautiful song that showcases Madonna’s mermaid-like harmonies. 1995, Bedtime Story- I think it would fit in with this era because it was inspired by dreams and the art of Frida, Remedios Varo, and Leonara Carrington.. Latin surrealist like Paula Rego. 1999, Nothing Really Matters- Because it was a work of art, a beautiful song that showed her growth in becoming a mother and spiritualist. Plus it’s just one of her most highly fashioned looks! 2005, Jump- Because it’s lyrics are beautiful and because it’s so much fun! 2012, Some Girls- because it’s a fucking jam and never got its moment! It also shows her strength and resilience in the lyrics. 2015, Graffiti Heart- it brings us back to her early days when she was fresh off the streets of NYC, where her rebel heart became known. It’s a sweet homage to her past, to her artist friends back then.
  8. Jj Enrique

    Dark Ballet, I had a hunch a few months back that maybe it was inspired by Paula Rego’s “Ballerinas in Black”. She is one of my favorite artist, a strong Portuguese woman voice in the arts. Her work is usually based on old stories and fairy tales. I suspect a slight homage to Paula’s work as she has done for other surrealist woman artist in the past, such as Frida, Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington. Ballerina in Black Pinocchio
  9. Jj Enrique

    I was thinking the same thing about “Once Upon a Dream”. Such a good song, love Lana also❤️
  10. Jj Enrique

    Let’s all put our energy together and hope of some good news by or on the 25th!!! So exciting that we are on the cusp of a new ERA, and I know this one is gonna be so much fun and more epic then the last 3.
  11. Jj Enrique

    I Know It Shoo Be Doo Love Makes The World Go Round Can’t Stop He’s a Man Bye Bye Baby Candy Shop Spanish Lesson Voices Bday Song Turn Up The Radio I Don’t Give a... Superstar Heartbreak City Joan of Arc Wont Listen to them⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
  12. Jj Enrique

    I don’t think anyone intended that my friend😂😘
  13. Jj Enrique

    Perhaps Madonna is teaming with Disney, as they are about to launch a campaign in new streaming and many new films coming up. Also- she loves competition, and her Ex Guy Richie just directed the new Alladin movie coming out. And Beyonce who she seems to like is voice acting for the new Lion King. Maybe this is where her new documentary will stream? Thoughts?!
  14. Jj Enrique

    I agree!!!