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  1. brunofischetti

    YESSSSS even with the grills. And Chapagne Rose looks like songs from Badu’s Mixtape “But you cain’t use my phone” ❤️❤️
  2. brunofischetti

    I loved ❤️ But why the fake cheering sometimes?
  3. brunofischetti

    Yes... The McDonalds radio!
  4. Almost choked with my Big Mac!!! I Love BS! 4FCAEF23-0288-4A1E-A3AC-160072315FD6.MOV
  5. I just finished watching it again <3
  6. But I thought someone could rip it from showtime, not the stream we had!
  7. So no audio??? Please good soul... give it to us....
  8. Wonderful 2 hours in wonderful company â¤
  9. Who's going to be the wonderful soul that's going to post the audio as soon as it finishes? I promise to cut them if someone post the whole thing... I'm too excited to sleep
  10. Just loved UB â¤â¤â¤ this was fucking awesome
  11. A Gostosa made it... ahahahahaha â¤â¤
  12. Punch this man in the nose... he's molesting me!!! Ahahaha
  13. Ok... but not everything... just the Intro... then we jumped to 2000 music ahahaha