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  1. LindebergBoy

    More Confessions on a Dance floor with a political message. Gay anthem with some Drag Queens 70's disco euphoric extravaganza. She's already given you a lot of clues.
  2. LindebergBoy

    The Madonna impersonator is Lorelei Prince.
  3. LindebergBoy

    Yes, I noticed that later. The dress and rings are different but best impersonater I've ever seen. Even better than the actress for the Breakfast Club movie.
  4. LindebergBoy

    The single cover in colour would have been much better for the LP. Or the black and white outtake. The cover for her forthcoming album is going to be really special and iconic.
  5. LindebergBoy

    The full Like a Prayer cover.
  6. LindebergBoy

    The video is more political and provocative than the track itself. Don't worry you wanna dance and you'll be wigless. She's back.
  7. LindebergBoy

    The video is political. The radio stations can play the single.
  8. LindebergBoy

    No, they were shooting a video. Music was involved.
  9. LindebergBoy

    My first ex boyfriend knows people in Jonas Åkerlund's team. This must have been more than a month ago, even longer, when he met a guy in Stockholm called Jonas Karlsson telling him they've been shooting a video with Madonna in Africa. Morocco. If it's a music video for her new album or something else I'm not 100% sure of. But my ex was pretty sure it was a video for her new album because it was kept under lid.
  10. LindebergBoy

    She's already been in Africa filming a music video with Jonas Åkerlund. And now this one for one of the more disco influenced tracks.
  11. LindebergBoy

    Yes, I think so.
  12. LindebergBoy

    I rather have 12-15 Hung Up's and Sorry's with Madonna on the new album and they charted poorly on the US market. Would still be a worldwide success. Collaborations with Maluma and Anitta is so tacky and dull. I don't care if the tracks are still very Madonna it still bores me to hell.
  13. LindebergBoy

    I just want the slim and physically fit Madonna back on the cover. The one that used to inspire me to live a healthy life.
  14. LindebergBoy

    Confessions on a Dance floor her best album along with Like a Prayer, True Blue and Ray of Light. American Life is one of her worst. Haven't listen to it for years.
  15. LindebergBoy

    I don't know if this have been reported. Jonas Åkerlund is involved with Madonna again. Apperantley a video shoot or something. Just got it confirmed from a friend of mine close to his crew. Anyway they have spent some time togheter recently.