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  1. mikenmark

    I never really understood why she used the moodskeletor sample. It didn't fit the feel of either song. Sent from my H3113 using Tapatalk
  2. mikenmark

    This. The British press will have a field day with Madge-ic Sent from my H3113 using Tapatalk
  3. mikenmark

    For me, the rap was the first part I’d heard leaked (after waiting an age for dial up internet, and getting Madonna’s voice “what the fuck do you think you’re doing†several times). It just didn’t sound right, and was not a great omen for the whole era. Imagine just hearing that rap, and nothing else. For weeks. That’s why I hate it so much.
  4. mikenmark

    Wow. I never realised there were so many! I've got something in the back of my mind saying she was linked to Tank Girl before Lori Petty (I could be wrong, I've got an odd memory)
  5. mikenmark

    Is it possibly who's that girl?
  6. mikenmark

    I quite like when her live vocals are off key. The Barcelona BAT man voice that sounds like a stretched cassette tape, the bootlegs of sticky and sweet tour without all the dodgy autotune, I even like the Live 8 ROL screech/laugh/high note. It sounds more natural when there's the odd bum note, and hilarious when its all bum notes.
  7. mikenmark

    I've been getting worried about my memory recently, and yesterday was evidently a brain fart day. How did I forget about YTM? More worried about forgetting that, than recently forgetting my date of birth.
  8. mikenmark

    I thought that Shep was talking about the differences between Love hurts, and Erotic (sex book)? It would possibly explain why you hear the pages turning in the beginning.
  9. mikenmark

    Don't forget the foghorn voice during sooner or later.
  10. mikenmark

    There's a pretty good community on google plus. Its called NPG+
  11. mikenmark

    I've been in exactly your position, except I knew that my guy was having physical relationships with others (so was I to be fair). I was more afraid of being alone than leaving this guy, although it took years for me to realise it To make matters worse, I was living in his house, and walking out would mean that I would lose pretty much everything. It takes great courage and strength to realise that as much as you love this person, and as much as they love you, the relationship isn't working. Reaching out like this just shows how strong and brave you are. Your light may dim for a while because you're hurting, but before you even realise it's happened, you will shine brighter than you did before.
  12. mikenmark

    I always wonder if she really did want it blocked. We all know that trying to stop something coming out is one of the best ways to promote it. If she'd just let it go, a straight to VHS b movie, would it still be around to this day? Either she made a huge mistake, or was playing the press. Wasn't it's release around when she was dating Sean? It's rumoured that she used to tell the press where they would be and when.
  13. mikenmark

    If Madonna calls was summer 96. June or July in the UK.
  14. The hands are a nod to the original video for human nature. The mirrors remind me of the stripper scene from open your heart. Most of the strip clubs in London (not that I'm an expert you understand) use mirrors around the stage/pole
  15. mikenmark

    It wouldn't surprise me if they have her back to judge the final rather than compete.