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  1. drcosmonauta

    take a bow bad girl devil wouldn't recorgnize you material girl if this leak i gonna die
  2. drcosmonauta

    maluma and nicki minaj? NO, NO, NO
  3. drcosmonauta

    after see the VMAs i think that she's filming the video of the new single in marrocos i believe that the new album its called "magic" like the rumours, and the vibe its a little witch
  4. drcosmonauta

    WOW, so relevant!
  5. drcosmonauta

    wtf is bts? let's talk about relevant singers
  6. drcosmonauta

    There's a rumor that gaga will droped a new song on the BMA, i don't believe that Madonna will do the same...
  7. the poison ivy theme in the "batman & robin" film sounds very like the "like a virgin" on blond ambition


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    2. DickTracy


      Oh interesting, is there a link to listen?

    3. RUADJAI


      You must have turned off media.... its in the original post. 




    4. Andymad


      in the chorus i'm totally hearing Erotica drums....

  8. drcosmonauta

    Madonna and Michael Jackson
  9. drcosmonauta

    wanted to know about the producers
  10. drcosmonauta

    CD 1 4 Minutes Hung Up Everybody (CT Version) Give It 2 Me Deeper And Deeper Express Yourself Vogue Like A Virgin (CT Version) Celebration Girl Gone Wild Die Another Day Hollywood (Remix) Get Together Living For Love La Isla Bonita (CT Version) Like A Prayer (S&S Version) Holiday (RHT Version)
  11. drcosmonauta

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madonna, forget this fuckin idea call to the daft punk, georgio morooder but pharrell no :(
  12. drcosmonauta

    I really think that she needs to forget about britney spears
  13. drcosmonauta

  14. drcosmonauta

    MADONNA Celebration Tour ACT I – GOTHIC/TRANGRESSION Hung Up Revolver Burning Up Music Give It 2 Me ACT 2 – DOMINATRIX/INDIAN Erotica (Video Interlude) Justify My Love Like A Virgin Frozen Open Your Heart Like A Prayer ACT 3 – SPANISH La Isla Bonita Take A Bow Who's That Girl Secret ACT 4 – CRAZY CABARET Bedtime Story (Interlude) Hanky Panky Material Girl Cherish/True Blue Express Yourself Deeper And Deeper ACT 5 – DISCO PARTY American Life (Interlude) Vogue Ray Of Light Holiday Celebration