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  1. BlueForce

    Troll !
  2. BlueForce

    Fakenews people !
  3. Still talking about the butt mate? Must be boring right ?
  4. BlueForce

    Out with the Trols I say ! Focus people, dont be ff sheep.
  5. BlueForce

    The 'Ass' thing is getting boring people...Move on !
  6. BlueForce

    In a few weeks we will enter era
  7. BlueForce

    And here we go again zzzzzz......
  8. BlueForce

    Totally agree with this. Isaac was a masterpiece and fitted perfectly in the albums tone
  9. BlueForce

    Hi everybody, i am Justin from Amsterdam. Very pleased to be here and share my love and devotion to this goddess. I am a fan since ever and all she has in store for us. See all of ya here!