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  1. drcosmonauta

    when gaga relase something, madonna will be on tour, i think that shes gonna wait the "movies awards" ends to star a new era
  2. drcosmonauta

    if only who is nominated can perform, why she perform in 2015? U2 Perform last year too
  3. drcosmonauta

    she's just sing material girl on rebel heart tour and re-invention
  4. drcosmonauta

    who's that girl remix plz on this tour la isla bonita again no, please no! and like a virgin too
  5. drcosmonauta

    Well, i'm gonna try MADONNA - A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Act I - BRILLIANCE Sanctuary Bedtime Story Forbbiden Love Love Don't Live Here Anymore Act II - PIJAMA PARTY Like A Virgin (Lullaby Mix) Waiting (With Justify My Love parts) I Rather Be Your Lover Inside Of Me Human Nature Act III - URBAN Don't Stop Into The Groove Everybody/Holiday Secret One More Chance Act IV - SPANISH La Isla Bonita You'll See Take A Bow ENCORE Like A Prayer
  6. drcosmonauta

    i dont think the music with maluma and anitta will be a single.
  7. drcosmonauta

    G1 says the name of the song, not that gonna be the first single. i think thats gonna be another "b-day song" that madonna will sing live only in brazil.
  8. drcosmonauta

    We're going to ask Madonna to re-record COADF, and release "How High" "Push" "Future Lovers" as a single and maybe you'll all be able to get through this damn era. Madonna works with Kalakan Trio, Gogol Bordello and now the Brazilian fans call it desperation and are frightened that it is working with the anitta? please.
  9. drcosmonauta

    sound better than britney spears songs xD
  10. drcosmonauta

    i really want to see the look for this era
  11. drcosmonauta

    and about the songs like Risky Places, Magic, Dos Hermano, Turn Back Time, Smartgun, Persistence?
  12. drcosmonauta

    Well, who would really be against a collaboration with anitta would be the Brazilian fans of Madonna. I also do not think the focus is a political album like American Life, but a subtle criticism of that. It is worth remembering that the Maluma is considered homophobic, and a great charlatan. Has anyone ever introduced J Balvin to Madonna?
  13. drcosmonauta

    Well, Madonna was against the Trump campaign, trump hates Latinos. What is Madonna doing? working with immigrant Latino artists. The result may not be good in the end, but she's just being who she's always been: visionary. The same thing when she's work with M.I.A.
  14. drcosmonauta

    We don't know if she's finished the album last week. In the end, better anitta than maluma...