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  1. In WAV / FLAC all track or at least Bittersweet.
  2. 1- American Life - Easy Ride 2- Bedtime Stories - Secret 3- Ray Of Light - Drowned World / Substitute For Love 4- Confessions on a Dance Floor - Sorry 5- Like A Prayer - Like A Prayer 6- Music - I Deserve It 7- True Blue -Live To Tell 8- Like A Virgin - Dress You Up 9- Rebel Heart - Ghosttown 10- Madonna - Borderline 11- Hard Candy - Dance 2night 12- MDNA - Falling Free 13- Erotica - Rain BONUS I'm Breathless (I consider it as an album) - Sooner Or Later
  3. ROL is a masterpiece. Ghosttown is amazing. Music and American Life are very good. Jump is a shame
  4. @Liam There are 2 versions Can't Stop (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2012).mp3 [Hidden Content] Can't Stop (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix Edit).mp3 [Hidden Content]
  5. Is it time to another RARITIES topic?

  6. Inco

    like 404
  7. I'd love to listen to LAV, ROL and Bedtime Stories demos. Well, Eagle's Wings is a good title too.
  8. Inco

    Lady Gaga #1? What?
  9. Inco

    I'm not either, love Madonna since I was a kid
  10. Anyone please. Thanks in advance
  11. Inco

    Just a dream but maybe: The Look Of Love This Used To ... I'll Remember Swim Skin Gambler Can't Stop One More Chance Physical Attraction / Think Of Me (maybe a medley) I know It (piano version, like a youtube video cover) Forbidden Love Sanctuary (maybe the opening song)
  12. Inco