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    Not bad. Has to be is marvelous unknown treasure. Thief of hearts is a top non single song for sure. But I've never been passioned by Secret garden. I probably should be ashamed for that... I recognize that to end up the wonderful long Erotica album this free jazz conclusion fits perfectly. The production is very good but at the end of this album it's probable the track where the "talk over voice" of Madonna gets me a bit too much... Maybe. Never loved this song that much even if I know it's a good one... (And I hate In this life !!! The production is cheap... Too heavy, too much keybords... (use a real piano), very poor and boring melody. Even if the way she sing it on Girlie show is stunning... This song is bad for me. Erotica is perfect from track 1 to 12.
  2. shakeyerdix

    This ranking is subjective and that's why it's interesting. Placing Deeper and deeper at #6 is unexpected because it has never been a huge success but almost every fan love this song. Regarding her whole carrer of course I agree that Celebration/GGW/4 minutes/GI2M/TUTR/GMAYL/Bitch I'm/Revolver should have only been shitty b-sides... It's so poor comparing to other singles... There's a lack of quality lost. For pop song aspect, simple, not pretentious... Sure ! Causing a commotion and Where's the party are so so good. Catchy, bubble gum, simple and not "over produce" but they are good melodies and good mood. I can't say the same about GGW or GMAYL... They are poor song for me trying to reach a good billboard ranking but each time they are out of airplay...
  3. shakeyerdix

    Kylie Minogue

    Why ?
  4. shakeyerdix

    Well buy them for her next tour won't be to cheap....
  5. shakeyerdix

    Didn't you notice it's just a game to see what people think and like ? It's hard for me to imagine Madonna as a member of the forum so we can say anything here, it will not really impact on any of her project. Don't worry.
  6. shakeyerdix

    I just like having unreleased tracks better...
  7. shakeyerdix

    But what would you do with them ? Singing karaoke on Some kind of bliss in your bedroom ? Ok I would do that too once. But then... They stay a beautiful little folder and I never listen again after...
  8. Mine was six month ago. Just be patient and wait for the good opportunity. It's not that rare...