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  1. Philip

    She looks terrible, from head to toe
  2. She didn’t get much celebrities this year 🙁
  3. I wish I wasn’t banned from madonnanation so I could read the comments of these angry bitches lol
  4. Philip

    Lol she looks awful
  5. Philip

    Because it was boring, middle of the road fare
  6. Philip

    Like a virgin? 🧐
  7. Philip

    watch this lol
  8. Philip

    very ingrid Chavez
  9. Philip

    She looks lovely
  10. Philip

    Fabulous song, should have been on like a virgin at least we got to know Nick Kamen, he was so gorgeous
  11. Philip

    Start from he beginning and follow the evolution of her craft and as you move along go back to the songs that did not grab you watch the tours, no one in the history of show business can match her, and think about how revolutionary they were at he time, even the like a virgin tour if you compare to her female contemporary at the time, though I. Have to say she was inspired by Diana Ross and Bette midler, she went further
  12. Philip

    and this is so lovely, could be Motown
  13. Philip

    adore that song
  14. Philip

  15. Philip

    How wrong I was in my previous post, it is from American life . It should have replaced the track American life then lol