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  1. Inco

    Just a dream but maybe: The Look Of Love This Used To ... I'll Remember Swim Skin Gambler Can't Stop One More Chance Physical Attraction / Think Of Me (maybe a medley) I know It (piano version, like a youtube video cover) Forbidden Love Sanctuary (maybe the opening song)
  2. Inco
  3. IMO it's a Madonna album, songs inspired in Dick Tracy.
  4. Inco

    Rescue Me is a masterpiece, such good and forgotten song
  5. This one? only 320 [Hidden Content]
  6. Inco

    [Hidden Content] I found some in my PC, I don't know if they´re official or fan made.
  7. Inco

    12-14 songs are excellent more 3-4 b-sides in singles = perfection
  8. Inco

    @Dazedmadonnaand @Enricoare right!
  9. In WAV or FLAC, thanks in advance 2. "Chris Cox Megamix" (7 music videos mixed together) 3:47 3. "Chris Cox Megamix" (9 smash hit singles mixed together) 5:16
  10. Inco

    He's Brasilian he´s from Sergipe