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  1. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Why does that sound like a legit torture technique to get ememy spies to spit the truth? I know it would work on me...
  2. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    That was sooo fascinating to read! Thank you BITCH I'M MADONNA for your dedication and hard work! All these "parallel universe" storylines that could have been... Madonna: To this day, I still believe that Think of Me could have been an 80s classic... It wasn't given the slightest bit of justice... LAV: I'm extremely satisfied with the final single choices, but I do wish Stay had received some attention as well... TB: I think Where's the Party had such single potential and would have been perfect as the final single off TB. LAP: To me Spanish Eyes sounds like a classic and could have been HUGE. Such a waste they didn't release it. Erotica: I am quite satisfied with the single choices... Thief of Hearts & Why's it so Hard would have been interesting additions, but let's be grateful with what we got... BS: Forbidden Love HAD to be a single! Radio friendly, rhythmic, yet subtle and soulful. The world simply NEEDS to know at least ONE of the two... ROL: Between Sky Fits Heaven & Skin, I think Skin would have been perfect as a single, not necessarily the final one, somewhere in the middle. Ideally, a radio edit, lol! It's my no.1 song on ROL. Music: I will NEVER shut up about Impressive Instant not getting the single treatment. Fuck you Warner, trust your artists' visions... Another potential Madonna classic hit that never took off... AL: I LOVE Mother & Father. It's catchy, radio-friendly, but also emotional and experimental. It would have done well on the charts, I'm sure. Plus, the Re-Invention Tour performance is one of my top Vocal moments by M. Always moves me... COADF: SO MANY potential hits! LET IT WILL BE, ISAAC, HOW HIGH, LIKE IT OR NOT... They should have made the best out of this album, considering her success & popularity at that time. HC: Honestly, I'm not mad about the label choosing 4 minutes over Candy Shop... Its sounds more like a classic hit, plus they knew that JT's feature would help boost sales & appeal to more listeners. However, I do wish she had also released either She's Not Me, Beat Goes on, DWRY or Heartbeat as a single / singles, as well. MDNA: Masterpiece should have been the 4th & final OFFICIAL SINGLE. THAT SONG WAS ADORN BY EVERY-FUCKING-ONE. PERIOD. RH: It makes ZERO sense to release a 20-track album and only promote 3 songs... Rebel Heart had so many single-worthy choices... Joan of Arc, Devil Pray, Unapologetic Bitch, Rebel Heart, Wash All Over me, Addicted, Borrowed Time... sigh... Let's hope there are NO REGRETS with regard to the single choices off MAGIC... And let's pray they release MORE than 3 singles this time... M did say on IG that thanks to MDNA SKIN Sales she will be able to record more videos for her album, right?
  3. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    True. But I feel like it has a different meaning in each song: To Have & Not to Hold: "Like a moth to a flame, only I am to blame" (She's fully aware of her actions / choices & understands there will be consequences) Turn up the Radio: "I'm stuck like a moth to a flame, I'm so tired of playing this game" (She is trapped in an unpleasant situation against her will, probably referring to the game of Fame / Success) Addicted: "Now that I've had a taste, like a moth to a flame, I'm addicted to pain" (She's in a vulnerable state of dependence, half conscious, half unconscious) Class Dismissed!
  4. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    +++ Turn up the Radio (MDNA): "I'm stuck like a moth to a flame I'm so tired of playing this game" +++ Addicted (Rebel Heart): "Now that I've had a taste Like a moth to a flame, I'm addicted to pain"
  5. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    It’s a very “Bedtime Stories” kind of wintery weather here... Gentle & Cozy... 💙
  6. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Say what?!
  7. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Or “moth to a flame”!
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    I am so lost at this point, I'll just go listen to freakin' Champagne Rosé to fill the void...
  10. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ https://goo.gl/images/vyXmit
  11. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    This is NOT the content I was hoping to see, after being notified that the thread has reached 33 pages... Have we not learned from Thread no.1? Anyway, I am famished... I NEED some kind of official announcement about the new single / album by M herself... I’m still optimistic about February-early March & also a potential appearance / performance at the Brits... but yeah, it’s gotten really tiring... Way too much teasing & also much earlier than needed (1+ year to be exact)... I know this album will be THE SHIT, sooo I forgive her in advance...
  12. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    It's not happening. There are WAY too many confirmed performers for the show, I can't imagine another 100% solo performance fitting in. I DO have a bit of hope for the Brits though! I'm still optimistic that the single will come this month, and the Brits are on the 20th. Fingers crossed!
  13. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Got one more! In the film “Ice Princess”, the MC performed “Ray of Light” as her ice skating number for a contest! It took me years to find out who sings that tune! 🤓 🎶
  14. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    1. It is trendy to hate on Madonna. Always has been. I've even seen stans bonding through their dislike of Madonna, thinking they're so edgy for believing she is mediocre / manipulative / succeeded thanks to white privilege... 2. Uneducated / lazy pop music "fans" who don't bother doing research about her mountain of achievements / epic discography + simply base their conclusions on her instagram content, media stories & latest material / activity... 3. Ageism + Misogyny Both deeply rooted in our blood. People genuinely feel uncomfortable about the idea of a 40yo+ person still bursting with life, feeling sexually enthusiastic, being adventurous, unapologetic and still passionate about their goals & hobbies. ESPECIALLY, if that person happens to be female. At the end of the day, they are just restricting and discriminating against their future selves, so... joke's on them! 4. Cheap, Cliché accusations: Can't sing, slept her way to the top, doesn't participate in the artistic process, survived because of controversies + stunts, needs visuals to be interesting, uses people + disposes of them fast 5. Envy Another ugly human trait. We cannot stand the idea of someone being 100% themselves unabashedly + being unafraid to speak their minds, go after their dreams, live life on their own terms and being successful by doing all that.. We need to somehow drag them down & find the slightest flaw to make them seem smaller + less significant 6. Fans of pop-sensation newcomers (who happened to score one no.1 hit) are offended when we put them in their place, after claiming that ______ is the new queen of pop & has overthrown the "bitchy, talentless old lady"...
  15. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    American Life! My sister (who was obsessed with Hollywood & Love Profusion) wouldn't let me borrow hers so I saved up my lunch money for a week & bought it in secret!