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  1. Maddylvr

    I'm so excited Mirwais is on board. Been listening to Music and Americal Life albums. Love them!
  2. Maddylvr

    I get that we can have intelligent conversations here, but what does all this race talk have to do with the new album? I like to come here to escape the crap problems we have in this world.
  3. Maddylvr

    They don't ban, they "flush". It's happened to me lol
  4. Welcome. You're a cutie :-)

  5. Maddylvr

    #justicefordrivebitch :-)
  6. Maddylvr

    Love the new Agenda ep
  7. My first official album purchased was True Blue. Before that,I would just record her songs from the radio and play them on my boombox lol
  8. Maddylvr

    I would love to see the album art. Her covers are always ICONIC. Yes, even Hard Candy :-)
  9. Maddylvr

    Wasn't it the Daily Mail that speculated about the whole June release and Eurovision?
  10. Maddylvr

    I love ur username. Phoebe is the best! :-)
  11. Maddylvr

    So amazing the power of Madonna's music. I have to go and listen to Hey You now. It's been a long time for me, but I always thought it was a sweet song.
  12. Maddylvr

    I love that she's smiling in those pics. She seems really happy :-)
  13. Maddylvr

    RH definitely, but I do have a soft spot for HC and MDNA. They both overall might not be perfect,but they do have some great gems on them.
  14. Maddylvr

    Hi guys. I'm Brian. Been a fan for a number of years. Seen her live 11 times since DWT. Got to be in the golden triangle twice for the MDNA tour. What an amazing experience being that close to the queen! My fave record is REBEL HEART. I just love that we got so many tracks that era. The more M the better :-) Below are some pics from my triangle experience.
  15. Maddylvr

    Thank you:-)