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  1. Inco

    Old but gold, love
  2. Rarities Ray of Light, next week.

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    2. Debrah
    3. Inco


      Sorry I had some problems

    4. stefo


      Take care, it's certainly not a duty, whatever it was :cute:

  3. Inco

    Thanks a lot friends
  4. I'm back, what did I miss?

    1. RUADJAI


      Rose Mist Spray is still for sale

  5. Inco

    This was my big and amazing dream with my friend Madonna (in Portuguese)
  6. Inco

    I dream with Madonna a lot. One special dream I shared every detail in my blog, it was so real, she was so close to me! Short and dark hair? Lovely dream! A new look! So necessary!
  7. Inco

    Take her cell phone away.
  8. Inco

    I don't remember what song but I remember having so good moments listening to remixes of Open Your Heart, Dress You Up (I love them), La Isla Bonita, 80's we all love. I didn't have a cd player that time, I used to bought K7 in some fan clubs with a lot of remixes. One unofficial megamix was super special to me: Canadian Megamix part I & II. Unfortunately I never found the second part in mp3. I remember when I got a K7 with Shine A Light & other demos, it was so different from the Madonna I knew. Little by little my collection grew. 80's and 90's Madonna official remixes were the best.
  9. Inco

    Oh I forgot about Superstar, maybe this one was written to Lola lol!
  10. Inco

    MDNA was a mix! It would be great with one or two producers, WO was there and he´s a master. GMAYL should had been a promo single to SuperBowl. I don´t like Gang Bang but it would had been a super video, maybe to promote MDNA Tour. Falling Free and Beautiful Killer are "must" be singles. Masterpiece should have been worked more.
  11. Sad, she lost another opportunity to forget herself and be humble. And that look, well, good to see Madonna in VMA's ...
  12. I thought it would be so different 

    1. AspergerArtist


      Hope you're OK buddy 🐸

  13. 1- American Life - Easy Ride 2- Bedtime Stories - Secret 3- Ray Of Light - Drowned World / Substitute For Love 4- Confessions on a Dance Floor - Sorry 5- Like A Prayer - Like A Prayer 6- Music - I Deserve It 7- True Blue -Live To Tell 8- Like A Virgin - Dress You Up 9- Rebel Heart - Ghosttown 10- Madonna - Borderline 11- Hard Candy - Dance 2night 12- MDNA - Falling Free 13- Erotica - Rain BONUS I'm Breathless (I consider it as an album) - Sooner Or Later
  14. ROL is a masterpiece. Ghosttown is amazing. Music and American Life are very good. Jump is a shame
  15. @Liam There are 2 versions Can't Stop (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2012).mp3 [Hidden Content] Can't Stop (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix Edit).mp3 [Hidden Content]