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  1. BlueForce

    Waking up, coffee overdose , checking mail and go here ...the anticipation is life
  2. BlueForce

    And its called Marketing ! And I havent seen so many fans and non fans being soo excited about this upcoming era !
  3. BlueForce

    Excuse me ? The leaks werre not the hackers fault ? Are you serieus?
  4. BlueForce

    Can u give us more info ?
  5. BlueForce

    or a full blown when it comes to this Maluma
  6. BlueForce

    We already knew that
  7. BlueForce

    I can tell you stories.....give them booze and they turn bi ......good times lol
  8. BlueForce

    I love blondes, dont ya ?
  9. BlueForce

    Amen to that !
  10. BlueForce

    Yeah but as I said in an earlier post I feel we are getting a first Video ala American Life, different scenery. disco, 70's in a club but with a strong political message and violence in the end or during the video. Not saying the whole album will be AL 2.0. Just feel the first single/video has that all over the place wtf moments that I cant wait for to unfold.
  11. BlueForce

    yeah her post is a metafoor as far as my guts tell me....
  12. BlueForce

    Spot on ! American Life 2.0 song-like and video-like was the first thing I think we will get. Cant wait. This is gonna be epic !
  13. BlueForce

    Well we are entering his last year so who knows....
  14. BlueForce

    Yes I know people say that. I guess I should take ur comment with some salt hehe
  15. BlueForce

    Can I Dislike ur comment as a bi-person ? There is no them or us. There is WE ! But ur comment is soo funny 80's