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  1. PayneMusically

    Yeah. It is beyond depressing. This new generation is quite toxic in many areas.
  2. PayneMusically

    Definitely! Thanks to streaming services and YouTube it would make it even easier to compile something like that. The American life era should definitely be in it as it is one of the most relateable works to the younger generation. It also feels like her most modern and furturistic work on-top of that.
  3. PayneMusically

    That's screwed up.
  4. PayneMusically

    Once her contract with Interscope ends she should go with warner again or another record company that actually would handle her work with care. Massive promotion. Live performances. Give her full creative control. Etc.
  5. PayneMusically

    That is quite true, but the thing is the younger generation these days prefer more experimental works that have meaning and are relatable. Which is why when I had my friends listen to her albums there absolute favourite was American life. The album feels extremely futuristic with its outspoken lyrics about corruption, discrimination, injustice and consumerism, on-top of Madonna getting very personal on the album. The younger generation would absolutely love it and go crazy over it if they actually gave it a listen. Like my friends did. Her older works and newer ones actually do connect with the youth. As it connected with me and my friends. They just need to give her a chance but they don't.
  6. PayneMusically

    The music videos links were American life uncensored and die another day. The live performance links were American life live and nobody knows me live.
  7. This is a question I ask myself alot as being a 15 year old in highschool anytime I bring up Madonna people literally don't know who she is or they start to belittle and degrade her for her age. It is quite shocking as if any of these people actually listened to her music. Watched her videos or even a live performance they would instantly realize how truly iconic she is. She would be classified immediately as a "skinny legend" but they don't, they ignore her completely. Why? I have had a multitude of my friends listen to her records, plus watch live performances and videos. They where completely shocked, they felt horrible for thinking about Madonna badly. on-top of that doing so allowed me to gather statistics on what there favourite album was. Favourite live performances. Videos. Etc. And this is what I have gathered. Favourite Album: American Life. Reason: Expiermental Electronic Rock production combind with deep outspoken lyrics that are relatable and relevant. This album feels very creative, Madonna took artistic freedom and expression over radio success with this album. Standard pop is considered basic to the younger generation. The younger generation prefer a more experimental-style when it comes to music as it breathes a breath of fresh air into a generation of music where almost everything on the radio sounds the same. This album feels more experimental and futuristic than any other one of Madonna's albums. Favourite music videos: Reason: The artistic imagery, meaning and the song itself. Reason: The artistic imagery, meaning and the song itself. Favourite live performances: Reason: The artistic imagery, meaning, the song itself with a raw vocal performance and being remixed for that exact performance. Reason: her insane stage presence and The physical performance itself was truly amazing and makes it iconic.